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  1. Hi! ^^

    How is it going?

    Well I was wondering if anyone out there would like to start a new cool role play with me?
    If you feel the mood to role play, then do not be shy! Let me know what kind of role play you wanna do and let's see if we can work things out.

    Looking to role playing with you, who ever you may be!
  2. I'm Wildpelt of Shadowclan. Yes, I can actually rp my username. What's up?
  3. Well, I think you have a cool username and rp name.

    Nothing much, just waiting for someone to role play me. And glad you replied first.
    How are you doing?
  4. Good, very good. I reviewed your resume: sounds interesting! What are you craving to rp?
  5. That's good to hear.
    Oh thank you. :)

    Well anything at this point. I just feel so creative that I kinda do not have a good idea to talk about, because I got so many and they are all running around in my brain. Not staying still just acting like little kids on sugar lol.
  6. Pick one random idea.
  7. Well I got one, but do you like western theme?
    And do you like dinosaurs? Like Anthro dinosaurs?
  8. Never done either one
  9. Oh alright.

    How about some medievel with furries and athro dinos?
  10. I'm liking the sound of this already!
  11. Ahah, had a feeling you would.

    I got a few characters in mind for this role play, and they are close to looking like triceratops in my avatar picture but different. I even got a few furries in mind too.

    Now I am trying to think of the plot.
    Maybe a awesome quest to retrieve the crown of ages. which I mean by that is once wears it they can go back in time and into the future. So there are a few heros who will stop the villian (which I kinda got an idea who it could be but just thinking through about it) from putting on the crown and becoming the most powerful man in the whole world.

    That's all I got so far, but whatcha think?
  12. I'm thinking it sounds nice!
  13. Cool!

    So just wondering, would you like it to be gay, between, or just straight?
  14. I'm fine with yaoi, yuri, pure romance, and straight smut. That's your decision.
  15. How about we do yaoi?

    And would you like to start now?

    I am new so I guess we start new conversation for the rp?
  16. If yo want to do yaoi(including sex remember)and you don't want others to be able to t...sure!
  17. Hi Victoria! I see you figured out how to post and get your profile pic up, and already found a partner! <3 Welcome to the community!
  18. Welcome to Iwaku, Victoria
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