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  1. Hey there I'm Razz or if you really want Godi (a nickname by bestie found on one of those zodiac things it's short for goddess divine).

    My biological gender is a forever a mystery...unless I feel like telling you.

    I'm fifteen and I really hate typing numbers in between a bunch of letters.

    I started out roleplaying on a warrior cats thing that my friend got me into it was a pretty simple roleplay but it was fun and I met one of my closest friends during it. After that group died out (and by died out I mean got flooded with trolls and the owner was forced to delete it) I joined a bunch of homestuck and one on one anime roleplay and a few original stories. The last roleplays I joined were my friends BxB ones which she made amazing stories for. It's been months since I last role played and I thought I should get back into it even though im not very descriptive and haven't done it in a while so I'm rusty.

    I roleplay basically anything and I usually make male characters that are a like odd annoying older brothers (according to friends). I usually role play on my phone since my laptops dying ( I rolled onto it in my sleep and broke the hinge) so if there's a lot of spelling mistakes I'm sorry its hard to type on a samsung ( I'll reread my text to make sure I don't have too many but if there are some I missed I'm so sorry).

    My favorite kinds of roleplays are ones with supernatural creatures (vampires, werewolves, sirens, shifters, etc.) usually living together under one roof.
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  2. Welcome to Iwaku, Razz! I hope you have a great time with us! There's lots of roleplays you can get into on Iwaku, separated into the categories of "Group Roleplays" and "One on One" Roleplays! If you're looking for a private roleplay with not many people, head to One on One. However, if you're looking to better yourself in the roleplaying scene, head to the Institute, as they have tons of good lessons to help you and more complexity and overall better your posts! In addition, you might want to check out the Museum for creative challenges, as well as posting your art and writing, and making or requesting banners, characters, avatars or whatever from or for other members! Hope you have a great time on Iwaku!
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