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I'm Tain. Please let me know if I can help with anything, from training your dog to giving you advice about your trouble with the opposite sex... very nice to meet yoou~.
Chillin'. Why's your avatar beyond constipated?
He's angry at being told to Thunderbolt yet another innocent woodland creature.

He's letting his anger be known.
Okay, seriously, WELCOME TO IWAKU!

This is my recruit.

Well, true story I guess. He did indirectly direct me here.
Indirectly my ass. I mentioned Iwaku on like, 5 billion different occassions.
Dude, that's totally indirect... now if you'd been like, "GO SIGN UP SO I CAN GET MY MOD BADGE" I'd be like..... whoa. That was direct.
You put up with this chucklefsck on a regular basis, Tain? Props. Anyways. Welcome to Iwaku, and find yourself a bunker. You'll want one when Ryker comes rollin' in.
Hey brah, what be hanging man! What be down with the only home dog newer than me? Like, welcome to Iwaku man, totally. Totally diggin this place. Chillax, man, and just enjoy the riiiiiiiiide.
Reiz, if you aren't stoned AT THIS VERY MOMENT, AS YOU POST THAT TRAVESTY, I will rescind your "Life" permit.
OKAY! You dudes seem to know each other pretty well, just don't end up looking like a married couple.

Welcome to Iwaku.
Yo bra welcome to Iwaku and well good luck in the Cbox I figure you'll fade into the craziness well.
Sei-kun that's not pikachu is it ? O________________o

Welcome to Iwaku~ Enjoy your stay :)
Lemme know if you need any help :D
Hello and welcome to the Iwaku if you have any questions just ask and we can help

*walks off into the shadows but stops for a few seconds* Oh I almost forgotten it's a little something that I started a while ago *hands Tain a gift* here you go its a collectors edition of Metroid Prime Trilogy, yeah I am almost out of 'em so I need to find something else soon.

*continues off into the shadows*