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    yep lmao
  2. Eesh, it's happening again. Hopefully this won't be an all day thing.
  3. Um...I've got nothing as far as that Disney whatchamacallit. But I did have an idea for a blue blood puppet. When people drink colloidal silver it turns their skin blue. If we give Lucrezia a comeback arc we can have that as a weapon in her arsenal: a monster that can kill a werewolf.

    Then we can have Crippling accidentally infect someone just before so that we can keep a werewolf on our team.
  4. that might actually be a better idea for Scott Reeds becoming a hero than the March serum -- he becomes a werewolf
  5. Discord's down, now time to flood General Chat
  6. not again
  7. Cool...but that still leaves the question of who gets the March Serum.
  8. The most activity GC has seen in a while, huh?
  9. this chat rn

  10. ah, memories of general chat

    fucking discord couldn't handle our shit i guess
  11. Derek or cody?
  12. Yeah, discord literally links you to their twitter when you click on the exclamation marks. Should be relatively self explanatory :P
  13. Well, at least they're on it. But yeah, that twitter post tho. xD
  14. Ugh this is so weird

    Ive gotten so used to Discord and checking it frequently this is surreal
  16. No, their characters and power sets are staying the same. After the Battle of London, Landel can finally push for her Fire/Fire Initiative, since the cat's out of the bag already. This could introduce Derek, Cody, and Ryan. Even thought of a super girl named Mari who basically had the powers of Groot.

    That's actually where I'd wanted to start Natalia from the beginning, so I'd like to pick up on that. Plus, Cody's a love interest because of his past mistakes and desire not to hurt anyone with his strength. Natalia would admire someone so in control of themselves, since she's spent so long out of control.

    Not to mention, she kind of has a thing for beefy guys.

    So, so far, we still need some new guy for March. I don't want to drop it because I think a human turned Fae is a really cool story.
  17. Another commission of Shiki and Ilona I had done~ : 3
  18. "He does with Melissa."

    Astorarth stood up. "Want to come with?"