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  1. So, I'm kinda new (I know, another annoying noob :computerkey:) but , bear with me , I'll get used to it :conicalhat:
    The only previous RPing I've done is on VS (Virtual Space) but , as anyone else who is on there will know, it's kinda going downhill....Which sucks, but there you go. Therefore, I have come to you wonderful Sensei's in hope of improving my RolePlaying , so be lenient, I've only just begun.

    Really, I'm not sure what else to say . My name -to you- is BlueFoxDown:fox: , but you can call me Blue. I'm an otaku :braces: and a movie lover. I guess I'd call myself funny , but I wouldn't know. I write a lot (A girl's gotta have a hobby :ballpointpen:) and ERMAHGERD I LOVE THESE EMOTICON/FACE THINGIES :bananaman::afro::biting::bitelip::beret::bear::ferriswheel::cryingeyesout::dizzy::cowboy::flyingspaghetti::fortuneteller::fox::hissyfit::janitor::madhatter::magician:.......Sorry, I got carried away. Anyway, nice to meet you all and I hope to learn from all of you. :balletdancer: (No Pressure) :privateeye: Bye , Bye xx
  2. Hey Blue, welcome to Iwaku! (Rhyme time. Someone stop me!) I hope you enjoy your stay here and forge new, amazing memories.

    If you need help or otherwise have questions don't feel shy to ask, and don't forget to check our FAQ & Rules which you can find via the drop-down tabs near the top of the site. Also, stick your nose in the CBox and say hi!
  3. Greetings Blue! :D Welcome to the community!
  4. Welcome to Iwaku, the emoticons are... jolly?
    Anyways, have fun ^^
  5. Hi there!

    May I call you Foxy? xD.

    Anyhow. Welcome to the Iwa Forums! May you find RPs to your liking.
    The community is really good. I am sure you'll have fun here.

    Enjoy your stay.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.