Sup Guys (and Gals)

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  1. Sup peeps. New here, but not new to roleplays. I've been doing it for a few years, so I'm not a newb/noob but I'm far from an expert. I've poked around this site before, but my friends finally got me to join, so i know my way around at least a bit.

    Soo.... uuh... I'm a high schooler (junior) and I do love to RP, but, as per the norm, real life comes first and school and life take priority over the forums. Because of this, I won't be in too many RPs, at least for a while.

    Well.. I suppose that may have been a bit off topic from the 'Hey' I was trying to get across, but, oh well. ^_^

    And with that, I sign off!

    Hope to write beautifully with you,

  2. Yo. Welcome to the site and all that fun stuff.
  3. Hello Otouto! :D Welcome to the site!
  4. Hi Otouto :) My friends made me join this site as well, haha. I love it though. Hope you enjoy all the neat features.

    Good luck with your roleplaying endeavors :D