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I'm open to a wide range of genres. Obscenely wide. It's harder for me to list all I do like than all I don't like. My absolute favorite is mixed and multiverse, but I'm not limited to those.

• Mixed Genre
• Multiverse
• High Fantasy
• Hard Fantasy
• Low Fantasy
• OP Fantasy
• Science Fantasy
• Modern Fantasy
• Soft Scifi
• Science Fantasy
• Low Scifi
• OP Science Fantasy
• Modern Realistic (Strict)
• Modern Realistic (Loose)
• Urban Fantasy
• Alternate History (Fantasy Preference)
• Post-Apocalyptic Mixed
• Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy
• Post-Apocalyptic Scifi
• Post-Apocalyptic Modern
• Dystopia
• Displacement
• Military
• Dying Earth
• Supernatural
• Drama
• Mystery
• Horror
• Religious
• Crime/Detective
• Parody
• Comedy
• Tragedy
• Romance (Must Include Others)
• Erotic (Must Include Others)
The day promised to be beautiful. In the darkness, the stars shone bright, and the moon hung low, ready to withdraw as the first signs of sunlight began to crest the distant horizon, turning the swaying grasses and dew-covered fields to shades of grey and sepia, and as the preparations continued at a frenzied pace, the colors of the world around shifted to a golden glow.

"I have the last of it!" Soa announced as she waddled toward the wagon, a bundle of dyed wood yarns piled high. Her family had a few dozen sheep they supported thanks to their large plot, and despite wearing through clothes quickly, Soa's mother had a talent for recycling so they could sell most of their wool harvest.

It made a fairly large difference when it came time to send tools to town for repair. They managed to avoid debt and even save up a little bit of emergency money.

But right now, Soa only cared to get away from the small town with its single road, and go somewhere else, where life didn't stop when she paused for breath, and where her parents couldn't stop her.

Granted, they didn't want her to come, but that was beside the point.

She shoved the dyed wool into the cart, then clambered to the seat of the wagon. "Let's get going!" She called with a breathless smile, eager to be away. Eager to experience life.

The sliver of sun on the horizon grew steadily, and colors in rich hues in more than mere gold appeared all around.

One of Soa's younger brothers waved from the doorway, a half-smile on his face. "Hurry before they wake up!"

He was a tanned young man with large muscles and a troublesome height that left his head just shy of smacking into a door frame each time he went in or out of a building.
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