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  1. (In this rp you will play Hannibal from nbc's Hannibal !)

    A new client, Sebastyan, a trans man whose mom is worried for, sends him to hannibal's house for a month long treatment and therapy, unknowing what will happen and what he will be dragged into
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  2. Sebastyan felt the cold brittle air against his neck as he wrapped the scarf tighter around him.
    His mind was racing for the past year but now everything seemed to dissolve and all he could focus on was the sound of his shoes crushing in snow. It was releaving.
    The crunching snow kept his mind off the sound of his mom's voice and the doctor who denied him to transition.
    He hoped this therapist wasn't like the others. He could remember the confused voices asking him questions that had no relevance. "Are you sure you aren't just a lesbian?"
    "Is it because of your step brother?"
    Step brother. The words trickled down to his eyes and he could feel himself getting hot with anger. He suppressed the feeling and continued to walk.
    Finally he made it to the door. He looked up at the house and his face seemed confused. It's not a hospital at all. It's a house and a very nice house at that. It's a full blown mansion.
    Sebastyan took a breath and knocked on the door.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.