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Hello, my name is Sundae.

In this thread, I'll post unfinished personal projects but for commissions, of course that I'll do my best to finish any given work. I usually take SFW requests but I am willing to take NSFW (I'm new to actually drawing NSFW). Available commissions include but are not limited to;

CAUTION: If not priced - we'll discuss after I've send you the sketches. The prices are NOT final yet - but I promise you that I will attempt being fair to you and myself.

  1. Bust up! (About 20.00USD)
  2. Half-body (20.00)
  3. Full-body! (30.00)
  4. Chibi (5.00)
  5. Sketches
  6. Headshot
  7. Full Colour / Flat Colour
Don't forget to send a reference or a detailed description. If you're interested, please PM me here and I'll send you my Discord. Payments are in Paypal/Stripe/Kofi/Malaysian e-wallets (Boost, TNG, Grab).

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