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  1. Alright guys,
    I wasn't sure what to name this, but my idea is clear. Its a modern roleplay with a fantasy twist. Way back since the dawn of human kind, Magic has been used. Special weapons were forged. These weapons harvested the magical energy found in Summoning stones. The energy is drained from the stone and the stone crumples into sand. Now, the energy to summon the creature in the stone is in the sword.
    In the age of the vikings, a being was forged out of pure darkness and hate from man. He was known as the dark lord. He was the strongest summoner out there. He created his own summons and let them loose on the world. He was not defeated. He ruled the world in darkness until the age of the knights, when summoners found the old weapons which carried the summons. These four summoners who survived the fight and exiled the Dark lord into a summon stone will forever be known as the original heroes.
    The heroes died of old age, and their weapons were never used because there was no need. Now, in the year 2014, powerful creatures have been let loose into the world, and it seems they are looking for something. Now, the youngest descendants of the original heroes must find their weapons that their ancestors left for them. They will have a special summon, which will basically be like Ash's Pikachu, or Ty's Agumon. They are always there, but can be summoned into the weapon. Other summons can be found, they come in the form of rocks. There are three types of summoners: Those who use fighting types (Summon with swords), those who defend (Shields for summoning weapons) and the magic (Wand or staff). Magic is usually used for support and healing. Any takers?
  2. Hmm, I'm sure once we start I'll get the rhythm of this world, but yes I'm very interested.^.^
  3. Ah, the lovely Dessy. I'm glad I peaked your interest. I'm happy that you're interested with this roleplay. You are a joy to roleplay with.
  4. Awww thank you. ^.^
  5. -raises hand frantically- Me! Oh, Me! I'm interested!
  6. Any character ideas?
  7. well, i was thinking about making a fighting type summoner, if thats what you were asking.
  8. Yeah that's what I was asking. I am probably going to play the Dark Lord, and a character who isn't a descendent.
  9. Alright! I can ask someone about this to see if they're interested ^_^
  10. Sounds good to me. We could start with just the three of us for now, I could play some bad summoners to stop you while you search for the other descendants. Of course people can join as we keep going until we have all of our descendants/
  11. I think that sounds like a great idea! But, a quick question about the summons: Are they like magical/mythical creatures, or are they like semi-automata beings, or what?
  12. They can be anything from a minotour, to a dragon, to a figment of your imagination. They can be a humanoid, glob of gew, or anything really.
  13. Alrighty! Thanks ^_^
  14. I'm going to post my character in here, you could use that as a template sort of thing.
  15. Alright, i'll get to work after you finish
  16. [​IMG]

    Yui Haruno
    Special Summon: To Be Announced
    Summon List:

    Training Type: Magic
    Sex: Male
    Age: 19
    Summoning Weapon: Large Lance
    Strengths: Very Smart, Strategist
    Weaknesses: Not very strong, will have problems wielding his weapon, Very Shy

    Author Notes: This character is meant to be developed, he will change and grow through out time. He will bond with his Special Summon (hopfully) and grow as a hero.
  17. 000.jpg
    Ariel (later called Ari for short)
    Magic Type: Healing Magic
    Author Notes: Ari is not an Elder (a summon who has been used for 1000+ years) nor a Vetran (a summon who has been used for 50+ years). She is a New Spawn (just been created) therefore she is much like an innocent toddler experiencing everything for the first time. She has no knowledge of Earthly customs or mannerisms. Because she is a New spawn she has no other general information about her.
  18. Curious to see what character you come up with. :)
  19. [​IMG]
    Kokuto Kirichi
    Special Summon:
    Flying Wolf (Lucca)
    Summon List:

    Training Type: Weapon
    Sex: Male
    Age: 18
    Summoning Weapon: Large Scythe
    Strengths: Strong, Fast and Sneaky (When he's not carrying his weapon)
    Weaknesses: Hot-Headded, Low Defense and Prideful
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