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80s/90s, Modern, Romance, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller, Science-Fiction
* status: 0/?

* craving: fandom

* updated: 7/2/18

* summertime
Hello there, my name is Cheek and I am a twenty-two-year-old loser with a non-existent sleeping schedule and a severe gaming addiction. I have been in the role-playing business for about twelve years now so it is safe to say I have plenty of experience when it comes to character, world, and plot-building with other people.

I am currently searching for a handful of lovely strangers that are willing to take the time out of their schedules to create a detailed story with me. I have finished my final semester at a local university and currently taking this time to truly figure out who I am and what I want to do before transferring to another out of state next Spring.

I just need some people to be interested in things I am really enthusiastic about, have a little cup of patience and become friends with me.

Please private message me if you are interested. I am keeping this thread closed and clean for future updates, thank you.
* things to remember.
I will only do M/M and F/M, with M/M being my strong point.

I am only willing to play as male for my main characters, as they have always been my strong suit compared to my females. I can play as either gender when playing side characters and/or npcs without any issue though.

I don't use top/bottom/switch labeling. Whatever happens in the bedroom, happens, and I like to go at things with a realistic approach.

Most of the time I will use realistic images such as celeb-claims, face-claims or model-claims as they are easier to find and reference. It's difficult for me to write about cheekbones and wrinkles with anything else. Occasionally I do use anime and semi-realistic but, very rarely though.

I like to roleplay in thread when I can because my conversation box is pretty much a mess and I'm able to use coding. As for anywhere else, I suppose I am alright with Discord as I always have it open, but I mainly use it for gaming so I may not notice right away. My username is Cheek#0001

I will not accept one-liners or a few sentences. I want at least a chunky paragraph or two. I like quality over quantity, but I also want things to be pushed forward. Sometimes slow-parts will be difficult, but a challenge is fun! I don't expect you to match my posts at all as they tend to be a bit wordy sometimes, so just go at your own pace.

I don't judge people based on their previous/current role plays, or post count, for some just write differently in different circumstances with different people. No sense in judging someone before giving them a chance.

I will not judge you if you stop replying or simply drop the roleplay with or without telling me. People have lives, and sometimes people just lose interest, it's really not a big deal to me. If you drop a roleplay with me and ask me to roleplay again in the future, it is not a problem and I will always be open to the idea.

I am probably one of the most patient people you will ever meet and will never pressure you to post at all. Sometimes the thread can go to the graveyard and that's okay. If you leave for a few days, weeks, months, hell, maybe even a year or two and come back to me wanting to start again, my answer will always be yes.

I admit, in the past, I have been very hard on myself to the point I ended up being terribly slow at replying and thus, letting my partners lose interest. But, since I am currently doing a little soul-searching, I am aiming to get a reply in at least once a day (depending on how many partners I have) and the longest you would have to wait is a week.

I love to make friends and talk about our characters, share playlists or create art of them, so don't be afraid of me. When someone actually takes the time out of their day to talk to me it honestly is the best feeling, and I am aiming to do the same for you.

If you ARE NOT 18 and over, there will be absolutely no smut in our role play. I do not mind writing with you if you are a teen member though, but keep the rules in mind as well as my expectations. Sex scenes will simply fade to black.

If you ARE 18 and over, sex scenes will come when they come. I do not fade to black and tend to write out the scenes like any other scene. I do not do all-smut role plays either as they get bland for me later down the line but I am more than welcome to add kinks and such into our sex scenes. If we both are adult members, I tend to make our role play in the Libertine section anyway. Here is my kink list.
* favorite things.
Here I will just place a few things that I am an incredible sucker for, meaning if you come at me with a plot involving any of these, my answer will always be yes.

I love some teen-romance sort of roleplays, maybe because it is raw nostalgia for me, that typical 80s/90s "aesthetic" if you know what I mean. Small, hazy towns, hot, rainy summers, sitting in the bathroom at a party together while muffled music plays, sneaking to the pool at night, skipping town and staying in a shitty motel, forgetting your worries and living for the moment.

I'm a sucker for realistic, slow-burn romances. Experiencing these newfound emotions that you have never experienced before, "is this love?" sort of thing. Nervous kisses, sweaty hand-holding, awkward laughs; just plain, ol' disgusting love, am I right?

Forbidden, taboo romance. Whether it be different species, social status, gender and society, age gap etc. I am a huge sucker for. Can't be together? That's just another obstacle.

I'm sure from looking at my song plots, you can see hurt and comfort is a reoccurring theme. I just love some intense moments involving raw, human emotion. Gross sobbing, angry outbursts, heat-filled kisses etc. I just like to make my characters sad, I know, I'm awful.

ROBOTS/ANDROIDS BECOMING SENTIENT. This has always been one of my all-time favorite themes because of Blade Runner, but ever since Detroit: Become Human (curse you hot robots) came out, let's just say it has skyrocketed past the moon and beyond. Robots need love too.

Dark themes such as serial killers, mafia, zombies, dystopia, noir, neo-noir, psychological horror/thriller etc. I love me some good ol' vanilla themes but, sometimes dark, messed up ones are fun too. I can handle heavy themes and gore just fine, as long as it's not too extreme.

Character flaws, no matter how big or small, physical or mental, just adds to the realism.

Details, just little things that most may not pick up. Freckles, wrinkles, the way a character smiles or hell, the way a character even picks up something off the ground. It breathes life into the character, and that's something I always love to do myself or read from others. Same goes for the environment, the way rain sounds against the window, the wrinkles on the bed sheets, the dust floating through the sun rays etc.
* samples.
I'm going to place a wide variety of samples below to give you a good idea of what my writing is like. Depending on how I feel, my range varies from word-vomit to simple replies, but I can say for 90% of the time it is going to be word-vomit because I am more of a detail-oriented person. I like to describe little things in my writing that may be off-putting to some people who like straight-forward replies.

Please click the tabs below to see the content.
* one.
It wasn't long at all until the waitress hobbled out from behind the counter with his cup of delicious liquid, flashing that familiar, sweet smile and nodding a thank you which was happily returned. This cup, although the same dainty, little piece of porcelain resting snug in his wide paws, tasted somewhat different this time around. Bitter, bold, strong even, and yet, not as creamy as before. A thick aroma wafting from the waves of caramel brown, snaking into his nostrils and consisting of a deep, earthy smell. Namjoon quite enjoyed this natural taste over the idea of dulling it down with far too much sugar or milk, as it was meant to be sipped this way, little by little, inch by inch. But setting the piece of ware back down on the adjacent saucer underneath, Namjoon leaned back in the chair only then to cross his arms over his chest, retreating back to his focused state to continue on with his fascination of people watching. There was something quite peculiar about today, maybe the weather or sudden increase in temperature got everyone in a socializing mood, but the blonde couldn't seem to put his finger on it. Though, whatever it may be, it certainly made things easier for the two of them.

The pads of his thumbs began to line the wrinkles of his button-up, tracing ghosts into the threads and whispering nothings into the tan skin situated underneath, hoping, wishing almost that a face would peer through the sea of people before him. A man, a boy, a lost soul seeking amenity through the years of trauma and abuse, far worse than Namjoon had ever seen. Someone who understood the numbing armistice of night, both copious and quiet, stalking the tail end like an old friend named depression. A poison, and a blessing scattering spiders over their muscles and webs in their veins. Nothing was ever easy, choosing the right decision, but at least together, they had one another. A username, an alias, a wall of text with spelling errors and emotions.

His eyebrow cocked up, and sauntering through the entrance was serendipity beneath an angel's gaze, dirty blonde locks, and deep chocolate pools. Everything he had described through wordy adjectives was right there in human flesh. Short, skinny, teacup hands and puppy dog cheeks, a crooked tooth behind plump, pink curtains with flecks of crimson scabs. Hailed from the years of the Renaissance, liquid oils, and crushed flowers, making his heart stop dead in the confines of his chest. It was him, it was most definitely him.

Extending his pole of an arm, Namjoon began to wave at the male from across the room, smiling just as bright to make him feel comfortable in such an unfamiliar setting. The other people didn't matter, catching a few wandering eyes that seemed to glance their way, all that mattered was the two of them. The male approached the table, wobbly knees, and shifting eyes, and Namjoon beamed, the two little dimples in his cheeks measuring the current state of happiness he was in. It was an oddity, almost.

"Hi." Namjoon flat out said, attempting to rid the shakiness from his own voice, holding his cup of coffee as a barrier between the two of them. His eyes dropped down briefly, fidgeting with the small spoon resting against the cup out of habit. The male sat down before him, and Namjoon looked back up, his smile still remaining. "You're Jimin... right?"
* two.
It's never easy to admit the satisfaction of a drug coursing through the roots embedded deep beneath the flesh of your entire existence. You sit down and soak into the threads of the chair and get advice from someone who is just as fucked up as you are.

Divorced six times, currently dating an ex-convict who is also seeing a mistress on the side but still, she manages to come to work with a smile on her face and unknowing facade of the fool she is currently being played as. A cynical smile, a scribble onto the clipboard and a new write-up of some well-needed anti-anxiety medication that has been green-lighted to the pharmacy.

Life is swell, isn't it? You tie the blindfold on tight enough and the loss of circulation will make the world all sunshine and daisies despite the reality beneath it.

Elan knows none of this will help him. He has been there for a good amount of time and his nostrils are still vacuuming morphine every Saturday to help ease the lonely episodes tainting his mental state. He knows, despite his futile efforts to stop and just let it go, it certainly is never as easy as purchasing a gram or two to remind him that life gets hard sometimes. For some reason, though, the need to be completely fucked up is far easier than facing the realities of this world we call home.

Just loading the gun and leaving it sitting on the bookshelf is just enough to keep trudging forward despite the incredible desire to use it.

The room is silent, and Elan finds himself tracing his gaze across the spines of the books lining the walls. A variety of colors and small text depicting the subject of the matter, but nothing of importance to his current therapy session as of today. His hands rest at his thighs, tracing the loose threads that managed to unwind themselves from the lines of his jeans and he chews at the inside of his lip, hearing that dreaded pen scrape against the paper across from him.

"How have you been feeling lately, Elan?" the therapist pipes up and raises her eyes, shielded behind a pair of tortoise brown spectacles, glinting from the sunshine beaming from the window behind him. "Have any plans for this weekend?"

His position suddenly shifts and Elan has his back placed against the couch cushions, meeting eyes with her to think of a well-thought-out answer to this, particularly difficult question.

Exams are next week, he is on the remainder of his morphine after an episode last night and there is a college party tonight that his friend, Christine has been begging him to attend. It is safe to say he has been pretty fucking miserable as of recently despite the handful of uncontrollable drug inducing fits, but his mouth seems to think up an entirely suitable answer instead.

"Been feeling okay, I guess," he shrugs, his eyes now aimed at the arrangement of bullshit, abstract paintings on the far-side wall, noting the different brush techniques and splashes of colors here and there. All of it appears to look like mush in his line of sight, but he couldn't bring his gray-pools away. Drawn in, hook and bait. "I got invited to a party but I think I should stay home and study."

The therapist's eyebrows seem to rise to a fine line as she leans forward in her chair, gripping at the corners of her clipboard with excitement, almost. "A party?" she chimed, voice rather giddy, cocking her head like a curious puppy at the sight of a new oddity. Of course, any normal person would agree to the latter decision, but, when it came to Elan and his severe case of social anxiety, the first was a therapist's wet-dream. Not only was it exposure therapy at it's finest, but certainly it was a step of many to curing this rather uncurable plague that affected his day-to-day life. He knew what she was going to say even before she had the thought process.

"That's a good opportunity to go out and make some friends, Elan. I'm sure someone would love to get to know you."

Friends. If only that concept didn't require the long and almost painful process of small-talk followed by awkward chuckling and half-ass attempts at a smile or two. None of it interested Elan. Not one bit. He would gladly stay home to dig up some dirt on a few more of his unlucky professors, study for his handful of grueling exams that following week and maybe cry a bit more due to this never-ending cycle of loneliness.

That definitely sounded more appealing than being in a room full of sweaty and mindless drunks.

"I guess," he gave a shrug, craning his neck backward to rest it lazily against the back of the couch. His eyes were now crescents, half-lidded and running marathons down the peeling wallpaper, attempting to imagine the endless scenarios of seeing himself at one of these particular parties. Drink in hand, a smile on his lips, and people surrounding him, almost as if he were an entirely normal person. "I'm afraid I'm going to fail my exams."

He knew for a fact that he wasn't, but it was good enough for the therapist to hear.

It was almost as if she saw right through him, though, removing her glasses to almost look past this upfront facade he had placed upon himself. She knew what he was trying to do, didn't she?

The clipboard lowered in her lap and she crossed her legs, counter-clockwise, to carefully intertwine her fingers and hold them there, wrinkling the fabric at her knees. "Elan," she began, smiling now. Nice and wide to the point her teeth were actually poking out from beneath the lumps of soft, pink flesh. White little things, far too clean for any normal person. "Just try."

Elan shifted his weight rather uncomfortably and let out a lungful of air, long and drawn-out, making his discomfort be known to the rest of the world. He didn't entirely know what to say to that statement, as she indeed knew exactly what she was doing to him. But, it was one thing to actually listen to her encouragement as any normal client of hers would. When it came to it, standing at the front door of that house with people clogging up the front door, both screaming and puking on the front lawn, it would mean shit to him.

But maybe, just maybe, this one time could help him.

A loud chime had vibrated the room and Elan knew the cue to begin gathering his belongings, which only happened to be himself and his tattered, black backpack placed beside him.

"I'll see you next week, Elan," she said, scribbling a few last things on that grafitti'd paper of hers before standing and showing him out properly. She still had that shit-eating grin on that stupid face of hers as she held the door open, standing aside to give him enough room to shimmy past. "Tell me how the party goes."

"Okay," was all he could reply with, flat and emotionless much like everything else he had said to her that session and went about his way to leaving that mahogany torture-room as swift as his feet could take him. Back on the streets of New York and finally, his lungs could breathe without the feeling of every intricate detail of himself being judged and calculated against him.
* three.
Elliot couldn't remember, he could never remember. The sound of her voice, a low hushed whisper against the yellow of the candlelight. Blonde locks splayed before the collarbones of a canary’s cage and lidded peepers, cold, empty, a shell of the image she had used to be. She was the appointed knight pushing fourth the pawns at the hand of the Queen, shielding the harsh reality with the lulled words of softened daisies. White and pure, archangel untainted by blood and shattered crumbs of marble, executing the duties with a pocket watch in her left breast; ticking, ticking and ticking. Time was the essential villain in a world of uncontrollable oddities and that seed had been planted deep within her brain. The code executed through desperate pecks and the malware webbed weaves through the virgin veins, toxic and detrimental to this beauty of life of a role model in an unlocked future.

Elliot couldn’t even remember the look in his pitiful icy blues, begging for answers, knuckles white, nerves twitching, bags under those pitiful, childlike peepers of spending endless days, coding and wishing. Scared to get scolded by the inevitable concern of fulfilled orders, scared of being thrown from the balcony used, and unfinished. Barrel empty, crimson on his twitching tips, sheer agony in his heart. Destiny was never supposed to end this way, bloody and filthy. If God was betrayed at the hand of God himself who would give forgiveness? He loved him, he hated him; why couldn’t things go the way they had planned? They had a plan to fulfill, a destiny to finish, a kingdom to destroy and stand upon with well-deserved crowns resting atop their heads, hands intertwined.

Everything past, present, and future had been a figment of his captured reality plaguing the entire existence of his own being. Elliot knew Mr. Robot had won this game of chess as he always did. A game of sheer dominance that required only one successor, one hunter, one prey. One person with the goal to destroy the foundation of this utter evil hiding behind the LCD screens of our empty bank accounts. No matter how hard Elliot tried to fend off this authoritative figure residing beneath his own flesh and sinew, he always lost.

His memory ached, his body crumbled, digits grasping onto the remaining edge his shaky palms could hold onto while his mind struggled to get that one, final mouthful of oxygen. A state of limbo pressuring his sanity to let go, to just let go, and allow his body to reincarnate into the true being of this required destiny. But, it was never that easy; if only it could be that easy.

The first thing his eyes had seen when opening them was the crackle of white wallpaper, rippled and old above him, opposite of the atmosphere of the room he had been laying in. Clean, pristine, minimalistic whites and black, fleshed before the flickering candlelight reflecting upon the large windows to his left side. Is this what death was like? A familiar comfort snuggled in the threads of the fabric at his side, tucked underneath his arms, like a body on the slab of a morgue, opened up and sewn shut, out of sight and out of mind.

“You’re awake,” a voice had suddenly appeared from the darkness, soft and soothing, little whispers of sincerity, “I thought you were never going to wake up.”

That voice sounded like a repressed memory of his past, connected to the person he had remembered her as but transformed. A caterpillar long since birthed from the crumples of a cocoon. But, he couldn’t see her. What was her name again?


Elliot lifted his head and adjusted his peepers to the shadows dancing among the walls, searching for the owner of that particularly feminine voice to assure himself that it was indeed who he thought it to be. The room was cool, more chilly than what it usually had been, and not a single electric light illuminated in the distance to confirm this thesis of no power.

“It’s been five days.”

* fandom pairings.
I try to approach these with a pinch of salt and not be super-picky about nailing the characters or lore head-on, so don't be scared at all about portraying them incorrectly. For most of these I'm more than fine doing non-canon or AUs as well, even taking the story itself and inserting our own characters. As for any underage characters, they will be 18 and older, no exceptions.

Highlights on pairings are what I'm craving the most and are considered my otps.
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* video games.
detroit: become human
Hank/ConnorConnor/RK900 ⦁ Markus/Simon ⦁ Kamski/Connor ⦁ Gavin/RK900
Connor/OC ⦁ Hank/OC ⦁ RK900/OC
Android OC/Human OC ⦁ Android OC/Android OC
Zenyatta/GenjiMcCree/Hanzo ⦁ Genji/Hanzo ⦁ McCree/Genji ⦁ Reaper/Soldier 76 ⦁ Junkrat/Roadhog ⦁ Mei/Junkrat
Zenyatta/OC ⦁ Hanzo/OC ⦁ McCree/OC ⦁ Genji/OC ⦁ Soldier 76/OC
league of legends
Jhin/Rakan ⦁ Jhin/Ezreal ⦁ Zed/Kayn ⦁ Darius/Ezreal ⦁ Shen/Zed ⦁ Ezreal/Taric
Jhin/OC ⦁ Ezreal/OC ⦁ Rakan/OC
legend of zelda: breath of the wild
Link/Prince Sidon ⦁ Link/Zelda ⦁ Link/Mipha
Link/OC ⦁ Prince Sidon/OC
final fantasy xv
Noctis/Ignis ⦁ Gladio/Prompto ⦁ Prompto/Ignis ⦁ Gladio/Noctis ⦁ Noctis/Prompto ⦁ Gladio/Ignis
Noctis/OC ⦁ Ignis/OC
fallout 4
Hancock/Nick Valentine ⦁ Hancock/Sole Survivor OC ⦁ Nick Valentine/Sole Survivor OC
Synth OC/Sole Survivor OC ⦁ Ghoul OC/Sole Survivor OC ⦁ Raider OC/Sole Survivor OC
until dawn
Josh/OC ⦁ Chris/OC
stardew valley
Sebastian/Sam ⦁ Sebastian/Alex ⦁ Sam/Alex
Alex/Farmer OC ⦁ Harvey/Farmer OC ⦁ Shane/Farmer OC ⦁ Sebastian/Farmer OC ⦁ Sam/Farmer OC
Red/Green ⦁ Black/N ⦁ Brendan/Wally ⦁ Archie/Maxie ⦁ Sycamore/Lysandre
Trainer OC/Gym Leader OC ⦁ Trainer OC/Trainer OC
hotline miami
Jacket/OC ⦁ Biker/OC ⦁ OC/OC
* television shows.
Oswald/Edward ⦁ Bruce/Jeramiah ⦁ Bruce/Jerome ⦁ Jerome/Jeramiah ⦁ Bruce/Selina ⦁ Oswald/Jim
Oswald/OC ⦁ Edward/OC ⦁ Jim/OC ⦁ Jeramiah/OC ⦁ Bruce/OC
mr. robot
Elliot/OC ⦁ Tyrell/OC
Will/OC ⦁ Hannibal/OC
stranger things
Steve/Billy ⦁ Steve/Jonathan ⦁ Nancy/Jonathan ⦁ Will/Michael
Steve/OC ⦁ Billy/OC ⦁ Jonathan/OC
Sherlock/OC ⦁ Watson/OC
Ian/Mickey ⦁ Lip/Ian
Mickey/OC ⦁ Lip/OC ⦁ Ian/OC
game of thrones
Jon/Daenerys ⦁ Sansa/Littlefinger ⦁ The Hound/Sansa
Jon/OC ⦁ The Hound/OC ⦁ Littlefinger/OC
rick & morty
Rick/Morty ⦁ Morty/Evil Morty ⦁ Rick/Evil Morty
Rick/OC ⦁ Morty/OC ⦁ Evil Morty/OC
* movies.
star wars
Kylo Ren/Hux ⦁ Poe/Finn ⦁ Obi-Wan/Anakin ⦁ Han Solo/Luke ⦁ Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan
Kylo Ren/OC ⦁ Hux/OC ⦁ Poe/OC ⦁ Anakin/OC
Force User OC/OC ⦁ Light OC/Dark OC
star trek
Kirk/Spock ⦁ Chekov/Sulu ⦁ Kirk/Bones
Chekov/OC ⦁ Kirk/OC ⦁ Spock/OC ⦁ Sulu/OC
fantastic beasts & where to find them
Newt/Percival ⦁ Percival/Credence ⦁ Newt/Credence
Newt/OC ⦁ Percival/OC ⦁ Credence/OC
harry potter
Harry/Draco ⦁ Harry/Luna ⦁ Harry/Hermione ⦁ Harry/Ron ⦁ Draco/Hermione ⦁ Neville/Luna ⦁ Ron/Hermione
Remus/Sirius ⦁ Snape/Lily ⦁ Snape/James
Harry/OC ⦁ Draco/OC ⦁ Luna/OC ⦁ Remus/OC ⦁ Sirius/OC
blade runner
Deckard/OC ⦁ Rachael/OC
Blade Runner OC/Replicant OC ⦁ Replicant OC/Replicant OC
blade runner 2049
Blade Runner OC/Replicant OC ⦁ Replicant OC/Replicant OC
alien: covenant
Walter/David 8
Walter/OC ⦁ David 8/OC
howl's moving castle
Howl/OC ⦁ Wizard OC/OC
* other.
critical role: campaign two
Mollymauk/Caleb ⦁ Fjord/Caleb ⦁ Fjord/Mollymauk
Mollymauk/OC ⦁ Caleb/OC ⦁ Fjord/OC
killing stalking
Sangwoo/Yoonbum ⦁ Seungbae/Yoonbum ⦁ Seungbae/Sangwoo ⦁ Seungbae/Choker Boy
YoonBum/OC ⦁ Sangwoo/OC ⦁ Seungbae/OC
19 tian
Yi Jian/Zhengxi ⦁ Tian He/Guanshan
Yi Jian/OC ⦁ Zhengxi/OC ⦁ Tian He/OC ⦁ Guanshan/OC
ao no flag
Taichi/OC ⦁ Touma/OC
kpop: bts
Namjoon/Jimin ⦁ Jimin/Jungkook ⦁ Suga/Jimin ⦁ Namjoon/Jin ⦁ Taehyung/Jimin ⦁ Suga/Jungkook ⦁ Taehyung/J-Hope ⦁ Suga/J-Hope
Namjoon/OC ⦁ Jimin/OC ⦁ Jungkook/OC ⦁ Suga/OC ⦁ Taehyung/OC ⦁ Jin/OC ⦁ J-Hope/OC

* song plotlines.
I have a lot of favorite genres and scenarios, but I am very open-minded and always interested in trying something new. If any of the plots I have listed don't interest you, hit me up with some of your own. You are also more than welcome to change up or combine any of my plots to your liking as I've done pretty much all of them at one point.

I am very music-oriented when creating plots, so all of these plots have a particular song tied to them as seen by the titles. I will include the song, genre, and some tags for each plot to keep things more organized.

I will accept M/M or F/M for any of these, and more than welcome to play as either character as well.
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* plots.
built for this time
sci-fi, androids, robots, romance, hurt & comfort
"Built For This Time" by ZAYDE WOLF

Years into the future, androids have now become an integral part of human life in every shape and form. Whether it be cooking, cleaning, driving, childcare and anything else in between, owning an android is now of the norm. But, as time progresses, the fear of them becoming self-aware with emotions is on the rise due to specific cases of "malfunctioning". Riots, protests and the removal of robot production from the market now begins. CHARACTER A is a desk worker who works for the company that has produced, CHARACTER B and feels they have rights just as everyone else even when it comes to emotion and mental awareness. But when the government is about to pull the plug, CHARACTER A decides to steal CHARACTER B.

pick me up
modern, runaway, romance, hurt & comfort
"Pick Me Up" by Air Traffic Controller

CHARACTER A and CHARACTER B both met in a chat room of a very popular help forum and became best friends through black and white text. The two of them, while completely different and unknowing of their real-life names/appearances, feel it's best to meet up and run away together. What's better than escaping your problems, spending your earnings on bullshit and living a new life with someone who actually cares about you? A stolen car, some stolen money, extra clothes, and a loaded pistol, the two of them set on a journey they can't turn back from. But what happens when the two of them, now missing persons, have to live this new life running from the past?

high hopes
modern, romance, age-gap, hurt & comfort
"High Hopes" by Kodaline

CHARACTER A is an older man, early-to-mid thirties with his life edging towards the deep-end after recently losing his significant other in a very brutal murder, caused by his own fault after riddling with some bigger dogs. He begins to spiral into a very deep depression with nothing ever going his way. Turning to drugs as well as the bottle, he lives by himself in a shoddy apartment on the top floor and attempts to get himself up every morning just to go to work. All-in-all, life is fucking horrible and eventually he decides he has no choice other than to end it all. Standing at the edge of the roof during a stormy night, CHARACTER A counts to ten and shuts his eyes, only then to hear weeping from behind the greenhouse he tends to every so often. Rethinking his decision, he comes over and finds CHARACTER B, a very young woman/man, beaten and bruised, weeping in the cold rain, thinking about their own demise as well. Come to find out they recently have come out of an abusive relationship and have run away to either live in fear of being murdered by their so-called "lover" or attempting suicide to make things easier.

Two sticks in the same pile, CHARACTER A decides to take in CHARACTER B and the two of them begin to mend things together, at least, try to. The kicker is.. CHARACTER A is way older, riddled with problems of substance abuse and depression, as well as falling for CHARACTER B, who reminds him of his past lover in every shape and form. Although very young, naive, as well as hurt to begin another relationship in fear of their last one, CHARACTER B feels that tiny little spark for CHARACTER A.

you are a memory
school, romance, fantasy, hurt & comfort
"You Are a Memory" by Message to Bears

CHARACTER A has been alone all of their life due to their parents abandoning them at a young age. Right when they could legally cut all ties, they decided to drop out of school and work several jobs to at least maintain a relatively normal life for themselves. Every night though, when CHARACTER A goes to sleep, they have vivid dreams about someone else; a weak-willed person who gets bullied on a daily basis. In one of these dreams, this person attempts suicide, thus forcing CHARACTER A to wake up and never have these dreams again.

Things are going smoothly for the next few months, and just as CHARACTER A was about to pay off whatever remaining debt they had, they get into a very fatal car accident. CHARACTER A now wakes up in another body, surrounded by a wealthy family who loves them very much. Apparently, this body had been in a coma for several years due to a suicide attempt and CHARACTER A realizes, they are now the person that they had been dreaming about.

While adjusting to this new body, new environment, and amnesia of who this body really belonged to, CHARACTER A is forced to go back to school and begins this new change of fighting back the bullies and asserting his authority among other students. Everyone notices that the person CHARACTER A now inhabits, is changed, and CHARACTER B, the leader of the bullies, is interested.

Come to find out, CHARACTER B was an old best friend of the real CHARACTER A, and despite them being in a new body, CHARACTER B has a feeling it is CHARACTER A after all.

perfect places
school, modern, romance, good/bad
"Perfect Places" by Lorde

CHARACTER A and CHARACTER B, both attend a very prestigious Catholic Academy in wishes of their parents. Both the heir of very large companies run by their fathers, the two of them have the world on their shoulders to not only keep their families happy but their school as well in hopes of the future. CHARACTER A is a misfit; your typical bad seed. A party-animal, a sex-fiend, and an overall piece of work compared to CHARACTER B, who is just the opposite. CHARACTER B is the goody-two-shoes out of the pair and keeps their grades and overall appearance top-notch to keep their parents from pulling the plug at running big. Out of a lucky pick from the hat, the two of them are now roommates during their final years at the academy. How will they get along? Will CHARACTER A show CHARACTER B the ropes of a good time in risk of their futures, or will CHARACTER B refuse?

someday we'll be together again
modern, romance, hurt & comfort
"Someday We'll Be Together Again" by Bonjr

CHARACTER A and CHARACTER B were inseparable during the high school years. Having met during their freshman year, and complete polar opposites, the two of them could never be seen apart. CHARACTER A, captain of the football team and popular among the girls, it wasn't a surprise when he found himself engaged to the head cheerleader at the end of his senior year with a steady job. CHARACTER B was a gentle soul, being the backbone of their fellow friend and landing themselves a high-end job in New York to work for a large corporate company. The two, on separate terms, soon went their own ways only to allow years upon years to pass. CHARACTER A decides to get back in touch with his best friend out of the blue, wanting to fly over and stay at their flat for a few weeks, which at first CHARACTER B is hesitant about. Not only is CHARACTER A married with the word of kids in the possible future, but he also doesn't have the same thing in mind. CHARACTER B had always been in love with CHARACTER A, and these couple of weeks might just reveal the truth after all these years. How will CHARACTER A take it?

school, modern, romance, hurt & comfort
"Sleepover" by Hayley Kiyoko

CHARACTER A and CHARACTER B are not the most popular, nor are they exceptionally good-looking or smart. Average, as some would say, and lingering at the bottom links of the popularity chain at the middle school they attend. But, because of this, they were able to find one another and became best friends because of it. Every weekend, CHARACTER A goes over to stay at CHARACTER B's house because their own parents are alcoholics while CHARACTER A's parents are rarely ever home to give them the attention they desire.

CHARACTER A falls head over heels for CHARACTER B but doesn't have the courage to admit this to them despite having many opportunities to do so. Summer rolls by and CHARACTER B leaves out of the country with their parents without even saying goodbye. CHARACTER A spends the next few years doing what they do best; entertaining themselves and missing CHARACTER B.

Now in high school, CHARACTER B has come back and has changed almost entirely to the point they are now the talk of the school. All the while leaving CHARACTER A in the dust, getting a significant other and becoming popular, CHARACTER B still, of course, remembers CHARACTER A and invites them over for a sleepover, just like they used to do, one final time.

the art teacher
modern, school, forbidden romance, student/teacher, hurt & comfort
"The Art Teacher" by Rufus Wainwright

CHARACTER A is an older man with still no wife or kids in sight, but a notorious artist in the town that he lives in. Invited by an old colleague, he decides to teach a class at the local high school to pass some time and earn a little cash on the side. CHARACTER B is one of the students that attends the class and as much as they want to believe that their interest is only on the subject, there is no denying that the interest in the teacher is growing by the second. An incredible artist themselves, they decide to approach CHARACTER A with the idea of a mentorship, in hopes of maybe, just maybe, they can step outside the zone of teacher and student.

fantasy, medieval, destiny, hurt & comfort
"King" by Lauren Aquilina

CHARACTER A is the heir of their family's kingdom, young and naive to the rule that will eventually fall into their lap. They are wild and irresponsible, and many years away from learning the real importance to the throne. Meanwhile, CHARACTER B is a calm, collected child from the family of retainers placed in charge of being nothing but companions at the side of the rulers. Their one and only purpose in this world is to advise the next heir and grow alongside them, from birth to death, and keep the rule strong. CHARACTER A and CHARACTER B were introduced to one another right from the beginning, ensuring the bond between the two of them to remain true as times of trouble linger on. The two of them are truly inseparable, even as they begin to enter their adult years. CHARACTER A is still the wild child ruler they are known as and CHARACTER B cooks, cleans and manages everything just as they were born to do, no more no less.

Things are looking up until a sister-kingdom demands CHARACTER A to be wed to one of their own in exchange for a peace treaty out of the blue. The king reluctantly agrees, and orders CHARACTER B to escort CHARACTER A to the sister-kingdom in ready for their wedding. Weeks into their road trip and hours before the wedding is set to begin, the sister kingdom invades CHARACTER A's capital as they are away in thirst for destroying the magic that the bloodline family wields.

As soon as CHARACTER A had left the capital, the shield protecting the city had weakened, giving the sister kingdom the perfect opportunity to strike without the royale family knowing. The king is eventually assassinated, along with the rest of the family, and CHARACTER A is now the only remaining one left to rule whatever shambles the kingdom is left in with CHARACTER B at their side. CHARACTER A begins to break down as reality sets in, not ready for the hefty responsibility in their hands and nowhere near close to mastering the powerful magic their family wielded for generations upon generations with ease. Just as things had gone down, and amidst CHARACTER A's breakdown, CHARACTER B manages to escape with CHARACTER A into hiding. It is now CHARACTER B's responsibility to keep the new ruler alive, all the while CHARACTER A begins their test in controlling this powerful magic and restoring order with their rule once more.

we might be dead by tomorrow
modern, zombies, apocalypse, romance, hurt & comfort
"We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow" by SOKO

A brain-altering pandemic is sweeping the world, infecting over 60% percent of the population with a dangerous new disease. Since the outbreak, the world has gone into a state of panic despite the government's effort to maintain control. As it turns out, in this new world, the undead are just as the dangerous as the living. Governments are corrupt, bandits run the streets, and an anti-government organization is constantly waging their own wars by attacking quarantine zones as an act of defiance.

But let's rewind, CHARACTER A and CHARACTER B were in a coffee shop one evening at the wrong place and time. Just as everything started going down around them, the two of them suddenly became partners just for survival. Of course, they know nothing about one another or their past life, but they just want to survive. The kicker? One of them is immune.

time is running out
prison, modern, horror, thriller
"Time is Running Out" by Muse

CHARACTER A is a fairly normal person who broke into several shops near their home to pay the rent that was four months overdue. Except, they happened to do this more than once on many occasions. Eventually being convicted of the tedious crimes they committed, they were sent to a prison where CHARACTER B happens to be their new cellmate.

is a monster of a being who is convicted of countless murders and assaults, as well as being known for devouring one of their victims. They are too intelligent for their own good and thinks those who are under them need to be disposed of.

When young CHARACTER A moves into their cell, pure and pristine as a young lamb, CHARACTER B can't help but pull the puppet strings. CHARACTER B has been planning an escape for years and finds CHARACTER A to be the only ticket out of here. With an intelligent mind and quick fingers, the two of them decide to break out and begin their new lives together.

you're the one that i want
modern, horror, thriller, stalking
"You're The One That I Want (Cover)" by Lo-Fang

CHARACTER A is a high-class model that has been featured on various magazine covers due to their gorgeous looks and is the number one person many people would die for. But when there is a celebrity, cameras tend to follow. But in this sense, this camera follows them everywhere. CHARACTER B is an obsessive piece of work that stalks CHARACTER A each and every day and uses their paparazzi career as an excuse to get closer to them. Though in reality, CHARACTER B wants CHARACTER A for themselves, and themselves only. Things end up missing out of CHARACTER A's home and those who draw close romantically end up dead. What happens when the person behind this madness finally shows their face?

modern, crime, gang war
"Forever" by Ykiki Beat

CHARACTER A, CHARACTER B, and CHARACTER C are a popular trio who rooted themselves in a notorious street gang after many, many years. Located in various places, the mob is one of the few infamous for many of their law-breaking crimes. Racketeering, gambling, loansharking, extortion, money laundering, fraud, hijacking, murders, merciless beatings, pier thefts, and drug trades; you name it, they do it. A top of the notch hierarchy who value family, the three, while partnered together, are on different standings within the mob. CHARACTER A is a deputy of his division, highest out of the three, with CHARACTER B handling the weapons and CHARACTER C the transporter. Polar opposites and deriving from different backgrounds, each of them couldn't help but get close and use their individual skills to their advantage.

A sister gang has gone silent after being in a feud with them for many, many years. Months pass, and on an unusual Sunday night, the once notorious gang decide to sabotage one of their largest underground drug trades of the year and slaughter anyone associated with it. CHARACTER C, being a mere transporter who happened to volunteer, was one of them. CHARACTER A and CHARACTER B, though devastated, begin to reconsider their position within the family after losing an important piece to their puzzles. CHARACTER A is taking their death the hardest due to being CHARACTER C's current lover while CHARACTER B is bitter, finding out that they were only CHARACTER C's side-fling.

With new information about the affair bubbling to the surface, the two lock horns, though can't help but rely on one another to survive such a difficult time. A huge war between the two gangs is but a hushed whisper in the ears of the members, but CHARACTER A and CHARACTER B must make a decision. Leaving their once known "family" to start anew will label them as traitors, and put them on the blacklist, but staying, might just get them killed even faster.

meet me in the woods
fantasy, medieval, DND
"Meet Me in The Woods" by Lord Huron

CHARACTER A and CHARACTER B are not the most popular people and rather thrown in the "nerdy" clique due to their love for Dungeons and Dragons, and being the founders of a DND Club at school. The two of them, along with a wide variety of others a part of their circle of friends, meet every Friday to play. CHARACTER A is someone who likes to go by the book, realistic in their tactics and strategy while CHARACTER B just likes to play someone who is six foot, shredded and popular as ever.

It is another notorious Friday night, and the gang has been released from school. After fetching a handful of midnight snacks and drinks, they decide to meet at CHARACTER A's basement as their parents will be gone for the weekend. Character sheets and dice all ready, the game is going along smoothly until CHARACTER A and CHARACTER B decide to butt heads over the simple fact of book rules. Things get physical, and by mere chance, the two of them manage to knock one another out.

By the time CHARACTER A wakes up, they realize they are no longer in their parent's basement, but on the floor in a tavern after having a drunken brawl over some gold pieces. A tall, lumbering figure comes over and helps them up, who happens to look strangely like CHARACTER B's incredibly gorgeous DND character.

Come to find out, the two of them are now trapped inside the very same game they were fighting over as each of their characters.

hate u, love u
modern, heartbreak, romance, hurt & comfort, ex-lovers
"hate u, love u" by Olivia O'Brien

CHARACTER A and CHARACTER B were in a relationship that didn’t work out due to CHARACTER A cheating and blaming it on CHARACTER B. CHARACTER B broke it off and eventually found a new partner after a short amount of time, leaving CHARACTER A alone and miserable. Initially, CHARACTER A is doing everything to try and get CHARACTER B back but it seems like the new lover gives them everything CHARACTER A couldn’t. Months later, the two of them run into one another and immediately the feelings are brought back. CHARACTER A hopes CHARACTER B will come back and stay with them, but will they?

lost stars
modern, runaway, forbidden romance
"Lost Stars" by Adam Levine

Two families have been at war for the last few generations for reasons entirely unknown and CHARACTER A is now the groom to the daughter of the rival family. While this marriage is in haste and out of the blue for either of them, CHARACTER A has an alliance and promise to keep so things are the way they simply are despite inner protests. CHARACTER B, the youngest of the rival family and sibling of the bride, finds CHARACTER A having a meltdown in the dressing room minutes before the wedding even begins. In the midst of panicked thoughts and unwanted responsibilities, the two of them, in the heat of the moment, run off together across the country to now flee from the life they simply did not want to live. A bride with no groom, an angered diplomatic leader, and a well-needed alliance shattered; the two of them now must go under the radar if they ever want to live another day.

supermassive black hole
modern, crime, mafia, good & bad
"Supermassive Black Hole" by Muse

The city is run by a family-owned gang where their reign is globally known and officials are easily corrupted by money to turn a blind eye to the illegal acts they commit. The organization's leader has an eldest son, CHARACTER A, who has been hidden away for years due to safety reasons. Though, at the mark of his father's death, CHARACTER A makes an appearance and is now being groomed for the succession of the throne. CHARACTER B is an agent who has always lived his life behind the desk until the leader of his department gives him an out-of-place assignment for a raise; infiltrate the gang and find enough evidence to arrest CHARACTER A and bring down the organization. After weeks of persuasion, CHARACTER B is trained and then sent to an initiation ceremony, where they happen to catch CHARACTER A's eye. The entire plan of them slowly climbing the ranks is thrown away as soon as CHARACTER A decides to take CHARACTER B as a personal guard. Whether CHARACTER B decides to fulfill their mission or not, they slowly begin to see a more human side to CHARACTER A.

modern, horror, thriller, serial killer
"Animal (Cover)" by Chase Holfelder

CHARACTER A is a serial killer and a great one at that. They have been at this for years and at each crime scene, there is no remaining trace of them whatsoever. No fingerprints, hair strands, or connection to the poor victim. They are skilled in whatever he manages to do, and even, is a completely different person than what you would imagine them to actually be. On the outer shell they are kind, sophisticated and absolutely loyal in the manner of their own friends but inside, they are a monster. A savage, heart-ripping fiend whose manipulation is top notch compared to their merciless ways. But pause for a moment, who knew serial killers had fans quite similar to that of a boy band?

is an obsessive piece of art who is so fascinated by the work young CHARACTER A is doing, they begin stalking them. Even though just as young and stupid, with their wits they unravel the mystery of who the killer is, and does whatever they can to get close and blackmail them. CHARACTER B wants to become partners with CHARACTER A, and rid the world of low blood peasants like they wish, but will CHARACTER A allow such a loony into their killing ways?

earned it
modern, romance, age-gap, business, forbidden romance
"Earned It" by The Weeknd

CHARACTER A is a wealthy CEO who runs their own company in a bustling city. CHARACTER A has been married to their college sweetheart for countless years, though the passion between them has long since fizzled out. CHARACTER B is young, fresh out of college, and wanting to get their foot in the door of the business world. They are lucky enough to be hired by CHARACTER A's firm due to several connections and soon becomes their personal assistant. The two of them exchange pleasantries from day to day, but often don’t socialize much beyond that until one evening, CHARACTER B gets a call from CHARACTER A asking a favor.

CHARACTER A must go to a charity gala and their spouse is not able to attend; they want CHARACTER B to attend the event with them. While CHARACTER B is flattered, as much as they don't want to, they agree to go for the sake of not letting their boss down.

you can be the boss
modern, romance, age-gap, forbidden romance
"You Can Be The Boss" by Lana Del Rey

CHARACTER A is a servant for CHARACTER B and a very loyal one at that. Loyal to the point they will be willing to die at any moment if need be. CHARACTER B is happily married with everything in their life pointing in their direction, but.. when little CHARACTER A comes along, the lion can't help but go for the lamb. Young, innocent, and certainly still holding their v-card CHARACTER B somehow manages to throw everything they had away for this little lamb. An affair happens, and the cat is let out of the bag. Not just one, oh no, but several. Company debt, murders, and several other problems arise. CHARACTER A and CHARACTER B, now together, decide to go on the run to live a new life specially made for the two of them.

falling for you
modern, romance, hurt & comfort
"fallingforyou" by The 1975

CHARACTER A is a therapist stuck in a marriage of that has long since lost its spark. CHARACTER B is an award-winning novelist suffering from writer's block, depression and the constant need to figure out what they truly want in this life. When their editor takes notice with the countless missed deadlines, they force CHARACTER B to see a therapist who happens to be the very one who is stuck in a loveless marriage, CHARACTER A.

The first session is rocky as CHARACTER B doesn’t want to be there but as time passes, the longer they sit in that chair the more comfortable it seems to get. CHARACTER A is almost starstruck the moment CHARACTER B strides in as they have been a fan of their work for ages. However, as the sessions go on, CHARACTER A starts to fall for the famous novelist as does CHARACTER B for the therapist, despite being married. Whatever grows between the two of them manages to stay within the confines of the small office, only for a short amount of time.
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