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  1. ~Introduction~
    Hello! My name is Apollo and I've been role-playing for a little over five years and have been a member of this wonderful role-playing community for almost two years. If you have any personal questions about me, please refer to my profile page. Anyway, I'm pretty much down to do any type of role-play. I really want something new that I haven't done before, just make it interesting! Below I will list a few pre-made roleplay plots (if they're your cup of tea) however we can brainstorm something together if you don't find any of them interesting!

    Role-play Elements/Things I'm Interested In:
    (Asterisks represent level of interest)
    Apocalyptic/Post-Apoc. (Non-Zombie, unless you can provide an original plot)

    Things that are a General No-Go:
    Overly-gorified. I don't want to be disgusted by incredible details about guts. Yuck.
    Horror. Just generally boring to me. If you think you have a great plot, tell me.
    Yaoi. I just really am not a huge fan of mxm pairings. Sorry ^-^

    Role-play Plots (open)
    Half a World Away
    Status: [OPEN]
    Slots Filled: [1/2]

    Tags: Video Game/Romance/Action/Sci-Fi (potentially)/Fantasy (potentially)
    Two people meet each other on an online MMORPG. After playing the game together for weeks on end, the two develop an attraction towards one another. However, once they get to talking and share their feelings, they realize that they're on two completely different sides of the world (or country depending on what you'd prefer in the roleplay itself.) This takes one of the characters (or both) on a huge journey to find each other. The problem is, they're teenagers and have very limited options for transportation in regard to long distances. Do they break their parents rules and potentially the law just to see each other? Or do they play it safe and keep it a strictly internet-only relationship. Or, even further, do they decide not to go forward with the relationship at all?

    Raven Academy
    Status: [OPEN]
    Slots Filled: [0/2]
    Tags: Action/Romance (potentially)/Military/Crime/School

    This is a role-play that is very similar to the anime Aria the Scarlett Ammo (Hidan no Aria is the light novel version.) There are two characters that are attending a High School (Or college/university if you would prefer) and they are, for lack of a better term, mercenaries. The Raven Academy(or University if we're going for the young adult side of things) is a school that was established to serve as an emergency backup to law enforcement and the national guard. The students, as opposed to being taught advanced mathematics and other unimportant subjects, are taught weapons skills and marksmanship with firearms. For lack of a better term, they're a nationwide SWAT team in a way. However, aside from backing up law enforcement, the national guard, and other military branches, Raven Academy also does private contracting. On occasion, politicians and wealthy businesspeople will contact the Academy to get one of their students to act as a bodyguard. The riskier the contract, the higher outpay.

    Planet X-427
    Status: [OPEN]
    Slots Filled: [0/2]
    Tags: Action/Crime/Romance (potentially)/Magic/Sci-Fi

    This is my brain child and one of the few role-plays that I have thoroughly thought out and have given in-depth lore to. However, I'm not too hellbent to adding alterations to the original plot and backstory, it is truly whatever we create.

    One-hundred years in the future, the Earth has become massively overpopulated and genocide has become commonplace. Major world leaders, practically overnight, decide to slaughter the populace by millions at a time. Meanwhile, for the past forty years, an organization known as the Other World Exploration League (OWEL) has taken notice of the overpopulation. For hundreds of years, there has been a search for the closest inhabitable planets. However, seeing the holocaust before them, OWEL decides to call on those that have been specifically selected for colonization missions. These people range from a multitude of professions and body types to help aid the complete and thorough colonization on the future planets. Multiple spacecrafts are thus sent out of Earth's atmosphere, carrying roughly one-million men, women, and children each. These spacecrafts are sent to the most habitable of the planets that were pre-selected. Planet-X427 was one of them. The planet is, over the course of three-hundred years, colonized to a good fourth of its entire landmass. As opposed to expanding outward into the unknown, they have chosen to expand upwards. The settlement is separated into two levels (one levitating above the other.)

    The upper level is primarily reserved for industrial and major commercial industries. The lower level, the level on the ground, is reserved for smaller shops (restaurants and such) and residential zones. The town is very cyberpunk themed and is very energy-efficient due to centuries of innovation. Twenty years prior to the setting, a mostly invisible substance in the air known as Manaridium (nicknamed mana) has been discovered by chemists. The manaridium is able to be condensed into pure energy through a casting device and it is able to take the form of whatever the user's mind desires.

    These devicec takes the shape of a simple armband with a small port in the front, it looks similar to a camera lens, and sucks in manaridium. The manaridium is synthesized within the casting device and is projected outwards into whatever the caster chooses. For instance, it could come out in a fiery orb. Or, in more constructive means, it could take the shape of a platform. The possibilities are quite literally limitless. The big part of this role-play is the conflict over the manaridium usage. The government has banned any extraordinarily dangerous methods of casting from being used, and has put limitations on casting devices. Many citizens are not happy and have formed rebel groups to go in spite of this order. It is a true ideological struggle.

    Emerging into the Unknown
    Status: [OPEN]
    Slots Filled: [0/2]
    Tags: Action/Sci-Fi/Romance (potentially)/Military

    This is a role-play that will require tons of character development and will start early in our characters' lives. The characters have lived underground in a vault. This is another colonization attempt made by the same OWEL group in the X-427 role-play. This is a case when one of the ship's navigation systems completely fails in the spacecraft and sends a group of colonists into a very hostile planet. However, it's still safe for humans to wander (it has oxygen in its atmosphere and a healthy pH level in its water.

    The colonists leave their spacecraft and explore the planet. The native inhabitants of the planet watch the colonists from afar. After days of observation, the natives launch an attack and destroy a small chunk of their population (roughly a quarter or two). The colonists are forced to flee back to the spacecraft. Eventually the natives give up on their attack and retreat to their respective homes. The colonists, unable to stay inside the spacecraft, are forced to retreat into a cave with all of the supplies they could salvage from the spacecraft. From there, they drilled and made an underground vault. Many more humans were lost in valiant efforts to defend against the natives during the drilling.

    It took a total of three months to drill a huge opening for everyone to live collectively. Large steel doors block the exit of the vault in order to keep the natives out, and the good guys in. The inhabitants of this new vault had to leave air pockets so that oxygen could be regulated. For the water situation, everything was recycled through a very thorough water purifier. So, in essence, everyone was drinking their own urine. Any water that was used for gardening, washing, and showering was the same water that was using for drinking.

    The story starts off after the humans have been underground for roughly 300 years. The colonists of this planet have done the exact opposite to those of Planet-X427. Their technology has decreased extraordinarily. However, in some respects, a lot of technology was lost in the innovation of others. Underground farms have been made by replicating the effects of direct sunlight. However, things like weapons and other unnecessary items have either stayed the same or have completely devolved. Many weapons are either basic handguns, or more primitive weapons such as: spears, swords, longbows, and crossbows.
    The two main characters start off in their younger years (5 or 6) and live a small portion of it, and it'll highlight main events. Then, once they enter adolescence, there will be a good skimming of main events much like with the children. Finally, once they reach their late teens and young adult years, they are given a mission. Their mission is to leave the vault and scout the land outside to see how much has changed in the past few centuries and to see if the outside is habitable.

    Resisting Oppression
    Status: [CLOSED]
    Slots Filed: [2/2]
    Tags: Anthro/Military/Romance/Fantasy/Liberteen

    This is an idea that I've had for a long time. In place of explanation, I issue a link that will redirect you to the post in which a little of this is explained. This is a LIBERTEEN ROLE-PLAY.Click Here

    These are just a few things I really like in my partners. It's nothing too big, in my opinion. I think that it's necessary to keep in mind that these are not rules, but merely guidelines to keep order among disfunction.

    -I'm not big on waiting. I like partners that can reply relatively fast. Otherwise, I just get really bored. I like more than one or two replies or day, but if that's just not possible....I understand. ^-^ I can get anywhere from 1-5 posts a day depending on what kind of day it is.

    -PLEASE use proper grammar to the best of your abilities. Mistakes here and there are fine. Nobody is perfect, obviously, but keep mistakes to a minimum.

    -I like my partners to match my post length, and I promise I'll try to do the same. If you just can't match me, tell me, I'll be understanding. Also, if I just know that it's unrealistic to match my partner, I'll tell you.

    -Be willing to talk to me? I enjoy talking with my partners and getting to know them, and it makes me feel uncomfortable role-playing with someone and I feel awkward when I want to bring up something in the role-play with them. Regardless, I'm very approachable and I don't mind talking with people over outside mediums such as Skype, just ask me :D.

    ~Final Note~
    I hope that all the guidelines above are not too daunting I look forward to role-playing with anyone who will tolerate me ;P. role-playing is one of the few outlets that I have for my creativity, so I like to have tons of partners at once so please don't hesitate to contact me! On a final note, I look forward to role-playing with you. ^_^
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  2. I'm still looking ^^
  3. -raises hand slowly- I'm interested
  4. Send me a PM :D
  5. I'm still looking ^^!
  6. I'd be interested in something romantic and magical. Maybe sci-fi if you have plots. Also I PMed you.
  7. I'm interested in the first plot.
  8. Then PM and we'll set something up :)
  9. I like the action, romance, SciFi mash up :D
  10. The Half A World away one :3
  11. Well, the roleplays are on a first come first serve and I have a potential second partner for that roleplay which means it would be closed soon. I have to do this to be fair, but I'll let you know if it doesn't work out.
  12. I haven't gotten any responses from my other partner, so I suppose I still have that opening if you're interested!
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