Summer's Dream

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    Nightie glanced around at the group around her, all passed out in what seemed to be a peaceful slumber. The twinkling of lights in the branches of the trees drew nearer to her and she realized that the clearing was actually quite dark. The smell of earth and growing things mingled with the scent of a playful summer breeze coming somewhere from between the trees. Nightie edged her slender neck higher into the air, the heady smell enchanting her senses. There was another smell, unidentifiable, like lightning if its perfume could be bottled. Nightie felt anxious and tense, her eyes flicking from tree to tree, unable to make out any solid forms except for the trees, and yet it felt as though there were eyes lurking just out of sight, watching her and the others.

    Nightie tried to reason with herself and think of some way this could have happened. Something must have happened, the shop keeper had thrown them out perhaps? Bad coffee? Drugs? Trying to think back, all Nightie could remember was, faintly, his jeer. Something about sevens and playing. Nightie kneeled next to the nearest person and gently shook them. She needed company, someone to force her mind to be logical. She couldn't help but notice that the small pinpricks of light, so much like fireflies, were getting closer. A small cluster, like a cloud of stars, was approaching with the most speed. Nightie tried to breathe deeply but the air caught in her throat and she let out a strangled cry.

    Instantly, with the noise, the dots of light ceased their inching forward and flitted some ten feet off the ground near the branches of a tree thick with leaves. Nightie backed away from them and tripped over another person.

    "Ooof!" she squeaked. This whole affair was becoming embarrassing and Nightie wanted nothing more than someone to come and take over, rescue her and drag her to safety. The flashes of light grew brighter, larger. A chattering seemed to emanate from the lights now, more of a whispering babble than real speech. The lush green grass around Nightie's small sandals tripped her up as she backed away and she fell again, this time onto her back where the icy dew collected there beaded on her skin and soaked her thin dress. She wanted to wake up, to open her eyes and this was all a terrible dream.
  2. It be time to kill poor Hadrian.
  3. Elsa groaned from her spot on the ground, SOMEONE had stepped on her and she wasn't pleased about that. She was having such a nice dream too. She opened her eyes and sat up, looking at the strange landscape that surrounded her and some of her classmates, none of which she had really met yet. In fact she was sure that none of them were in her grade, or were they? Only a couple of them were standing and walking around, whereas the rest of them were still laying on the ground, probably asleep.

    It was then that she noticed her surroundings. It reminded Elsa of Alice in Wonderland or a Midsummer Night's Dream. The lights glowing around the glade made it seem warm and inviting but the frosty dark just beyond seemed ominous and looming. I wonder if it's like those dream sequences in movies where if you run off into the blackness you just keep going forever, or pop out on the other side of the clearing after running only a few feet...I might try it if I can find some rope or...oh yeah! The others! Elsa's mind buzzed about with thoughts as she stepped over to the ones that were standing.

    "Um, excuse me, do any of you guys know where we are?" She looked around slowly, shrugging and running over to a tree, attempting to climb the branches, ignoring the fact that her heeled boots probably weren't the best for this sort of activity. "Maybe we can see something from up here!" She yelled behind her to nobody in particular.
  4. "It seems I passed out while drinking, again," Vincent noted as he tried to prop himself up. He was no stranger to things like this, but he was bewildered to find himself with a group of other students in the middle of a dark forest.

    Vincent checked his pockets for anything that's missing, there was none. "That's strange, I wasn't mugged... Was I raped?" he chuckled slightly and checked if he still got his clothes on.

    "Heh, just as I thought," Vincent propped himself up a tree and stood up, "There's no way that would happen, even in a dream such as this seemed to be."

    "Um, excuse me, do any of you guys know where we are?" a voice asked. It was from Elsa, a preppy girly-girl who seemed to be as clueless as she is annoying.

    "No, I would expect you to have more of an idea than I am though," Vincent barely stopped himself from remarking.

    He surveyed his dark surroundings. It's obvious that they're in the middle of some forest, or perhaps a grove. That's all. Other than that, they're completely and literally in the dark. From a corner of the clearing, he caught a glimpse of this Elsa desperately trying to climb up a tree--in some fashionable jeans (or whatever they call fashionable) and high heels.

    "What the hell is she trying to do? Climb a tree?" Vincent laughed inside, "Nice idea, but I doubt...."

    "Maybe we can see something from up here!" Elsa yelled.

    "Eeeeeey?! She's serious dammit!" Vincent thought as he ran towards Elsa, anticipating her fall.
  5. Liz awoken with her ear-bud's playing just static, the radio station she was listening to was no more. Her blue eye's glossed over, and her hair was slightly damp from the dew on the ground, long with her clothes. She sighed for a moment fumbling around with her little mp3 player turning to other stations, all static. So she turned it off. She must have been one of the last of the few to wake.

    Her eye's wandered to the others, that have woken, they were probably thinking the same thing she was thinking. What happened? Last she had remembered she was drinking her iced vanilla coffee with the others and listening to some music.

    Her ice blue eye's turned to Elsa who was seriously climbing a tree in heel's. 'is she serious' She thought, arms crossed her cardigan slightly damped from the dew. She didn't dare to questioned this girl's antic's for a moment, if she broke a leg she broke a leg. A sigh grew from Liz's mouth and her head tilted, eye's closed and she yawned. She was still very calm about the situation, she knew this dream felt like reality like most of her dream's do, For a moment her eyes narrowed and she had pinched herself.

    "Owe", She muttered, sighing.

    It was real, and maybe a little too bizarre for her own taste.
  6. Marica Kim, Scientist of Astronomy & Geoscience

    As the cryopod slowly opened, a soft sizzling was heard which was accompanied by a layer of cold mist emitting from the pod. Marica slowly stepped out and held onto the side of the pod to make sure she wouldn't fall over like she did the first time when she broke her nose. After she had herself checked out and was given the mark of approval for everything being in order, Marica would move to her lab where she would spend some time doing research.

    However as she did her research she also ran out of some supplies. She went over to the medbay to ask Tavi, the doctor, for these supplies. She arrived in the medbay and overheard A'Llara and Sev talking. She walked in and looked over to Sev first with a playful grin. "Hey I'm still available. Don't think I'm scared of you just because you're bigger." She blew Sev a kiss before looking over to A'Llara.

    "Hey seeing Tavi isn't here, you need to grab some stuff for me. I was busy doing some research but ran out of microscope slides, wet wipes and clean syringe needles. If you grab a bunch of these for me..." Marica put down a bar of chocolate on the table in front of A'Llara. "...then this is yours. Or of course if you want anything else let me know." She would giggle as she opened her lab coat revealing she had her inside pockets stuffed with candy.

    She would look over to Sev again with open coat. "Perhaps something in here that you like? I have pretty much everything on me. Except the birthday cake and cookie dough Kit Kat bars. Those are mine unless you come with a really good offer."

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  7. Alex's eyes shot open. He stayed on the ground and looked around a bit. Trees. Nice.
    He sat up and stretched, noticing that everyone was looking, dumbfounded, at something behind him.
    "What's going o--" He started to say, turning around and almost immediately seeing the odd sight that had emerged from a nearby bush.
    "What the shit taco is that?" He said, wondering if he was still in his dream or not.
  8. Elsa had somehow managed to scramble up a tree to one of the lower branches and sat down on it, just in time to get a glimpse of the girl and the creature that came out of the woods next to the girl.

    "THE HELL IS THAT THING!?" Elsa shouted from up in the tree, pointing clearly at the creature. ]Well if there's things like that in the forest it's probably not best to go out there...but we can't just stay here? What is that girl saying to...Nightingale was it? Well whatever they're talking about that thingy looks like it's totally about to make a snack out of that Nightingale lady... Elsa thought to herself as she adjusted her seat on the branch.

    "Hey you! Cute guy! Why don't you come up here where it's nice and safe?" Elsa smiled, patting the branch next to her and winking at that Alex guy.
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    Nightie stumbled backwards, away from the girl and the... "I think.. I'm pretty sure it's a chimera" she said, breathless, an answer nearly irrelevant to the current events but she was dumbstruck, in awe. And yet, was Faber trying to help them? Nightie near hyperventilated and in her mind, full of words, stems, and conjugations, a sliver of Latin danced around in her mind. She was certain the girl's name was Latin, but what did it mean? She had a feeling that everything would be clear, if she could only remember but her mind seemed to cloud more the harder she tried to recall.

    FRom in front of her, the girl just kept smiling, her eyes devoid of light or warmth. Suddenly, it clicked, and Nightie had to restrain herself from scrambling backwards. She knew what her name meant and she looked warily around to the others, hoping to silently plead for their help and support. The girl in the tree was proving herself to be no help of any kind, and she had a hunch the guy below her wasn't about to be useful either.

    From the bushes, another rustle caught Nightie's attention.


    Her breath caught in her throat and she thanked silently her childhood love of fantasy tales. "A catoblepas..." the body of a bull, covered in scales with a long male concealing its eyes. Said to have a breath of poison, and that any creature who looked in its eyes would meet a swift death. A low rumble signaled its speech.

    "Nebrudian am I. I will guide you through the forest, better I than either of them". The mane of lank brown hair shifted and Nightie inhaled sharply, but the beast merely lowered its head to graze.
  10. Winnifred

    He switches the topic and I become slightly frightened. I can't imagine what he could possible be keeping from me. Or why. My brows furrow in worry. I know I've only known Saka for a few weeks, but I have a feeling he wouldn't keep something big from me. Would he? I don't know. I still feel unnerved. "We can watch a movie." I tell him slowly as I don't want to move from my spot. I am far too comfy right now. I do smile at him, despite my worriedness. "Um...I still have quite a few movies available." I slowly and hesitantly push myself from the bed and go over to pick one out. I just need to distract myself right now.


    "Oh, so it would be a loan you never pay back or asked for?" I ask of him with a small wink. "I'm fairly certain that's still theft my dear." I think back "I can't remember the model. It was a good motorcycle though. He cleaned it up well. Pretty recent model too, I have no idea how he even afforded it." I chuckle softly. "Generally you are supposed to give your life to poverty when you do something like be a priest. But he figured hey, might as well bring some pleasure to kids like Jack." I shake my head "besides, it was a really sweet ride." I chuckle softly "I can just imagine you hacking into the United States government while relaxing and cooling off in the lake. Sunglasses and all." I grin at him. "Oh, a fellow dog lover I see. I think I will become a crazy dog lady at some point in life so I might as well embrace it."


    "Of course I think it. It's true." I admit with a small blush. I don't know how I ended up in such a position where my cheeks could be so freaking warm. I think it's really unhealthy. Can a human being die from blushes? I'm sure there is a disorder out there somewhere. "You are able to keep me happy in this horrible place. I don't know how you do it but you do." I bury my face in my arms "It's a real gift you have to brighten up anyone's day."


    I chuckle softly "Okay I can't guarantee I'll last a decade without a hug." I tease her, holding her still. I do glance up to see her face is red and I chuckle as I tighten my grip slightly, still being gentle as I hug her. "Maybe I'll give one on an annual basis to be fair."
  11. Elsa scrambled down out of the tree and landed with a soft thud and she groaned, rubbing her butt. She quickly jumped to her feet and charged over to the creatures and let a kick forward, stopping inches from the multi-headed thing. All in all it was rather impressive because the heels seemed to be natural on her and the grace wasn't lost in the kick nor the running.

    "If you don't leave us alone right now and let us figure out what to do on our own okay? Ya creepy little freaky things!" Elsa said, holding perfect form for the kick. "Si nous allons dans le foret je pense que nous trouvons quelquechose miere d'ici." Elsa sprouted off, lowering her foot and looking to Nightie, "Ya know?" She asked, assuming she knew what she had said.
  12. Katherine remained silent after helping Nightie up, simply nodding. However, suddenly taking her attention was a strange girl, who began talking. Nightie seemed to be tense as Faber, the presumed Chimera, appeared before them. The thing was rather hideous, as if a bunch of animal parts had been taken off and spliced onto a mass of cells. Katherine was somehow intrigued however when a scaled creature with a mane of long brown hair appeared in the shade.

    Katherine noticed Nightie becoming more nervous, as if looking at the thing meant instant death. Katherine, feeling somewhat nervous as well, kept her eyes planted on her feet, as if they were of more significance than the creature that was talking to them.

    "Nebrudian am I. I will guide you through the forest, better I than either of them". The mane of lank brown hair shifted and Nightie inhaled sharply, but the beast merely lowered its head to graze.

    Katherine merely nodded at Nebrudian, or whatever the thing was called, before turning her attention to the rather spunky girl in heels who ran at the creatures, stopping just short of kicking the chimera.

    "If you don't leave us alone right now and let us figure out what to do on our own okay? Ya creepy little freaky things!" Elsa said, holding perfect form for the kick. "Si nous allons dans le foret je pense que nous trouvons quelquechose miere d'ici." Elsa sprouted off, lowering her foot and looking to Nightie, "Ya know?" She asked, assuming she knew what she had said.

    Is she crazy? Katherine couldn't help but ask as she looked at the young lady, who seemed ready to get in a fight with a bunch of creatures that would most likely easily overpower her. Not like I can stop somebody I hardly know from getting into a fistfight with a bunch of things that may not even be real, Katherine thought as she continued to observe next to Nightie.
  13. Liz looked in awe at the creatures, she heard of them from fairy tale's and story books. Her blue eye's widened as she quickly looked down, for a moment she actually felt she can trust these creature's. Maybe they did fall asleep in the forest, and this dream was real. But ether way she believed it and them. Heck, Liz almost believed anything.

    She nodded her head with Nightie's response, she completely agreed, the group needed to stay together, especially in a forest like this. She looked over at Elsa who was about to kick the creature's.

    "I think... They're trying to help us..", She shot a look at Elsa who was about to kick them.
  14. Samael

    I’ll turn myself in when you gain some better looks, darling! Sooooo, never really.” Samael called back, swinging himself up onto the roof. He wasn’t an idiot. He knew that three of them had been following, and only two had been climbing after him. This meant that the third had either fallen behind significantly, or he was circling around back to cut him off. A bit of a challenge, but nothing he couldn’t handle. Probably.

    Cracking his neck and giving a quick stretch, he readied himself for his next trick. A disappearing act for the ages.

    Clo and her little guard dog came clambering onto the roof after him, and he grimaced at the sight of the shotgun. “Come on, that’s just cheating. You can’t give a guy without a gun a break?” He was walking backwards towards another edge, the occasional glance behind him to be sure he didn’t fall off. “Listen, I’d love to keep my ass on the line and hang around with you and your two Guiserchima-see-Guiserchima-do’s, but I’m pretty sure if i do - you guys aren’t the only thing that’ll be hanging around me at the end of the day.

    With that, he turned tail and attempted to leap from the roof and... onto anything else that he could. Another roof? Some banner hanging randomly?? Anything???


    Picture of a Guiserchima:

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    Nightie wanted to warn them, but the catlobepas seemed to be nonthreatening, keeping its eyes hidden behind the mane. Elsa spoke rapid French, to which Nightie's ears perked. "Attendez, attendez. Ce doit être une forêt magique. Sans les bêtes, vous pourrez flâner jusqu'à la mort!" Turning back to the creatures before her, Nightie looked at them all apprehensively. "What would you take in return for guiding us away from the forest?" she inquired, her mind working rapidly at possible solutions.

    She faintly heard yelling, and saw a man run off. So much for sticking together. Sticking out her lower lip thoughtfully, she waiting for a response from the creatures.

    "I ask for one soul. You can easily donate to me any soul among you..." Vomica replied sweetly.

    "My price? One of you, to entertain me forever.." Faber growled. "Better than forfeiting a soul, I'll let you live".

    Nebrudian spoke slowly, deliberately. "Nebrudian desires to play a game. If Nebrudise loses, Nebrudise will follow your every command. If the humans lose, Nebrudian will kill and devour everyone here".

    Nightie's eyes widened, and she glanced at all of them. To the girl near her, who had helped her up, she whispered "I believe.. they must have.... faerie blood. Faeries are bound to their word, aren't they?"

    Nightie silently concocted a plan. "What is your game, Nebrudian?"
  16. Winnifred

    He strokes my back as to calm me down and with one final sniffle I manage to get my breathing back to normal. “I wanted to tell you at some point. I just didn’t figure it would come up this way...” I shake my head and I smile my thanks up at him as he wipes away any tears that might have escaped my eyes. With a sigh I rub my eyes and glance to him with apologetic eyes.

    "Don't apologize dear." I try and smile as I wrap my arms around him and give him a brief squeeze. "I am in a much better place now. Besides, I can't do anything to change the past. My only regret was accusing someone of something they probably did not commit." I frown. Oh dear, I am suddenly glad the police didn't agree with my statement. That would have been messy. The poor woman of my wicked, wicked aunt.

    Oh well. It would have been funny at the very least to see her panic at the proposition of even doing something so sinister. Oh, how she hates to get her dainty hands dirty. I eventually let go of him, although it takes longer than I expected it to. "Um...I wish I could have told you sooner. I was just nervous about it."


    Again I give his shoulder a squeeze. I wonder if he was in trouble for anything. It would probably make sense, considering we may or may not have done a few illegal things. Oh well. I didn't break any of the nuns rules, so I am alright and probably won't burn in hell for help hacking a system. I don't think so anyway. I swallow. Hehe, I guess I might need to do some confessions soon eh?

    "It's gonna be alright buddy." I smile at him and ruffle his hair as he talks on the phone

    Oh let me at the person who wants to punish our dreamboat...

    Jack relax. You aren't going to get defensive over everyone attractive, are you?



    If anyone hurts dreamboat, four eyes or farm girl I am going to have a freaking heart attack. I probably will kill someone, and oh boy will I embrace the victim of the scenario.

    Jack...I really don't understand you.

    I don't understand me either, I just go with the flow.

    And that flow is be attracted to anything that moves?

    That's right!
    He laughs in my head and I grimace. Again, he's a pain.

    "Er. maybe I could be your defense?" I offer to him, my head tilting.


    I. notice her start to fall asleep and I get a little nervous. Oh goodness, what do I do? Do I keep reading or do I cuddle up next to her and let myself dream? I release a sigh and decide to go with the first option, reading until I know she is asleep, or at least very close. I close the book and I make sure she is neatly tucked in. I don't dare move.


    I hang up and stuff the phone back into my jacket pocket. I really did miss the sound of my own mother's voice. I shake my head dismissively and head back out to go find Violet. When I do spot her, I slide down next to her and place my hand over her hair. "Hey there my little flower. Sorry if I took a little while." I smile sweetly at her and rub the back of my head. "My mother is a bit of a chatter box. That's not a bad thing in the slightest, but that usually means conversations with her can last a long, long time." I chuckle softly at my own family's antics. I truly did love them, but I sometimes wondered where all my genetics came from. I was not like either of them at all.
  17. I sort of also want Helen's bros to get in on the action, because I am fairly certain they've already beat the shit out of him
  18. [SIZE=-2] "Attendez, attendez. Ce doit être une forêt magique. Sans les bêtes, vous pourrez flâner jusqu'à la mort!" Nightie fired off quickly. Elsa was excited that someone else could speak French but then the words settled in and then she realized what Nightie had said and was stunned.

    "Vraiment? Une foret magique? C'est pas possible...mais le petit fille est une sorciere?" She shook her head and looked at the little girl, "At very least she could wear better clothing..." Elsa scoffed before walking back over to where she had woken up, picking up her purse, listening to the creatures speak.

    "A game? Games can be fun? Like Project Runway and all that!" Elsa cooed, practically skipping back to Nightie's side but instead bumping into a girl muttering about the creatures. "Oh I'm sorry!" She smiled widely and continued, stopping next to Nightie and crouching down, inspecting the girl's dress with her eyes. Guh-ross, it's like it came from the twelve-hundreds...

  19. Hmmm...the Fourniers would be searching for either Colette Fournier or Quinn Harvey. It would be a bit delayed for them to figure out Quinn's third named change to Quinn Kimberly. So, it would actually be beneficial if Carrie adopted her. However, I imagine they'd find out eventually. It just gives them more time to prepare I guess.

    *Helps with pushing Cyrus* SHE AIN'T GONNA BITE GOSH DANGIT!
  20. Aurora

    I walked in to my new workplace. I was lucky enough to actually get a job here as a barista. looking around at the different coffee's and flavorings i easily got confused but i was starting to get hang of it. I looked at my hands and made sure my gloves were on. They didn't like that i barely talked while working but i didn't want to accidentally freeze everything around. It was weird living something of a semi normal life compared to what i had lived through most of my life.