Summer Vacation

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  1. Patch slammed shut the door of his white Toyota pickup and tossed his backpack onto the worn passenger seat. His mind was flowing with words from the recent arguement with his mother. She wanted him to go visit a relative for the summer so she could have some alone time with another new boyfriend. Patch rolled his eyes at the thought. She went through boyfriends like they were candy. He put the car into gear and hastily backed out of the driveway. He glanced down at the directions once more and guessed it would be roughly two hours until he arrived at his Aunt Jen's house.
    As the pickup rolled onto the highway he tried to relax a bit and shrug off the tension in his body. The fights always got to him no matter how many times he said it didn't. He rolled down the windows letting the cool summer breeze refresh his mind as it rushed through his dark tousled hair. He took a deep breath and focused on getting out of town.
    He pulled up to a set of shabby apartments. "What a surprise she lives here," Patch murmered to himself. He slid on his pack and walked up to room 107. He knocked four times and waited a minute. No answer. He knocked again and still not a sound. What a shame. Patch slid back into his car and pulled out onto the main street. I'll just have to find a decent hotel. He drove around the plain looking town looking for a place to stay. He swiftly pulled his pickup up to the first passable hotel. As he walked in he noted the grimy windows and holes in the lobby chairs. It wasn't exactly a sparkling town. Patch approached the scruffy man working the front desk and asked for a room. The man promptly handed him a key to room 203 on the second floor.
  2. Evelyn slid down the railing of the hotel stairs into the lobby, Raul right behind her.
    "Come on! You can't leave me like this!"
    "Watch me."
    "No, Eve! Don't go." He grabbed her wrist, pulling her into his arms. "It won't happen again, I promise."
    "You're promises aren't worth shit, just like you," she spat back, pushing him away. He winced at her words.
  3. Patch strode towards the hotel stairs. His attention shifted to the people there. He hesitated for a second. His eyes went instantly to the girl and then flashed to the boy. Then he continued casually to his room. Once out of sight he paused on the stairway to listen in.
  4. "Please, Eve... Please," he held her even closer, then rubbed his nose against her cheek.
    "Don't you dare, Raul," she hissed in a low, angry voice, then tried to pull away. "Let go of me, you bastard!"
    "You can't do this to me." His grip tightened.
    "Ow! I said let go of me! You're hurting my arm!"
    "You can't Eve, I love you." he spun her around, then kissed the back of her neck.
    "Raul! Stop!"
  5. Patch stiffened as he heard the yells of the girl. He climbed back down the stairs to find the boy forceably holding her. Patch glared at him as he walked down the steps to beside the two people. Patch met his dark obsidian-like eyes at the boy's, "You might want to let her go, now."
  6. Raul turned to Patch.
    "Who the hell do you think you are?" he glared at him, "Getting into people's business is a serious mistake, kid."
    "Raul don't do anything stupid, he was just worried about me."
    "Why would he need to do that!?" his head snapped back to Eve.
    "I think anyone would have been! You were acting like a fucking monster!" she shouted back.
  7. Patch took a moment to think over the boy's words. "Let the girl go and I'll leave you alone," Patch replied in a low slightly bitter tone, "You're right but she is obviously upset and I'm not going to let you push her around like that." He flashed his gaze to the girl and softened his expression slightly, " It's not right."
  8. "I'll show you 'not right' you little runt!" Raul growled, then shoved Patch against the railing of the stairs. Eve quickly got between them.
    "Raul, ok. I won't leave you," she calmly spoke into his ear. Raul stepped back, a smile on his face.
    "I knew you'd come through, Babe," he pulled her into a rough kiss, gave her a pat on the shoulder, then glanced at Patch.
    "Nice meeting you, kid," he smirked without kindness then hopped down the remaining stairs.

    Eve just stood there motionless, her eyes glued to the floor the entire time.
  9. Patch mutterd something unintelligent under his breath and then went to face Eve. She didn't look up. In a low cold whisper he said, "You didn't have to do that. I would've been fine." Patch glanced over in the direction Raul left. He said in a slightly softer voice, "I'm sorry..." Patch looked down and his thoughts flooded with what Raul could have done to that girl. Raul seemed like the type of guy that pushed girls around, and people like that ticked Patch off.
  10. "Are... are you ok?" Eve asked, her voice almost inaudible. Idiot! He shouldn't have gotten in the way like that! She thought angrily, but her face stayed emotionless. A talent she had developed over the past few months.
    "Please, it was my fault. I'm sorry you got into that mess," she bowed her head slightly.
  11. Patch nodded his head, "It's fine, no big deal." He looked into her eyes, "The question is are you going to be alright? I know I don't know you but I don't want you to end up getting hurt." In Patch's eyes laid some sort of sympathy behind the darkness. He had a strong desire to get her away from that guy. That kid is a flat out jerk...He could hurt her. Patch choked on the thought.
  12. She knew what he meant, but shook it off quickly.
    "No, no! I'm fine! He's just one of those jocky guys you know? He's really sweet actually," she gave the stranger a big, fake smile, then started up the stairs.
    "Well, it was nice to meet you... uh..."
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