Summer time madness! (fandoms and original pairings)

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  1. Hello all!

    My exams end on the 17th of June, and I'm pumped to be free from school obligations and to be able to RP! So I want to wipe the slate here and start over - so I'm ready to at least discuss ideas.​

    Important information:
    • Only people 16+ please!
    • You must reply at least twice a week, once a week is fine if you're busy (I understand)
    • OOC chat is much preferred, it lets me understand what you want from the RP better and I just generally like making new friends!
    • We both have to plot and develop the RP together, I feel like in all the RPs I've been in, I've done most of the work (and like, all of the first posts lol). I know that's partly because some of them are my ideas, but it would be nice not to have the RP world on my shoulders.
    • Your spelling and grammar must be of a good standard.
    • All replies must be at least 1-2 detailed paragraph, preferably more as I'm more likely to give you 3-6 paragraphs.
    • I will play both males and females.
    • I will do MxF and FxF pairings, you have to convince me for MxM.
    • I do expect you to double in some cases.
    • I expect NPCs to be used.
    • Your character must have a semi-detailed character sheet, and I don't accept anime pictures.
    (key = (c) will play canon characters, (o) will play OC characters and/or a complete OC cast, (i) got general plot ideas for this, if there's a little * it means I'm fancying doing this RP)
    • Doctor Who (c)(o)(i)*
    • Torchwood (c)(o)*
    • Downton Abbey (o)
    • The Lion King (o)(i)
    • Harry Potter (o)
    • Pokemon (o)
    A quick note on Youtubers. Below are a list of people I like and who I'd be willing to play ONLY if you play one for me in return.
    Show Spoiler

    • Carrie Hope Fletcher
    • Pete Bucknall
    • Dan Howell
    • Phil Leicester
    • Felix Kjellberg
    • Ethan Klein (h3h3 productions)
    • Hila Klein (h3h3 productions)
    • Phillip DeFranco
    • Shane Dawson

    Ask about fandoms, there are a few more than this, these are just the ones I really feel like (bear in mind I don't do game or anime fandoms)

    Original Pairings
    (key = (i) got a plot or a small idea for this)
    • Celebrity x Fan (i) preferably FxF, can double
    • Teacher x Student preferably MxF, can double - can only do if willing to set it in England/Wales school system
    • Young single parent x Older divorcee (i) preferably FxM
    • Superhero x Superhero no preference, other characters would be involved, can double
    • Member of Parliament (MP) x Assistant/PA preferably MxF, can double - can only do if we set in Britain
    • Time Traveller x 2016 preferably FxM but other pairings would be fine
    Hit me up on ideas that include the following:
    • Modern/slice of life (no complete fluff)
    • Historical
    • Light sci-fi
    • Fantasy
    • Post-apocalyptic (not zombies)
    Feel free to PM me!
  2. I'm super open to working on a FxF with you if you're interested. PM me- I promise I don't bite!
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