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  1. A group of teenagers who have never met each other... never even went to the same school, are forced into the same summer school. They may think it is a drag but really it is a wonderful life experience...
    -My Character Info-
    Name: Snow Rene Night
    Age: 17
    Height: 5'6''
    Personality: Mysterious, Tough, Sarcastic, Can get pretty goofy and hyper at times. Smart (except in Math), open-minded and pretty outgoing.
    Looks: Very beautiful, has long black hair, deep purple eyes, fair skin, high cheek bones and full pale-pink- colored lips. ((Also look at the picture below if you want a better image of her. She looks exactly like this and even wears the same thing on the first day on school))
    Extra Info- She loves ice skating! She is a real pro!
    Snow sighed. She couldn't believe it! She could be spending her whole summer hanging with her friends but NOOOOO! She had to go to stupid summer school because she failed math. Once she got to the school she put her purple and black motorcycle into park. She glared at the school. Eventually her face softened and she sighed, "...Lets get this over with..." she said to herself. Then she walked into the small building.

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  2. ((Hey I will just put up my CS for right now. I am going to wait for more people to join this RP! I will also try helping you get more people in this RP! :D))
    Name: Blu Night
    Age: 17
    Height: 6'3''
    Personality: Rebel, Mysterious, Sarcastic, Short tempered, Stubborn, Tough.

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  3. [​IMG]
    Name: Kota Haruno
    Age: 17
    Height: 6'2
    Personality: MMA fighter, Calm, Quiet,
    Extra Info-He is a trained swordsman
  4. ~Name:~​
    Jenny Willow​
    Quiet, reserved, inner party girl​
    ~Extra Info:~​
    Jenny is in summer school because she travels around a lot with her father's work as a hotel executive, so she has to go to it in order to keep up with her age-group's grade.​
    Jenny has a scar under her left eye(mirror perspective), though she is never quick to tell anyone the source of it.​
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  5. ((Thanks guys! ^_^ I think we can start now!))
  6. Name: Takehito Yamazaki
    Age: 17
    Height: 6'0
    Personality: Playful, energetic, Athletic, kind, loving, shy, surprisingly smart
    Extra Info-He doesn't want anyone to know he's a rich kid or that he's in summer school just to escape his life style. He lives on his own.
    Takehito's alarm went off two hours early, but he was already awake staring at the ceiling with a smiling on his face. Today was his first day of normal summer school. No snobby rich kids just the common folk. He took a deep breath and hit the snooze button and started his daily routine. He wanted to make sure that his first impression was a good one. He slathered peanut butter on toast and grabbed his bag before heading out. Since it was so early the bus ride was quiet and quick. He spent the time doodling in his notebook, almost missing his stop in the process.

    The school was much smaller than what he was use to. As he walked through the hall he examined every inch and read almost every sign and billboard. This was exciting. He had picked such a homely summer school. He pulled out his schedule and headed to his math class.
  7. (I edited my girl a bit, though I just added extra information.)

    Jenny yawned as she woke up in the hotel room she would be staying in for the summer, one of the rooms of a hotel that was in her father's company's hotel chain. She looked around a bit with a sigh and slipped out of bed, going through her morning routine of showering and brushing her teeth, getting dress, and then going downstairs for whatever breakfast this hotel happened to serve. She had her bag over her shoulder as she nibbled at a waffle, going to the nearest bus stop and getting a ride.

    Once she got to the stop that led to the school, she stepped off, noticing a boy who got off with her. She didn't pay too much attention to him, though, as she didn't know him in any way and she knew she wasn't the best at making friends, especially since she moved around a lot and often just forgot them after about a month. She looked around as she got into the school, pulling out the schedule she'd gotten from the office the day before and heading to her first class of the day, and her favorite. Algebra.
  8. Blu grumbled as he sat up from his bed. He looked at the clock and sighed. May as well get ready, he thought. He got up, got dressed and headed out the door. It didnt take long for him to get to the school. He was surprised about how small it was but then shrugged it off. He walked into the school.
  9. Girls...naked girls everywhere surrounding him in this king sized bed, just the best life a boy could wish for. But then a cold feeling rushed his body and a hard hit to the head caused him to wake up immediately from his lovely dream and be layed on the cold old dust covered wooden floor with his bed on top of him, A man who was obviously drunk stood there looking down at him " Get up you lazy ass bum " Kota stood up slowly rubbing his head the man grabbing him by the arm and looking him in the eyes " I dont know why your so fucking happy boy " Kota was still smiling and said " Because fuck you " He shoved the guy off him and out the door closing it. The man stood outside the door yelling as Kota got dressed and walked towards the window, He grabbed his car keys off his table. He owned a old camero which had a bit of rust on it, getting his license early was the best idea of his life. He opened the window when he heard " YOU BETTER NOT SKIP SUMMER SCHOOL" Kota looked back and said " Of course dad " his dad bum rushed the door and Kota had already leapt down to the floor below into a bush. He rolled out the bush and ran over to the car and climbed inside. Screeching out the drive way and heading towards school.

    Once he reached the school he got out his car and walked through the halls towards the class people giving him the usual awkward look since he was very quiet
  10. Snow turned her attention to the guy in the door way, she didnt awkwardly stare at him like the rest of the student. She just simply looked at him and smiled slightly.
  11. He smirked as he entered the classroom and found his seat in the corner, were he put his hand in his head and closed his eyes. The not wanting to be here part was the main reason he was more than less pissed off, but also he is stuck in a room full of people he doesn't know...and he doesn't want to get angry either.
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    Takehito peeked into the room scanning the crowd the rechecked the class number. Yep, it was the right classroom and for the next few weeks he would be with these people. He walked in and sits in the middle row window seat. There was a nice view of a small field surrounded by forestry, and the light form the sun was invigorating. He pulled out his notebook and started to sketch trees.
  13. Waiting for the teacher to come in, Snow decided to play a little game in her head to pass the time. Figure out which guy she thought was the cutiest. She scanned each boy then her eyes landed on Takehito. She smiled and thought, 'Yes, definatly him.'
  14. Takehito felt that someone was looking at him. He stopped sketching and turned to scan the read and saw Snow. He smiled handsomely and gave her a little wave.

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  15. Crap! She thought. She managed to keep a straight face but she could feel her cheeks burning, she knew she was blushing. She chose to ignore it and gave him a smile and a wave back, she also added, "Hi, I am Snow."
  16. "Hi, I'm Takehito. You have a beautiful name." he complimented, "Are you from around here?"
  17. Blu was the last one (well besides the teacher) to get into the class he looked around the classroom and smirked. Then his eyes drifted to Jenny. He casually took the seat next to her, "Hey." he said simply.
  18. Jenny had sighed as she got into her class, sitting down at the middle window seat. Not up front to be called on all the time, nor far back to be considered a trouble maker. She leaned back in her chair a bit, looking out the window with a small sigh. She paused when she heard a voice and she turned her head, blinking a bit when she saw Blu. She hugged her bag to her chest lightly before quickly looking away, lowering her head a bit. "H-hey..."
  19. Snow smiled, "Thanks!" she said and she took the seat next to him, "And to answer you question yes I am. What about you?"
  20. "I just moved here a few weeks ago. I'm from England." he said telling part trues. He didn't live in England to most of his childhood but he was born in Italy his parents favorite vacation spot, "What classes are you here for?"
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