Summer Romance (m/m)

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1. I only write male/male relationships
2. I'm a bottom during sex, but outside of that my characters aren't usually very submissive
3. I want fairly literate partners, meaning good grammar and punctuation
4. I usually write 3+ paragraphs, depending on what I have to go off of
5. I don't do bathroom play, vore, furries, futa, mpreg, or tickling/feet fetishes. Other than that, anything is up for grabs! We can add all the drama, angst, and plot twists you want~

Summer Romance

YC grew up in a big city his entire life, but when his mother gets a job offer in a small midwestern town she moves the family there at the beginning of the summer. Being the new kid is always tough, especially when you’re bookish and not the most suave person on the planet. Luckily, he is uncharacteristically good looking which has helped him stave off bullying. A few days after moving in, he hears about a party the local teenagers are throwing in a barn around the outskirts of town. Deciding to try to start anew and break out of his shell, he goes. Amongst the loud music, dancing, and booze he starts to feel rather uncomfortable. Then he meets Carson Gori, who somehow manages to get him to start making out with him in a corner.

The next thing he knows he wakes up at home, in his bed, unscathed. With the memories of the previous night still running through his head he’s unsure if it was real or just a dream. Faintly remembering the other boy’s name, he gets on Facebook and looks him up only to realize he’s not only openly gay, but also well known for being an absolute mess. Drugs, alcohol, crazy sex--everything. Not to mention the vast amount of hate on his page. Before he can dig too deep, however, he hears a voice at his bedroom door and looks up to find none other than Carson standing there, grinning.


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