Summer Partner Request (Searching for Partner ; No Plot Inside)

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    The Stitch gif usage is entirely necessary though don't let that fool you!

    Summer vacation has officially begun for me. (I literally finished my junior year today.) And as much as I hate to admit it, I have not been very active when it comes to participating in a role-play or simply being on this fantastic site. I only have one role-play going -- one that has been going on for about three months -- though I feel as if I need to grow a pair and gather some partners! This being said, I do not have any concrete thoughts in mind or wish to role-play anything fandom related at this moment. I'm purely seeking for someone to form an original role-play with. Admittedly, I am going to be a bit selective as well!

    My Requirements
    → Being literate is a must. Though I am not the best writer myself, I do require someone
    that is either at my level or above. (Reading this request should give you a basic concept! The writing sample on my profile is outdated though can be used as an example as well!)

    → Two paragraphs is alright, especially when at a part containing a lot of dialogue, but I would hope that you can dish out more than that. I do love long replies, but it certainly doesn't have to be as long as a chapter in a book. I get stuck on occasions and do understand how difficult it can be to write more than you are inspired to do.

    → You have to be willing to plot and throw in some suggestions/ideas without me prompting you to do so! Basically, I'm asking for someone who isn't entirely passive though can come a compromise if there is something we do not particularly agree on. I love plotting and generally like most ideas.

    → I am not seeking for a role-play entirely based around romance. That means original paring suggestions (AssassinxTarget, VampirexWerewolf, TeacherxStudent, etc) is not something I do or base my ideas off of. I'm certainly not saying romance is forbidden, but it won't be the main theme of the role-play. I would ask that you don't require it to be in role-plays, either -- hopefully preferring a good, juicy plot instead!

    Those are what I consider to be most important! Another thing I ask is that you send me a PM instead of commenting on here!

    If you've gotten this far, then I haven't scared you off! I do understand that reading this could give you the idea that I'm strict or unfriendly though that is certainly not the case! I do compromise and enjoy getting to know and befriending my role-play partners. I would really appreciate it if you gave me a chance! Any extra information you need to know may possibly be found on my profile though it hasn't been updated in a while. My writing has definitely changed since the last time I was on, in my opinion, so my past replies/writing sample may not be up-to-date either.

    If you do have a plot in mind, feel free to share it with me in your first message -- concrete or not! You could just have a setting or a simple theme and we can go from there!

    I do have a nonpersonal Skype that I am willing to share if we know for sure that we are going to role-play that can be used for communication.

    Thank you for reading this and have a good day! I hope to see a message waiting for me from a talented writer!
    (Any questions you have, be sure to ask them in the message. Even if you are not sure if you even want to role-play with me, it's always safe to get those questions answered. And I WILL NOT reply to comments on this post. Strictly PM.)


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  2. Well hello there. xD As a Roleplay addict with nothing better to do {quite literally, being jobless and out of school} I've decided to pop in on your thread and take a look. ^^

    I would consider myself literate, and I can dish out a few paragraphs fairly easy for replies providing my partner does the same, so I don't think we should have too much of a problem if we RPed together. I am also fine throwing things into the Roleplay as well, though I admit I'm still getting used to plotting some before the Roleplay and filling out character sheets. xD I don't mind doing so, however.

    Truthfully I am used to romance being a main theme in my roleplays, however I'd like to try a more plot driven Roleplay for a change as well, cause why not? I actually have an idea, somewhat modified for the comic of it I'm sketching, but I'd love to do the original version in a Roleplay if it peaks your interest at all.


    A scientist, Dr. Shikoba, is the leader of an organization hired by the government to create the ultimate weapon. Whether this is for conquest or defense has yet to be seen. He takes seven young men and women, using them as his guinea pigs for experimentation. Modifying them, both with unique magic fusion techniques / spells and technology, he creates weapons based on the following elements:: Wind, Earth, Fire, Water, Light, and Shadow. These alone, however, are inadequate for what the government wants. So, turning to his last subject, going against what is thought to be physical limits, he attempts to put all the elements and modifications into a single being.

    Surprisingly, the tests are successful. The other six experiments are marked "VOID" and set for death so that they do not become a danger to society. However... it is seen that this last experiment, renamed Zero, is highly unstable. He/She destroys the building, releasing the VOID into the world. Three of them are aggressive, hateful for what has been done to them, and take their vengeance upon the world. The other three however go into hiding, seeking only self preservation as they are all separated. As word spreads of the VOID and Zero however the military becomes involved in a hunt to take them all out.


    Kinda basic, set in a fantasy world with advanced technology, though not leaning into sci-fi. -Shrugs.- I dunno, sorry if don't exactly come off clear. It's getting late for me {at 8:30am... It's about time for bed.} If this plot doesn't interest you don't worry about it too much, cause if you are interested at all we can always find something enjoyable for the two of us. ^^ I'm also fine with doing multiple RPs per person, if desired.

    Anywho, just let me know. :3