Summer of Romance

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    The final bell rings. Finally! Eli thought. He grabbed his stuff and walked out the door. He looks at his surroundings. Bout freaking time! he thought. He sighs and heads to his car.
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  2. Valshe got out of the school building and felt herself be blinded by the bright sun. Her hair lighted up as if it was made of some luminous material and the leather jacket seemed too warm. She sighed. Not like it wasn't her own fault. She liked to wear long pants and jackets so summer was just a pain in the ass. She hated bathing in the sea, she hated the beach, she hated the sun. Maybe she should lock herself up in her room and stay there until it was colder. Yeah, that sounded nice.
  3. Eli took off his coat. It was too hot for it. Eli backs out of the drive way, turns right, and starts driving. Once he sees Valshe, he stops so she could get past.
  4. She sighed softly as she passed the road, her bright red hair practically shining with a purple glow in the sunlight. Really. Too. Damn. Hot. She walked down the street slowly with her hands in her pockets, sulking. She hated summer. Now if she could just get home and hide from the light with her cat and then it'd be fine.
  5. He looked at her out fit. Isnt it to hot for that? He shrugs then drives home. He just plans on training this summer, nothing else matters. Once he gets home he changes into gym short and a white t-shirt. There, much better. He goes outside and trains for a few hours. After the few hours have past, a friend (well kind of a friend) parked by his house. What the-
  6. Elvira Summers parked by the curb outside her mate Eli's house, and leaned back in her seat as she called, "Hey Eli! Wanna go swimming? I am so bored that I will do anything!" She grinned and ran a free hand through her short and fluffy dark brown hair. She had known her friend since they were seven, and to be honest, she had a sort of secret crush on him....
  7. He smirks. "Well hello to you too Elvira" he wipes the sweat off his forehead. He pretends to think, "Hmmm.. go swimming with you, or continue training." he says jokingly and put his hands in front of him, pretending that he is weighing something in both hands. "I have decided swimming." he chuckles and smirks. Then he runs into his house and puts on his swimming trunk leaving his shirt on for right now, then comes back out, hopes in through the passenger window. "Ready." he laughs. He has known Elvira for quit some time now... She is the only one that knows his secret. She is the only one he will allow to see his goofy side. He has always had feelings for her... but he decides to keep that to himself. He looks at her hair. "Hey." he messes up her hair and laughs, "Whats up with your hair?"
  8. Valshe headed home to drop off her bags and take off the jacket. She looked at herself in the mirror. Dark red tanktop to match the hair (though she preferred looser shirts, these ones just showed off well... what cleavage she didn't have) and tight fit black jeans, and a pair of leather boots. She looked like a mix between a person going on a date and a potential killer. Creepy. She sighed and looked outside. Maybe it couldn't hurt...? She shrugged and got out to her car, plopping inside. She'd just go to the beach to look. Nothing more. She was certainly not going bathing. THINK AGAIN. With a sigh she started the car and began the short drive to the beach.
  9. Eli and Elvira starts driving.
  10. He walked out the school a bit later than anyone, he had got a talking to by one of the teachers, but who cares he was free now. " FINAL FUCKING LLLYYYY! " His fist's in the air, His sleeveless shirt which said come at me bro flowed in the wind. he wore a baseball cap backwards and had a lollipop stick in his mouth, His camo cargo pants held up by a belt but not well held. Wearing some skating shoes he made his way to the parking lot spinning his keys in his hands, clicking the unlock button on the key chain his 1968 Chevrolet camaro beeping. He got in the car and pulled his phone out, looking down at it he had received some text's from friends. He looked at one of them and smiled widely, He shouted and moved a bit in his car. " PARTY TONIGHT! " he sent a text out to everyone in his contact list and took off out the parking lot skidding down the road. He blasted music from his car and smiled sliding on his Aviators. Martin was the party lover but was also very good in school, he came from a sort of rich family and had plenty of friends. He was ready for this freedom to start showing him news ones...and maybe a long lasting lover.
  11. Before she could start the car, she heard her phone buzz and picked it up. There was a text from her friend Martin.
    "Hm... a party tonight, sounds fun."
    She had never been much of a day person, but in the night she could finally give herself some freedom, be who she really loved to be. It was like the dark completely changed her behavior. She did well in school and did have a slightly wide number of friends, but they all knew that she was a creature of the night and she'd sometimes been given the nickname "vampire" due to this. But tonight, she was going to have fun. She was going to give it all she could and get drunk and party all night long until sunrise. She smiled softly as she started the car and drove to the beach.
  12. Elvira stuck her tongue out at him when he made the hair comment. "My hair is fluffy, and adorable, thank you very much." She playfully ruffled up his hair before she started the car up again, and started driving towards the swimming centre. "I can't belive it's summer already - thank goodness! I am going to actually do something worth doing this summer." In previous years, she had lounged around all summer, but she was determined to do something different this time around.

    They pulled up outside the centre soon, and Elvira hopped out of the car, grabbing her bag from the back seat. She had brought her bikini with her already in her bag, and she was so ready for a swim - oh, and also seeing her sexy best mate in his swimming trunks. That was a definite bonus.
  13. "Alright!" He said smiling , "Lets go." he got out and took of his white t-shirt putting it in the car. All his muscles and battle scars are now visible.
  14. Valshe decided against going to the beach seeing as how it was windy and decided on the swimming centre instead. There was also other facilities in the swimming centre, like a gym, a cafe and bowling, even. She'd find something to do in there for sure, hell, maybe she'd even meet someone to talk to. Well, and then there was killing time for when the party started tonight. She replied to Martin that she would show up tonight before putting her phone in her pocket, walking into the swimming centre.
  15. He was at home his feet up on the table and leaning back into his comfy sofa, He was playing video games trying to pass the time. He was in his Black shorts, no socks, and bare chest with his shorter black hair being blown on by a fan. " Im so bored...maybe i should tell someone to come join me... or see what everyone else is doing..." He picks up his phone and runs his hand through his contact's. " Who would chill with me till the party...hmm" He just began clicking everyone i his contact list and sent out another mass text. ' Hey guys im bored..someone come chill until the party " He tossed his phone down once the text was sent his dark basement being lit by the screen and the small bar area in the back. He flinched a bit as he was getting into the video game but laughed a bit to.
  16. Eli's phone goes off and he pokes his head through the car window and grabs it, and looks at it. Its from Constatine. He reads the text message, then messages back, 'Hey man. Elvira and I are at the Swimming Centre. Wanna join us?"
  17. He looked down at his phone and smiled " Fuck yeah i wanna go swimming see you soon " He said in his text. He was up and didn't even bother to put on a shirt he was already wearing shorts and was barefooted. So he slid on some sandal's and was out the door, getting in his car he took off for the swimming centre. After his drive to the swimming centre he was parked out in the parking lot, smoking on a cigarrette before he was to go inside. He thought to himself outloud " These things are going to kill me " He tossed it on the floor once he was done twisting it with his foot. He walked into the Swimming Centre looking for them with a smile on his face.
  18. Elvira headed into the centre, and into the women changing room area. She quickly stripped off her clothes, revealing her navy blue bikini underneath. Once she was ready, she darted out of the changing rooms and dived expertly into the water. The cool water felt so good on her skin that when she surfaced she let out a sigh of ecstasy. She floated on her back along the pool as she waited for Eli to get ready and come out to the pool
  19. Krystal was asleep in her bed, her long black hair in a messed up bun and her blankets kicked to the floor. She roles over to get more comfortable, but then falls over the edge and hits the floor with a loud thud. "Mother freaking... Owwww!" She yells. Krystal then sits up, rubbing her head and looked around her cell phone. She reached up to her night stand and pulled her phone off its charger. Sliding it open she reads two texts from martin, a guy she rarely ever talked to. One about a party, and the other about hanging out. "Why did I even give him my number" she sighed. When Krystal closed the texts, she saw the time. School was already over half an hour ago. "CAN TODAY GET ANY FUCKING WORSE???" Krystal the lays down on the floor, spread out while staring at the ceiling. "Yay for freaking summer".
  20. Eli jumps in the pool making a big splash. The cold water felt good. He stayed under water and swam torwards Elvira, grabbed her foot, and gently yanked it down.