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  2. ((Hey. just so you know i have a guy friend on this RP who will need a girl for this Rp XD))
  3. Really?! Can you tell me? That'd be reeeeaaaally nice if you could.
  4. ((His name is Akuma lol. I dont think he is on right now but I will let him know.))
  5. Thank you! I don't even know you and I can tell your toatally awesome! I thank you again! ^v^
  6. Your welcome :). I just sent him the message and I will message you letting you know what he said. ^_^
  7. «lols XD he is *pats himon the bac*»
  8. Hehe ^.^. Thanks! I feel special now!
  9. you shouldnt XD because im going to hit you witha bumper car» e hits him with the bumper car
  10. Damn! XD
  12. (( ( ._.) DAMN.. XD ))
  13. (Why is my timing so horrible! Everyone is always offline when i'm online! TT^TT)
  14. «all rady told you what it said" XD»
  15. ((I know but this is his first time reading it XD))
  16. Guess what? You guys have a shiny new Out of Character thread! :]

    You can use this for all of your chattering and plot discussions. Please remember that purely OOC posts are not allowed in the In Character areas of the forum!
  17. thanks XD
  18. i know the feling im having it right now im soooooooo bored
  19. ((Oh! Wait? This is her mom? I am lost. XD))
  20. yes iy is keep up XD reread if you have to)