Summer of Horrors

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    Summer Camp Horrors It's just like the usual summer, two kids attend a summer camp, as usual, however everything is about to change. One unfortunate day, hunters invade the camp, there is no way of getting out and everyone is trapped. The campers now become the hunted and they must flee the hunters. However, among those hunters, are two other teens, whether they agree to this game or not is completely to their own accord. A chance encounter, the two teen hunters decide to help the other two campers. The Hunters have now become the hunted along with the rest of the other campers. Ladies and gentlemen, the nightmare begins. Will the kids make it out alive; or die trying?

    Extra Info This is honestly an over all mix of a lot of things. There can be gore, graphic violence, if you would like, there can also be romance involved in this, with some fluff. It all depends on the way things pan out. Welcome to the rp and please enjoy your time.

    Character form
    Appearance: (Real looks or anime, whatever you're comfortable with)
    Age: (16-19)
    Hunter or camper:
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    Appearance: Blonde Hair, Green eyes, and 6'2​
    Name: Noel
    Age: 17
    Personality: Outgoing and quirky. He tends to get on a lot of people’s nerves. He never seems to be mad or down, and he’s always happy. Happy, all the time. But, he does have a bit of a problem. He’s a kleptomaniac, and his favorite thing to take are what he dubbed “shiny” things. Despite his skills, he’s not exactly the brightest light bulb.
    Bio: Ever since he was little, he would steal almost anything from anybody. Although, he had perfected the art of stealing, he’s done it often enough that whenever someone is missing something, they automatically look at him. This had landed him in trouble several times, with the police force and the adults around him. His parents always try to send him to summer camp, in hopes that he’ll lose his impulses.
    Camper or Hunter: Camper
    Skills: Unfortunately, he’s a pro at stealing.
    Likes: Shiny things, Being around people, Being active, Green, Scarves
    Dislikes: Eating, Doing nothing, Reading
    Extra: He has a weird quirk of sometimes stretching out his vowels, like thiiis.

    Appearance: Short Black Hair, Gold Eyes, 5'4​
    Name: Clara
    Age: 18
    Personality: Clara can be cold and calculating. Her eyes are almost never wavering, and she's similar to a cat where it seems as though she's staring straight pass you and into your soul. She's often times studying people's reaction, and is the type to make a research notebook of almost everything. (Like literally. She might even have a notebook where she just has notes about what a person does). Despite this seemingly stalker-ish nature, she does talk to people. She has a sharp tongue and often resorts to sarcasm and belittling.
    Bio: With her parents gone, she grew up with only her and her older sister. But one day, her older sister disappeared. Not wanting to be completely alone, Clara was ready to do anything to find her again. But to do so, she needs money. And what best way to earn money than to be a hunter? Despite that, some of her older sister's "righteous" morals keeps trying to mess with Clara's mind...
    Camper or Hunter: Hunter
    Skills: Analyzing the situation and coming up with plans to solve it. Also has a vast range of trivial knowledge.
    Likes: Reading, Researching, Learning New Things, Books
    Dislikes: Flirty people, Being bored, Any misuse or abuse to books
    Extra: Her preferred weapon is a bow and arrow, but she has a dagger for emergencies close combat.
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