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    Local Places
    Manoa falls :: 5.5miles :: 15 min by car
    Honolulu Zoo :: 5.5miles :: 15 min by car
    Kahala Mall :: 6 miles :: 15 min by car
    Sea Life Park Hawaii :: 17 miles :: 30 min by car
    Honolulu Beach :: 2 miles :: 9min by car
    Wet'n'Wild Hawaii :: 21 miles :: 27min by car
    Honolulu International Airport :: 5.5 miles :: 12 min by car

    Tuesday, June 28, 2016 {Summer} - Honolulu, Hawaii - Around 12pm

    Ali, Liss, Lissa ✈ 19-Mar.14 ✈ Single ✈ Match-Damien ✈ Honolulu, HI
    {X Works Part-Time at a shave ice stand on Honolulu Beach and Part-Time as a Bank Teller College Freshman - Liberal Arts English/Dutch Allergic to Dogs & Jellyfish || Bulimia Nervosa Meizu M1 Note 2011 Jeep Wrangler Renegade Mia || Milo || Princess Peaches}
    Alissa C. Aakster
    {Tagged - Damien/ @Scorpio Queen || Location - Kailani's Shave Ice - Honolulu Beach Boardwalk}

    "What flavor?" the average heighted teen asked her most current customer who happened to be a small girl that couldn't have been more than nine, with frizzy red hair pulled back in pigtails. As she pulled the lever for the orange flavor dispenser, Ali looked up at the old analog clock that hung on the back wall of the shack, ten minutes, then she could grab a cone for herself and go on a quick break. "Hey Kai is it alright if I go off a tad early? I'll just be back early" she promised her 'boss' who also happened to be a good friend of hers. Kailani was a Hawaii native and she was only three years older than Alissa. The two had been fast friends since Lis moved here fourteen years prior and they had started this ice stand about five years ago. Handing the paper cone to the little girl and taking the one dollar and fifty cent payment to put in the register, Lissa thanked her friend when she was given the okay. Filling a cone with cherry flavored ice, Alissa walked out of the shack, looking for a place to sit. She didn't find any empty places on the boardwalk, but she did see a table with just one person. walking over she gave a friendly smile to the young man who looked about her age "Do you mind if I sit here for a few minutes? I've been on my feet since eight this morning" she said honestly, hoping he wouldn't mind as she placed herself in the empty chair.

    Mel, Princess ✈ 16-Jul.8 ✈ Single ✈ Match-Shane ✈ Oxford, MD
    {X No Job 11th Grade Spanish/Portuguese No Health Issues iPhone 6s Plus No Vehicle, No License Max III || Squish || Simon, Lys, Neek || Laros}
    Melody M. Cee
    {Tagged - Shane/ @Scorpio Queen || Location - Honolulu International Airport}

    Upon getting off the plane, Mel couldn't help leaning backwards a bit to stretch her back before returning to her normal, upright position. As she looked around at the familiar scene, Mel was happy to be back at her summer home. Sure, she loved being home in Maryland... but Hawaii was that perfect tropical destination that people always talked about... and she was fortunate enough to spend every single summer here. As she made her way to the luggage carousel, Melody spotted a seemingly familiar face and walked over "Hey, you're from Oxford, right?" she asked, pretty confident with her guess. "I think we live down the block from one another... though I'm pretty sure we go to different school. Shane, right? We met at the block party our neighbors threw last summer" she said lightly, giving him a friendly smile as she grabbed her mom's bag off the conveyorbelt, watching as hers went past. She would have to catch her's and her father's next time... so long as they didn't loose her dad's luggage again.

    Joe, Joey ✈ 18-Jan.24 ✈ Single ✈ Match-Arabella ✈ Santa Monica, CA
    {X Camp Counselor College Freshman - Liberal Arts English/Swedish/German No Health Issues Lemon Duo 525 No Vehicle No Pets}
    Joseph A. Jacobs
    {Tagged - Open || Location - Honolulu Beach}

    Well, this was certainly a rarity. Normally Joe and his twin tried not to dress similarly... especially since people usually couldn't tell them apart when they did. In truth, the boys were fraternal but the only difference in looks between them was eye color. Joseph had the brown eyes like his mom while Laurence had the same blue eyes as their dad. Normally, people had to get to know them before they could truly tell them apart... luckily they didn't have identical personalities. walking through the sand, Joseph stopped about half-way between the clear water and the boardwalk where the stores and ice stands and other tourist attractions were located. He had graduated just three days ago from high school, and his good ol' parents surprised them by whisking them off to Hawaii. dropping his towel on the ground, Joe sat down and just looked out at the open ocean. He had had intentions of renting a surf-board or paddle board since he left his board back home in Santa Monica, but for right now this was just a pleasant, serene scene with some nice scenery both in nature and the people down by the water.

    Laur, Jacobs ✈ 18-Jan.24 ✈ Single ✈ Match-Arianna ✈ Santa Monica, CA
    {X Lifeguard College Freshman - Recreation English/Swedish/German No Health Issues Lemon Duo 321 No Vehicle No Pets}
    Laurence K. Jacobs
    {Tagged - Open || Location - Honolulu Beach}

    This was most definitely the picturesque tropical paradise that people always talked about it. The serene, clear blue waters in front of him and the bustling island city at his back, Laurence smiled as he slid his shades onto his face, taking everything in. This was definitely the type of place he could get used to, and hopefully he would get into the U of the H ... also known more professionally as the University of Hawaii. Unlike his brother who would be attending a community college for two years while he figured out what he wanted from life, Laur had decided he wanted to do something along the lines of personal training, professional sports coach or even, if he was lucky a professional athlete himself. He had been looking into University of Hawaii for a while and finally applied, albeit a bit late, in March after having finally made up his mind.. and desperatly wanting to get away from home and explore. As he looked around, Jacobs tossed his towel down next to his brothers and wandered down closer to the shore.

    Bee ✈ 15-Dec.4 ✈ Single ✈ Match-OPEN ✈ Honolulu, HI
    {X & X No Job 10th Grade Portuguese/Scottish/French/Greek/English Allergic to Chocolate/Cocoa || Faints and Sunburns easily when she overheats Vodafone 555 Blue DirectBikes Moped Dolly || Freckles || Scooter || Magic || Wildfire}
    Bianca L. Mira
    {Tagged - Open || Location - Honolulu Beach}

    -will post later/once she has a match or is interacted with-

    Lei ✈ 20-Dec.2 ✈ Single ✈ Match-OPEN ✈ Honolulu, HI
    {X Part-Time Nanny College Junior - Medicine Portuguese/Scottish/French/Greek/English Allergic to Pollen, Citrus, Rabbits & Shellfish Vertu Ti 2015 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible Venus || Asher || Ace || Royal Dreamer}
    Leila B. Mira
    {Tagged - Open || Location - Kahala Mall}

    -will post later/once she has a match or is interacted with-

    Ro, Rome, Romi, Mo ✈ 16-Nov.2 ✈ Single ✈ Match-Juliet ✈ Barcelona, ES
    {X Surfing Instructor 11th Grade Spanish Allergic to Cats Intex Aqua Power Plus 2009 Jeep Rubicon Dude}
    Romeo L. Perez
    {Tagged - Open || Location - Honolulu Airport}

    As the plane touched down, Romeo pulled his earbuds out of his ears and unattached them from the seat where he was watching the map and listening to some music provided via the flight, He half listened as the stewardess came over the loud speaker again "gracias por volar con Air Iberia ti. Por favor, permanezca sentado hasta que el avión se haya detenido por completo y completo . De todos nosotros en Air Iberia para usted, por favor, disfrutar de su estancia aquí en Honolulu , Hawaii . de recogida de equipajes de puerta de trece años se puede encontrar en el nivel del suelo en el carrusel C." As the plane came to a stop and everyone around them began to fill the isle, pushing one another to get their carry-on items first, The Perez family just waited patiently, climbing out once the initial crowd was gone. They pulled out four suitcases, one per person, and walked off the plane. Though they would be staying for the entire summer, The family was pretty good at packing and always managed to squeeze everything into their two carry-ons. Looking around the airport, Romeo smiled as his brother shoved him playfully. Neither of the young men could wait to get to the beach.

    Thank you for flying with Air Iberia. Please stay seated until the plane comes to a full and complete stop. From all of us at Air Iberia to you, please enjoy your stay here in Honolulu, Hawaii. Baggage claim for gate thirteen can be found on the ground level at carousel C.

    Milo ✈ 21-Aug.3 ✈ Single ✈ Match-Trish ✈ Barcelona, ES
    {X No Job College Junior - Aerospace Spanish No Health Issues Intex Aqua Y2 Pro 2009 Harley Davidson Iron 883 Dudet}
    Emilio F. Perez
    {Tagged - Open || Location - Honolulu Airport}

    -see Romeo's post-

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