Summer Isolated



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[SPOILI]just a couple notes before I start.
1: i have no expectations for this RP whatsoever. I will probably be staring at this page and refreshing it constantly for the next week.
2: I am not one for smut so much (because I'm a little whuss). I will partake in it, but you may notice a major increase of time gaps between my posts during smutty scenes.
3: I don't blame you if you read this and hit the GTFO button immediately (figure of speech, there is no GTFO button I know of).
4: I am 100% straight, so, even though this story may seem fit for girls, the only girls that wil be participating are me and the girls that read the RP when I'm not looking.
5: There are a few parts of "friends" that need to be played, but I don't expect profiles for them.

I think that's it, so feel free to read this and uninstall your browser out of horror. PM me with any questions about the plot.

(excuse the small-ish pic, my computer's a little bitch right now...)

Karen sighed softly as her alarm clock played its usual "BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP". She reached to hit the snooze, and knocked the clock off the nightstand on accident in the process. After the clock fell, the beeping stopped.

"I don't wanna get up!", she whined into her pillow.

Just then, her cell phone rang. After fumbling to get it, Karen answered the "Hello"from one of her friends with, "What do you want?"

"Grumpy this morning, aren't we?", Jack replied. In the backround Stephanie said, "She's always grumpy..."

"What is it?", Karen asked calmly, secretly wanting to yell into the phone that she could hear Steph.

"Okay, so the gang and I were discussing what we want to do this summer. The topic of 'camping' came up, and then Stephie here offered to let us all borrow her rich uncle's island for the summer. You in?"

"You do realize that 'the gang' is you, me and Stephie, right? That's not much of a gang", Karen replied, avoiding the question she didn't want to face at the moment. Getting off her lavender-sheeted bed, she walked into her bathroom and sat on the counter, her back to the mirror.

"Answer the question."

"Sure, I'll go. only if-"

"Yes, yes, your boyfriend is coming too", Jack teased.

"He's not my boyfriend!", Karen insisted.

"Sure...", Jack said in a sarcastic tone, hanging up.

"Jerk", Karen muttered, scooting herself off the counter, her nearly freezing feet touching the purple fuzzy bathmat.

((I may add more later, I'm a little pre-occupied. The person that replies is supposed to be Karen's crush, or as Jack calls it, her boyfriend. That's why I didn't use a name for him :D))
After shimying out of her Hello Kitty pajama bottoms and her black tanktop, Karen stared at herself in the mirror critically until the water got hot enough.

~Time Skip: After Shower ((because I'm not going into the details of her showering))~

Karen sighed, thinking of all the things she would pack for the summer. She had changed into her pink Mr. Bubble t-shirt and cut-offs, and was standing in front of her suitcase, which was on the end of her bed. In it, there was a turqiouse bikini, about 30 different changes of clothes, sunscreen, makeup, her phone charger, and her MP3 player.

"Is that all I need?", she asked out loud.

Just then. her phone rang again.

"Hello?", she answered, zipping up her suitcase with one hand.

"Yo, it's Jack! You ready? We're coming over in a minute."

"Yeah, I'm ready. How long is the ride going to be?", Karen replied, slipping on her flip-flops and picking her suitcase up by its handle, walking to the door.

"Half an hour by boat", Jack said.

"Cool, see you in a minute!."

After giving her house a quick once-over with her eyes, Karen finally walked out to see her friends, Jack and Stephanie, in Stephanie's red convertible.
Bandana, shirts, pants, socks, tooth brush, "Anythings else?" he thought to himself. He had no idea where he was going but he knew it'd be a long way from home. Before turning to go out the door, he grabbed a cap that said "Girl look at dat body", his Iphone and charger, and his suit case holding everything. As well as a pair of sunglasses to show off if there was a beach.

If they were going out, then what will be up for grabs? A day in the sun or an over expensive condo?

"Good damn Joey, why you gotta wake me when I'm trying to relax?" he muttered, walking down stairs.

When he opened his front door, he saw his buddy Joey and his gang sitting in his black Toyoda truck. he climbed in back and just went along with the ride.

"If this vaca sucks, I'm gonna kick your ass." he stated sitting on the edge of the trunk's side.

"Trust me man. It'll be worth it! We just gotta meet up with the others." said his friend.

"So, where are we going to meet up with Darren?", Karen asked, failing to hide her excitement.

"At the island, lover girl."

"Shut. Up."

Stephanie smirked.

~Time Skip: Island~

"Wow!", Karen exclaimed once they arrived at the island.

"Eh, it's okay", Stephanie said, picking up her bag and laying down on the beach sand.

"Okay?!", Karen replied. "It's awesome!!!"
Darren was blacked out asleep when they were on their way. All he new was he was on a boat then pow, right to sleep.

"Hey, Darren wake up we're hear." he friend said, shaking him to wake him up.

He couldn't believe his eyes when he arrived, it was so lush, so bright and beautiful.


"What?" asked his friend.

"Did I die?"
"Hey, why is there only one cabin?", Karen asked worriedly, pointing at the shack-like structure about fifty feet away from the water.

"Oh, we didn't tell you!", Stephanie started to say, smiling wickedly. "You and Darren will be spending a lot more time together than you thought you would..." Stephanie glanced at Jack, the expression on her face shouting, "Wait 'till she hears this!"

"Err, wha?", Karen managed to get out, dropping her arm.

"You didn't have the impression we'd all be sharing the same island, did you?"

"But...where are you guys going to be?"

"We're using my uncle's beachhouse that's about half an hour from here. On land."

"You're a manipulative bitch, you know that?", Karen forced a laugh.