Summer Goals!

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  1. It's that time of year again! Bikinis, picnics, beaches, burned skin, no school, and humid nights with bug bites. Oh, the joys of summer!

    While a lot of people do nothing over the summer, I'm more curious about those of who that have plans. What are your goals this summer? Do you have a summer reading list, perhaps? Homework that has to be done for the fall? Maybe your goal is just to take some time off from work and get a few days to chill out and take it all in.

    My personal goal is to lose weight this summer! I know that I should have done it earlier so I could strut around all sexy-like in a bathing suit this year, but better late than never! I'll just have to rock out the jeans and sweaters of Autumn ;3

    So tell me - What do you want to accomplish??
  2. I want to accomplish getting a tan ;_; last summer I was stuck inside ALL week, every week. I'm not even kidding, I only got one day off a week and we usually had plans or my lovely ex-co-worker would decide she wanted the day off and I'd be forced to work for her.

    So this summer I am getting a tan goddammit. Even if it kills me.

    And I want to go down to the Provincial Park and go camping there with my boyfriend and his cousin because his cousin is the most amazingest guy out there. (Think Sheldon, but able to make jokes) It's the best haha ^^
  3. Everyone is talking about Game of Thrones, damn it I want to be one of the cool kids, but alas I never will be, so I'll be a wannabe and read the first book this summer!

    Also gotta condition myself for the Dirty Dash in August. Yes, Ocha will be covered in mud, yes there might be picture, yes I'll be fully clothed.


    Get a head start on my studies so the next years is a breeze.
  4. Good luck with that tan, Mitten! I'm sure you can do it - just say no if somebody asks you to cover their shift this year XP

    Ocha, those are some really great goals! And trust me, the books are worth it. I still need to watch the show, dang it.. Add that one to my own list! Can't wait to see the dirty pictures ;3
  5. Too many goals, not enough time and money. >:[

    I really want to get our wall shelves built and finished. o__o It's a major living room project and one that needs to be done.

    I would like to get our new budget in order and start purchasing our groceries once a month. 8D

    I am hoping to get set on good daily habits for my chores and things. >>;

    And I am hoping to get family events and nights planned and timed on a regular schedule!

    So fingers crossed that all of this is worked out by fall...
  6. I'm sure you can do it, Diana! ^^
  7. My goals are as follows:
    1. Find a job (which is really hard, because I'm nineteen and a dropout, and not an old man with a beard....)
    2. Lose all this stupid weight I've put on. I mean, DAMN I've really packed it on Seiji's been here. He's an enabler of my bad habits like baking too often, and cooking carby meals. D:<
    3. We've already tricked my sister into losing six pounds. I want to get her to willingly drop under two-hundred pounds before she goes back to school. I mean, she's going to go to a private church based school, but I know from experience that the kids that go there are all bigger pricks than kids in public school, and I'm too old to get away with threatening to turn them inside out like I used to.
    4. Get a new bed. Two people on a twin bed isn't very comfy. Especially when the mattress sucks as badly as mine does.
    5. I will not get another sunburn. It may sound impossible here, but with some sunblock and heavy clothes, I can do it. Even if I can't avoid the stupid beach.
    6. I'm going to cut back on my foul language, for the sake of not having to fumble around in my brain when I'm speaking around young children.
    7. Get this stupid room organized, even if it means throwing <s>shit</s> stuff out.
    8. I'm giving my best efforts towards becoming a social creature once more, at least for the summer.
    9. Even if it means going to Tampa for a week, I will find a testing center that runs a GED test in the next two months. August is too far away.
    10. I will make a friend with some common sense. All of my friends are painfully lacking in this area, and thus get into stupid situations without me.
    11. More crafting shall be done in the name of monies!

    Seems simple enough, I'm sure I can do it all.
  8. Get up from my lazy ass and start doing something productive such as:

    -Apply for jobs, scholarships, maybe loans
    -Move out
    -Meeting new people with cool ideas
    -Sew <3
    -Learn a few more recipes from MY GRANDMA! (Wee she's coming tomorrow from PR!)
    -Pick up some guitar lessons from friends
    -Be computer proficient
  9. Awesome goals, guys!
  10. Goals from le Staci:

    - Put in the time for my summer class.

    - See MANY midnight premiere movies {Prometheus this Thursday at midnight! >:D}

    - Wear shorts more often.

    - STAY PALE. >:C hate tans.

    - Spend time with mama after the wedding, cuz, lord knows she needs me after all this is over. <3

    - Walk Bailey girl more <3 It will help her hips. :3

    - Work on eating more, liking myself more, and mentally trying to be positive. Must remember a lot of people care about me.. I can't let them down.. but it's hard when I don't care about myself.. >.< At least when I'm home this summer, I can try. When I'm back at school, who knows.
  11. Summer is a great time for goals! But where to begin ...

    = Make money! I'm taking a summer off from school and this is a great time to get more hours and moolah!
    = Pay for car's safety inspection and that other annual car thingy (you know, that sticker you put on your bumper/fender)
    = Buy the textbooks off for Fall 2012 (which is far cheaper than the campus bookstore and it'd give it time to get here)
    = Start taking notes on one textbook I have (I'm taking a course again because it was HELLA time-demanding!)
    = Take my grandmother out for her birthday (thankfully it's in July, still got time to save money)
    = Take my cats to their annuals
    = Take my dog for her booster shots
    = Start learning another language
  12. goals for summer...lets see...

    Finish/Pass my Level II fieldwork aka FINISH SCHOOLING
    Sign up to take my national board exam so I can do what I wanna do!
    Find a job in my actual area of study (occupational thearpy)
    Work in my boring reg job (pharmacy) so I'm not broke
    Find a place to live if I get a job
    Buy a new car
  13. My Summer To Do List by Jamie D. Dead

    1. Go to Ecuador for a conference on international development. (2 weeks to go! So stoked!)

    2. Secure two contracts in my field.

    3. Find a room mate.

    4. Find an apartment.

    5. Complete the P90X training program.

    6. Build my professional wardrobe.

    7. Practice 30 mins of meditation daily.

    8. Procure under pants

    9. ??

    10. BIG PROFIT!
  14. Oh man, Summer goals....Let's see..

    1. Finish up Class and apply for the fall.
    2. Get to travel somewhere, anywhere.
    3. Pick up some good upcoming games.
    4. Sleep.
    5. Swim in the pool.
    6. Hang out with friends.
    7. Crafting things from Metal.
    8. RP.
  15. I think I may have too many to list, but I will try to summarise them all:

    1.) Get over my lazyness and actually convince myself that there are certain things needed to be done.
    2.) Catch up on all my reading
    3.) Watch some of the series / shows that I have been intending to watch since a long time.
    4.) Cut on my computer time.
    5.) Finish writing all my short stories (This could be a list on its own, but I am not going to bother listing everything here)
    6.) Finish the outline of the Overlady novel.
    7.) Start re-writing one of my previous novel projects.
    8.) Finish organising my notes of the worlds I have built.

    And if I do not manage to do 1.), then every other goal will remain incomplete. Such joy.
  16. Hang out at the beach, check out the Zen Center, be well enough to bike to the river. Oooh. Bike 14 miles again. That'd be pretty sweet.
  17. You guys all have some really super goals! :3

    We're all going to be awesome! HUZZAH!
  18. What do I have to accomplish:
    -Given reading for IB English 12 (I think it's gonna be the Bell Jar, which makes me excited since I studied Sylvia Plath's life OCD-ishly for a project)
    -Summer assignment for IB Bio II (Apparently they don't offer just standard level Biology. I wouldn't've been able to take the exam and get the science credit anyway since I'd've been over my two exam limit (IB Psych SL and Math Studies SL) for this year. On the bright side, this means I'll be gone for practically three weeks during May next year.)
    -Summer assignment for IB 20th Century Topics (Not sure what it is, yet o_o, which is not good considering I had my last day of actual IB Euro today.)
    -Extended Essay (a 3700-4000 word essay. I have to give my adviser (loooove her <3) my "final" draft (to be edited in the fall and then turned in) by August 15th, which sucks because I'll be gone from the 3rd to the 13th on a cruise.)

    What I want to accomplish:
    -Go to the beach (Cheeeeck)
    -Actually read something for fun. There are a couple post-apocalyptic/dystopian books my friend wants me to read.
    -Try to write a short story. I think ever since I had to do one for my personal project I've wanted to avoid prose other than RP posts entirely. XD
    -Edit poetry or make more.
  19. I'mma need to dredge some work from the great void of unemployment and lack of opportunities that is the city I live in.

    This dissertation needs to get cracked on with. So lots of reading of cool old books and other primary documents for research (ie. GET MAH HISTORIAN ON).

    Camping at some point would be fun; been far too long since I did some mountain-climbing.

    And maybe I'll finally manage to write that cunting book I've been talking about since dinosaurs did roam the earth.
  20. I think after reading all of these awesome goals I might have to add some to mine! x3