Summer Fun!

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its August, and so I am doing my August thing where I try to pack in as much summer stuff as I can before it's over!

My "summer stuff" that helps it feel like a special season instead of just The Time It's Too Fucking Hot Instead of Too Fucking Cold are:

- beach day!
- drive in movie
- ice cream from that one outdoor place by the arcade
- Outdoor Farmers Market
- The Fair!
- Sundresses
- swimming
- walking/biking EVERWHURR

how about you guys?
Sit inside because it's been raining all summer.

Except that one Friday in June that was rather nice.
"Summer Fun" for me is staying inside because it's 90 out and if I step outside for longer than three seconds, I'll burn to crisp. Sometimes, I get together with friends and do the rain dance in the hopes that we'll get some rain. California could use it.

The beach was only fun when my skin wasn't being burned down to the bone. Might try the pool, though. It's covered and always icy.
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Summer fun for me involves...​
  • Netflix marathons.​
  • Avoiding the sun in the afternoons.​
  • Swimming.​
  • Hosing my husky, Thor, down if possible.​
  • Setting up movie nights with friends.​
  • Going to amusement parks with family.​
  • Visiting relatives in another state.​
  • Buying an awful lot of ice cream.​
Wandering around busy shopping areas with friends is pretty fun when it's not too hot out.

I tend not to go outside unless if it's for a specific purpose, may that be going to school, going to see a friend etc.
Sit inside because it's been raining all summer.

Except that one Friday in June that was rather nice.
Lucky lucky DX It's been burning hot here, even in the winter.

The past like year we've had the most extreme heat, and the most extreme cold. WHYYYYYY DX

It's funny, I was like "I WANT IT TO BE SUPER SUPER COLD!!!! :D :D :D And then my grandfather was like "Careful what you wish for..." And I replied "I know exactly what I'm wishing for :D" *Becomes super cold*
"D: I had no idea what I was doing DX This isn't what I meant by be super cold"
Then the big G in the sky was like "I granted your wish youngin, don't make wishes you don't understand." (Not the big G part... Probably, but still DX)

As for my summer, I went to vegas, met up with my friend that lives there (Though we didn't have much time together) Went to lincon city a few times and got this super cool dragon clock and went to the beach. Recently went to the Seaside area too. Lots of traveling now that I think about it.
While the Northern Hemisphere is enjoying the Summertime, meanwhile in the Southern Hemisphere everyone is having their tits frozen by the Winter.

No like honestly, I never thought the Australian Winter could be this motherfucking cold. Having snow in places besides Mt Buller (or Snowy Mountains etc.) is like the sign of the fucking apocalypse here.

And usually we (at least in my area) don't have Winters that are below 10 degrees (Celsius not Fahrenheit), and this year we be having days of below 10 degree weathers. Not to mention winds that are as hot as a freezer and feeling like they are slapping your face 24/7.

So yeah Winter here sucks just as bad as Australia Summertime.

But back to the topic. Usually when its Summertime I just blast the air con and just roll around in my room. I might go outside to meet up with friends and all and just chill.
Netflix and gaming is my kind of fun. Anything that can be done inside, in the sweet embrace of cool darness, is my kind of thing.

I dislike hot weather and burn very easily without mass amounts of sunscreen. Plus, around here there is absolutely nothing to do, because it's in the asscrack of nowhere. Small town life is awful unless you're a farmer or like to just sit around the square all day, like a dumbass.
My birthday is this month, so I intend to be unavailable and leave town or something to escape family party. O____O
My birthday is this month, so I intend to be unavailable and leave town or something to escape family party. O____O
Just watch, you'll return home after your 'vacation' and your family will be hiding in your home waiting to throw a surprise party. :3
After exam results parties all the time! 8D
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