Summer Drinks!

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  1. With the heat looming over us like an oppressive ball of fire, cold drinks are the order of the day in the summer months, and I wished to ask you, Iwaku, what your favorite summer drinks are, like lemonade!

    Personally, my mother makes an amazing summer drink called a Smoky Joe, which is ice-cream, lemonade and ice :D SO GOOOD!

  2. Water.

    There is no better drink in summer than clean, fresh, on-the-verge-of-freezing water. Yum yum.

    Like a Tumblr user once put it, that the water tastes like if Jesus personally descended from Heaven and distilled his tears of joy into your cup.
  3. WATER

    Nothing will help you keep cool and hydraged and feeling energetic and healthy than water

    most people don't drink nearly enough water considering how much salt and sugar is in their diets

    But besides water


    Oh my god

    get yourself a big ol pot of tea

    make it super strong

    put it in a pitcher, fill it halfway

    sweeten that shit if you want (but it's gonna be generally less good for you)

    fill the other half with ice cubes

    fucking YUM.

    Here's some awesome fucking iced tea ideas for your asses

    Green tea with some lemon juice

    Green tea with some mint tea mixed in

    Literally any herbal blend with fruit in it. Get yourself some dried fruits and make some fucking tea from them.

    Black tea with lemon and orange peels
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  4. tea
    and strawberry redds
    anything fruity alcohol wise
  5. If you've never had a shirley temple on a hot day at the beach, you're missing out.

    And plain water, of course. Somewhere between cold and ice cold. And a lemon, with one of those little umbrellas.
  6. Hot chocolate is my favorite drink regardless of the season. And the Finnish summer isn't really famous for deterring folks away from hot drinks anyway.

    Apple juice is great too, always.

    Oh, and my mom used to make this 'power drink' when I was a kid. There was homemade currant juice, sprite, and lemon (and probably something else I'm forgetting but she probably wouldn't want me to give away her master recipe anyway). The point is, this little creation of hers is simply perfect and I miss it. She still makes it sometimes for some occasions but not nearly often enough. And her homemade rhubarb sima is way too heavenly too, I miss the taste of that sweet elixir...

    Aaaand water magically tastes a lot better during summer. Some kind of black magic must be involved.





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  8. Sun Tea!

    By yourself a glass sun tea pitcher. Don't be cheap and get a plastic one! Get a glass one. Use whatever type of tea bags you like, but if you can get your hands on Red Diamond, use those because they are awesome. Let it sit out in the sun for at least four hours. Bring it in and add a cup full of sugar (Or Splenda, whichever you use) and there you go! I usually put lemon slices in while I've got it sitting out in the sun, but most people put them in afterwards.
  9. Dude I saw this title and thought of Mcd's Summer Drink promotion for a moment and thought I was never going to get away from work XD god I need to take some time off.

    Fav drink? Just pepsi with ice if I want it to be cooled off. And a lot of ice, like cram the glass full kinda thing. If I want a treat drink, I'll usually get a milkshake.
    • Bubble tea (for summer fruit teas are pretty awesome)
    • Iced red tea
    • Lemonade
    • Four seasons juice
    • Iced coffee
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  10. I adore lemonade, especially with fruity additions.

    Iced tea is lovely... if I get to sweeten it myself. Sorry to say but most people put too much sugar in for my liking. Or maybe just some raspberry...

    Homemade juice (?) like raspberry and rhubarb tastes like summer and is super refreshing.
  11. Iced Tea, Cranberry Juice, Orange Juice and of course Water.

    I'd like to add Bubble Tea, but I need a way to have constant access to it first. :(
  12. Apple juice
    Orange juice
    Sweet tea
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