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    Yuruto moved backwards before making his rod ready and talked an unknown language, his rod started to glow and a mark started to grow under his feet. He moved his rod like he was going to throw it before pointing it at the monsters and a white light beam was going through them and they falled to the ground while their purple blood splattered. He sighs in relief and rests his arm on his rod and turns to his childhood friend.
    -"Hey, Barret. Are we done yet? I'm hungryyyy~." He wailed, even though he was 26, he was still like a 10 year old boy, annoying and always trying to find a fun way in everything.
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  2. A low sort of crack, floated into the air as Barret pulled his axe free from the skull of a beast at his feet, kneeling to wipe the blade clean on the forest grass. He knew that Yuruto wasn't the most patient of people. He knew it always ended in complaining of some sort. The company was better than nothing though and it was true that they had spent most of their lives knowing each other.

    They had been in the forest to get more wood for his forge, when they were ambushed by some creatures. It didn't happen often that humans were attacked, but on the odd occasion it did. More so of late.

    "We can stop by the Frosty Mug as soon as we drop off the wood," Barret said, picking up an armful of recently chopped wood and making his way back, axe back at his waist.
  3. Yuruto sighed and looked around the forest, it was summer. The trees where green as the grass, the wind got to cool you down from the heat of the sun and the shadows would happily hug you, bugs where flying and also some magicial creatures but lately more monsters have occurred in the forests. But even though it was such a nice day, a perfect day. Yuruto felt that something was wrong, he didn't feel... safe somehow, he felt a chill in his body but not knowing why. Days like these should be a good day for him, to meet women and also to relax in the sun. But this summer felt different.

    Yuruto walked into Barrets forge and looked around, hadn't change a bit. In his house, he changes and renovates several times a month to keep up a good look but Yuruto knew that he and Barret where different, maybe that was why they worked so good together in a weird way? He let down some wood that he had helped carrying and stretched his body.
    -"Nnngh!" He sighs out and takes his hand to his hip.
    -"So... can we eat now?" He said and felt his stomach calling for him.
  4. "They say patience is a virtue, Yuruto," Barret said, carefully stacking the logs in a neat pile. He liked having his workshop neat. Every tong, hammer and yes, even log in its place. It was a quaint place. It had a forge and accompanying bellows, an anvil and all other tools. In the back there was also a few display pieces that were made over the years, each with their own price. About a foot from the anvil were two barrels, one with fresh water the other salt and two doors at the back of the shop lead to the storeroom and and home respectively.

    "Now we can go," He said when done, hiding his axe before leaving. There was no reason to carry it whilst in the city so he rarely kept it with him. They made their way towards the Frosty mug, an inn that most of the local folk frequented for it's drink, greeting those he passed. It was always had a homy feel, the inn, with it's fire burning, flute music from a ministrel, the waitresses that danced along. It was also never empty.
  5. When the snail finnaly was done he smiled.
    -"Yes, finally!" He said and they started to walk to the inn, as always there where a lot of people and with a lot of people there is women, of course Yuruto always talks to Eva in the bar before taking an order. Talking, just simply talk about their day, annoying people and of course squeeze a little flirt in there as well. Eva was a little younger than the two men, she was 24, a lively and happy person. Her eyes shone with a powerfull brown color and her red hair looked so soft, she was a bit plump but also bery strong for her age. She looked at Barret while cleaning one of the glasses.
    -"Oh, Barret! Fun to see you again. How's it going with the blacksmithing?" She said with a bright smile. Even though Yuruto would flirt with her, he also saw her as a closer family member, almost everyone in the inn would think so since she would always act like a mother-like person and not take a "no" or "but" as an answer.
  6. "You know how it goes when he's around," Barrett answered her, a tilt of the head in Yuruto's direction. He took a seat at the course wooden counter, large hand laid flat on it. Barret could never quite place Eva, then again he could never quite place any woman, young or old. They always had a twinkle in their eyes, like they knew something he didn't or a way of saying something that had him mulling it over twice in his head before answering.

    "Oh, yes," she let out a melodic laugh, "the usual for you, as always?" She asked him, already moving to fill a glass with foamy ale. "Up to no good again, Yuruto?" She placed the mug between Barret's hands, which he in turn picked up and took a huge swig from. The bitter fluid, washed his mouth and quenched the thirst he had develop from the outing. It had been his favorite drink since he came of age. There was nothing as good as an ale after a long warm day at the forge fire.
  7. Yuruto smiled wide and got a glass too and hold it up with his hand.
    -"Up to no good? Why not educate me on being a good boy and take up that dress of yours, maybe I would change my attitude then." He said playfully, he always had these comments that would either include skirts, dresses or something with the body. Eva looked at him and smiled like he was an idiot or a fool.
    -"Nice try, Yuruto." She said and walked away to take another customer and Yuruto sighed and then laughed a little.
    -"Ah... Life couldn't get any better. A dreamy fresh drink, women and soon food!" He said and fixed his black blue-hair a little.
  8. By the time Yuruto had finished talking, Barret's mug had clanked on the counter top. Empty. He didn't think a reply was necessary so he just turned in his seat, to gaze over the inn's inhabitants. He could recognize the majority of them. There was Derrick from the stables, who regularly came by for a few iron horse shoes. Arick and Gaines, the two men who usually sat outside with some game of dice or cards going on. A five fishermen, he couldn't quite remember the names of.

    There were also an influx of unknowns it seemed though. Men as well as women with clothes far too bright and colorful for the working folk that made use of the inn. They were most likely traveling merchants, he assumed, since they were armed and seemed to carry heavy money pouches. Perhaps they would stop by his workshop sometime he hoped.

    'I wouldn't mind the extra coin,' he thought.
  9. A man came into the inn puffed and panted, he had funny colorful clothes and a paper in his hand, he looked around before seeing Barret and Yuruto. He walked to them and started to talk.
    -"T-the king... wants to... meet you." He said to them and took some breathes.
    -"You two must come... to the palace right away!" He said and showed them the paper tha was handwritten, it sure was the king who have wrote it. Because no one in the world could write so round and wavy letters as he could, so it almost made it impossible to read.
    -"Why?" Said Yuruto, annoyed and started to pick his teeth.
    -"W-well... it's urgent. It's about..." He looked around and started to whisper.
    -"Heaven Oan." He said low and Yuruto looked at him with big eyes and then started to laugh a little.
    -"Suure... Heaven Oan." He said jokingly, Heaven Oan is a sacred temple that is high up by the clouds and only the most prime people could be there, it really was a heaven and no ordinary people could visit. But them and Heaven Oan was really unthinkable together. It's like Yuruto being married. The man looked at them.
    -"Please, we have to get back to the king right now, he really needs to see you two." He said and Yuruto sighed.
    -"But... my food." He said a bit sad.
  10. The man seemed truly desperate, as far as Barret could tell. He was wet from sweat and his clothes seemed disheveled, hair ruffled. That said Barret couldn't truly believe that the King would call a blacksmith and his friend out of the blue for business with a sky temple. Perhaps the man was just making something up because the true purpose was something that everyone shouldn't know. Barret rose from his seat, laid a coin on the counter as payment for his drink and cleared his throat.

    "We'll be right on our way," he said to the messenger, before turning to Yuruto. "Food can wait a moment longer. Besides, think of the food in the castle. Plus it's free." He didn't really feel like arguing and decided if need be he'd grab Yuruto by the scruff of the neck and drag him along if he had to. His thoughts were wandering to the prospect that the king might have work for him. Perhaps a contract for the army and if they didn't hurry he might lose the chance.
  11. Yuruto sighs and follows the two of them to the castle that is a little bit in the center of everything. It was big and was like any castle around the world, some guards stood by the door, talking and then saw the man and the other two and let them in. The man nodded as a thanks and they walked inside. The king was a rich and fat man because of all the food he could have on his table and around him the guards. He had white hair and a crown on his head that shone with the gold and stones. His colors consisted of mostly of blue, red and yellow clothes. He looked down at them while he waited for them to kneel before him and so they did but Yuruto who was a guy who doesn't like these kinds of things was already started to get bored but tried to now show it since he actually have before been thrown out from a castle south from their city for his behaviour and boy, he sure made both him and Barret in trouble for that. But weord as it is, Barret would strangely accept and go on, just like when they where small and now still are friends but that's what Yuruto likes because Barret is the only one to really accept him.

    The kind cleared his throat before speaking.
    -"We need your help. As you've probably seen, monsters have shown more now than before and is starting to also get stronger. This is puzzling everyone of us but..." He started to talk to one of his guards that walked towards them, giving a very thin white paper to them. And, of course. Yuruto would always snatch it first because of curiousity and started to read, the guard was a little stunned by his rude action but let him be for now.
    -"This letter is from Heaven Oan." Yuruto said, shocked and gave the paper to Barret. The king nodded.
    -"Yes. It's an invitation. They want to meet you two and that is why I wanted to talk to you." The leter was very different from most, it had a marking on the left upper side of the paper, it was made of gold and some red painting and the letter had a very nice and beautiful handwriting. These people from Heaven Oan surely is only for prime people.
  12. Barret couldn't help but eye the pikes the doormen carried and the swords the other guards had. All seemed to be of regular steel. Sturdy pieces that would give their owners many years if they were polished and sharpened regularly. The next object that demanded his gaze was the King's crown. A gold circlet, adorned with gems. 'Made with a cast with the jewels applied after,' he thought. 'Probably worth more than everything in my shop.' Barret listened attentively as the King spoke, wondering why the help of a blacksmith was needed to deal with monsters. He could understand that Yuruto might be summoned, being a magic user and all. A talented one he supposed, looking at his friend as he grabbed the letter. 'Then again, I don't really have something to measure his skill against since magic users are so rare.

    "Heaven Oan wants both of us?" he asked more to himself than anyone else, having read the letter. "This must be a mistake, Sire," he spoke aloud, paper clutched in hand. "I'm only a blacksmith. I don't know anything about monsters, except how to defend myself against them." He was disappointed that there hadn't been a job opportunity. In fact, it seemed as though this would cost him more than he might make, if he made anything at all. He'd have to close shop. He'd have to halt smithing, all for some unknown summons.

    His worries must have showed on his face, since the King had suddenly cleared his throat. A servant appeared as the King spoke, "It would be a great dishonor for me and our city if you were to deny a request from Heaven's Oan." He waved the servant toward the blacksmith and mage. "Thus I will not allow it to be only and invitation, but an order from your King to go." The servant presented a pouch, apparently filled with coin. "This is for your travel and if required board and sustenance. Honor us." With that the King stood, a bit wobbly as he got use to carrying his weight before leaving.
  13. The guards closest to the kind followed his lead and left them there together with some other guards, guarding the hall. Yuruto looked at the paper once again.
    -"This can't be real, this must be a joke right? But this..." It was too much, Yuruto felt weird and suddenly very poor. Maybe it was the food but it really was unthinkable. "But if it's true, then we should probably go." Yuruto thought and started to get out from the castle. He sighs and looks at the beautiful calm blue sky while some birds flews by.
    -"Hey... How should we take us to Heaven Oan? It lies in an Island after all." He then gazed upon the money and smiled.
    -"Hmm, but we could use the money to get onboard one of the ships." He said and then thought of all the beer they could drink since most of the ships often do offer that, buuut then again. He would probably be thrown out or not get on the ship if that would be the case, it actually have already happen with the Shirouth's ship. He once was on his way to Shirouth with the Shirouth's ship, he got drunk and started to annoy everybody on the ship and almost made it sink and then they would never accept him on their boat again after that and would always give him angry looks, especially the captain.
    -"We just need to avoid Shirouth's ship and we will be good!" He said and laughed and hoped that the bad memory would go away from his mind.
  14. Barret was quiet for quite a while as they exited the castle. Most people would have considered it rude, but Barret knew by now that Yuruto was use to his quiet demeanor. The pouch had contained gold coins, enough to pay for the journey and back. It was for exactly this reason that Barret had decided to keep hold of it. He knew his friend was prone to spending big or cause damage that would cost a lot. It might be a problem now and then, but in the end the impulsiveness kept him from dying of too dull a life. the coins clinked as they walked back to Barret's place.

    Once there Barret went about, making sure his place was secure, and started packing his things. "Will we be picking up anything of yours before we leave?" he asked his companion, his best set of clothes being packed in and other little necessities. Finally he picked up his axe once more, the object feeling heavy. His door was shut, a note saying he was closed until further notice and they walked once more.
  15. Yuruto followed Barret outside to the calm forest and snorted.
    -"Hmph, of course! I can't just leave without nothing!" He said as they started to walk, they walked back to the city but not all the way to the center but more outside and there was Yuruto's house. It wasn't big and he was sharing with others but he had a whole room for himself and that was good enough. He would also be outside much so there wouldn't be much trouble. They walked inside and Yuruto said hello to Angelina who had brown-blonde hair and was around their age, she was smiling and waved back and then returned to her cleaning. They walked up to his room and it was like another world, from the very dirty to a clean and more elegant place. He packed potions, his favorit magic and spell book and of course some extra clothes that looked about just the same as the clothes he had now. Then when he had everything ready and had his magical rod with him, they where ready to leave.
    -"Okay." He said while going down the stairs.
    -"Now we just need to find a ship that can take us to Heaven Oan." He said and they where already outside.
    -"So that means..." He started and looked at Barret.
    -"That you need to find someone who is willing to take us there, also." He started to look in his pocket and took out the letter from Heaven Oan.
    -"If they don't believe us, show them this." He said and gave Barret the letter.


    The port, where it crawled with pirates, visitors and fishing people. Yuruto suddenly stoppedna and looked at Barret.
    -"Uhm... You can do this on your own right?" He said and didn't even get Barret to answer him.
    -"Good, good! Then I'll take my leave." He said and almost started to run. A woman, started to walk towards Barret and looked rather angry. She was young, very young. Maybe 19 and had long golden hair and a beautiful dress. She was clearly not from these parts of the city, she had white smooth skin and almost black eyes that burned with light.
    -"Excuse me, but do you know that man?" She almost shouted in anger but could calm down her tone, she was clearly angry but why was the question. She pointed at Yuruto that almost made a run for it back to the city or somewhere to hide and the woman started to grunt.
    -"Ugh!! I knew it!!" She shouted.
  16. It wasn't a rare occurrence finding someone that was mad at Yuruto for some reason or another. Whether it was because of some drunken adventure or the fact that he had gotten into a family members' skirt. By that time Barret had learned that it was better to just deny everything, so once more he did.

    "He was just someone asking for directions, but took off before I could tell him anything," a grin spread on his face. "Perhaps you can catch him," he said jerking a thumb in Yuruto's general direction, before watching the blonde pull up her dress hem and trudge after the fleeing man. With a sigh Barret looked the port over, trying to spy a ship or its captain that might be willing to take on some passengers. Most seemed to be making port, so the selection was narrowed down, whilst others were too large or too small.

    It was busy as always, the port. Full of fishmongers and sailors trying to find their land feeTt. Workers unloaded crates from ships and and others stocked fresh supplies. It was quite a hustle and bustle and the woman chasing Yuruto was soon forgotten as Barret pushed passed others. He had seen a ship of about mid-size, with white sails and dark wood hull. A man in blue, with brown hair stood on the gang plank, shouting commands and pointing his men, since Barret assumed he was either captain or first-mate, where they should go.

    "Where are you traveling?" Barret shouted, the man turning and looking down at him.
    "What's it to you?" the man asked in turn. He wore a beard of brown, braided into two separate tassels, whilst his bald head shone under the bright sun.
    "I need passage for two," he said, before adding. "Passage for two to Heaven's Oan. I'm willing to pay."
    "Heaven's Oan?" the man harrumphed at the words. "There's no money to be made there unless, you know people, or have the money to buy trade items from there to sell elsewhere." With that the man turned his back to Barret.
    "I can pay! Good coin! And I can talk to someone their for you!" he shouted without thinking, something that he might have regretted normally. He felt his pockets and produced the letter.

    The man turned once more and eyed the sparkling paper, clutched in the blacksmith's hand. If the words were true the man would be settled for life, making money in piles by sailing easy waters. Once you were trusted by people of that island you were always insured berth.

    "50 gold," he said finally, "50 gold to take you there. You'll be sleeping on the deck and eat with the crew."
    Even Barret knew that this was an unfair price, but decided not to ruin their chances of getting to where they needed to go, so he agreed to the terms.
    "We make sail in 3 hours. Don't be late."
  17. One of the workes who had a tripped top and some worn out shorts heard the two mens conversation och couldn't help but to smile as his yellow teeth showed.
    -"Heaven Oan? My, my. What do people from Heaven Oan want from people like you?" He asked and hold a barrel filled with wine around his arms. It wasn't weird for people to look down on blacksmiths since kings, guardians or other people asked for their help with weapon and made some money with it and surely where or was jealious. Although it wasn't just that only reason alone of course.

    Yuruto took his hand on Barrets shoulder and coming from nowhere, startled the men. He breathed heavily and seemed to have been on the run from that mysterious woman but have probably shaked her away by now.
    -"So... are we in?" He asked and looked at the bearded man and the other boy with the stripped top. The bearded man raised his eyebrow and looked at Yuruto for a very long time before speaking.
    -"Hey, aren't ya' the kid who almost sunk the Shirouth's ship?" He asked and the other boy laughed.
    -"Hah, Shirouth's ship? Wasn't the one who sunk it so drunk that he was banned from it? Man, he sure must be something to do that." He said and laughed while continue to work. Yuruto laughed quietly and a bit awkward.
    -"Heh, heh... Y-yeah. That man sure was something." He said with a low voice but the bearded man just looked at them, he wasn't sure that Yuruto was the man but how he looked was almost like the one man who almost tried to sink the ship. Maybe he was mistaken and also he would soon have 50 gold in his pockets and now they could only think about was work.
    -"We have to unload the rest of the stuff for our trip, so hurry up will ya?" He said and was going back to work.
  18. The three hours had passed fairly quickly. Barret had made himself a seat on the deck facing the bow his things set behind his back as a rest and continued to watch the work done on the ship. The captain had taken in his rightful place at the ship's wheel and continued his shouting as if his vocal chords were made of steel. The men followed orders dutifully, tying ropes and hoisting sails. They climbed the nets and swung on stray, hanging ropes like primates, their sunburned skin glistening with sweat.

    Barret wasn't on water often, since a blacksmith had no work to do on it. There was usually little to no fire on a ship unless it was used to cook some kind of food like a stew or soup. There was not much metal, except the pulleys and nails. The only thing that might perhaps interest him was what was in the hull. If of course the captain was either trading alcohol or raw materials that he could use.

    "How long do you think we'll be sailing?" he asked his friend.
  19. Yuruto had been walking around for some minutes since he got bored in the deck, he had leaved his stuff there and annoyed some of the workers by asking them questions about magic and they didn't know a thing. Then after a while the captain had shouted at him and almost made him deaf and he was sent back to deck where Barret were. He sighs and lies on his bed.
    -"I don't know." He said out of boredom before one of the men came down. He looked at them and started to grin while getting a rope around his arm.
    -"So how do you like it here? Don't worry, you'll get used to it. Also this is the first time we will get some entertainment around here." He said and fixed the rope.
    -"Oh really? What?" Yuruto asked.
    -"Oh, I donnu. I don't want to spoil the fun but go to the pub later this evening and you'll see." He said and started to go up with the rope around his arm. The boat had a little pub kind of place where they could drink and have fun. It wasn't really the most cleanest place but it was a pub where you could get a drink and eat, which Yuruto liked. But now they closed there untill it was time and the "chef" that was making the food, didn't want men running around there. Yuruto once again sighed in boredom and soon fell asleep.
  20. Barret didn't like the idea of Yuruto getting near a "pub" whilst on open water. He wasn't into the idea of being thrown overboard or being set adrift. Before he could address his concerns though, his companion had fell asleep, a slight snore emanating from the unconscious body.

    So the day carried on, the boat swaying steadily as a wind blew them forward. The water lapped at the shell of the boat sending a refreshing spray into the air. The smell of salt and fish was in the air and Barret was starting to feel fatigue looming. It had been an eventful day, they had been in the woods, fought monsters and summoned by the King. Received news and ordered to go, finally setting sail. With these thoughts and in his seated position, Barret drifted to sleep.

    Night had fallen when they were suddenly awakened by the captain's loud voice,"Food is being served. Better get your asses to the Mess or starve." He walked after that, a lantern in hand. Barret stretched his large arms, a yawn escaping his mouth. He stood and swayed slightly, tugged Yuruto's ankle and followed after the captain's light.
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