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  1. (I'm going to need someone to start as the main female character that my character will be protecting because I'm going to be playing the guy. First come, first serve, so the first lady character to post gets the spot. I will also need other agents to be on my team, both male and female are acceptable, and bad guys to pop in and cause drama. These characters can come and join whenever because you can never have too many agents or bad guys. This RP is based off of an app called "To Love and Protect", a dating game about the President's daughter falling in love with a Secret Service agent. This is a romance RP, so keep in mind there's going to be a lot of lovey-dovey parts, but it's also an action RP so don't get too disappointed. When you begin, please post a character sheet before your post and enjoy the RP!!)

    Brief Background (optional):
    Appearance (picture is preferred, but if it is strictly a personally created character, then just post a very detailed description):
  2. Name: Natasha Stobaugh
    Gender: Female
    Age: 24
    Personality: Natasha is a woman with unique traits. She can find beauty where other people can't, like death. And that has always been a wall between her and the rest of the world. She enjoys the quietness of the libraries, she enjoys the comfort that books bring her. Nat is a gentle woman, always looking to do the right thing, she is usually quiet, shy, but when around cared ones, her outgoing and silly self appears.

    However, Natasha can be a cold person if on the mood. She will keep everything that's hurting her locked up in her heart, not wanting to be a burden to anyone else. And even though her mind and heart are usually equilibrated, she will lean towards her mind in desperate times, sometimes making choices for problems made for the heart, using the logic.
    Occupation: Mortuary Makeup Artist

    Brief Background: Natasha is the daughter of a wealthy family, her parents running the company Stobaugh Industry, specialized on the creation and fabrication of military weapons. She, being the only child, is the successor of the company. She's not really happy with it.

    When Natasha was 12, her mother died at a car crash, an "accident" caused by the "drunk" fellow that vanished after destroying the car that her mother and the driver were. Until today, Natasha does not believe that crash to be an accident. Not when the Stobaugh Industry had so many rivals and haters at the moment.

    She remembers the day of the funeral and how beautiful her mother was, even when there was no more life in her body. That day was what made her wanting to become a Dead Makeup Artist, she wanted to make death look beautiful, and make it more acceptable to those dear to the dead.

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    Picture her less pale and without the black lipstick.

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  3. (No you do not have to post first. But i won't be able to post until i get out of work so it'll be a while before the rp actually starts. Just hang tight and we'll start when i get out.)
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  5. (Nicolae, fantastic character pics, but I don't see that the character sheet was filled out. Please fill out the character sheet before joining in the RP! I'd love to know more about your character.)
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  9. Name: Alexander Lucius Caiser M. Reiger

    Nicknames: None. But optional.

    Age: (That is still a question, that may or may not be answered.)

    Orientation: Pansexual. (She prefers personality over gender, race, age, species, appearance, background, abilities.)

    Personality: Reserved, apathetic, inquisitive, cold, skeptical, compassionate, understanding, indifferent, hospitable, violent.



    Occupation: Her jobs vary; she could be a cook, a medic, and sometimes asked of advice by a few companions in the police department. She has experienced being an agent; not as dramatic as the "movie-based" types but as for the action and the deception, she has been more than exposed to it. Until now she awaits recruiting from someone who has a just cause.

    Strengths: Despite her fragile-looking appearance, Alexander is athletic, but limits her movements. She believes in the 'Noblesse' way of living; she is righteous, her intentions good and quite a cheerful person even with the lack of expression she has. Her silence serves as a signature action, showing how she makes sure to be conservative. Her way of of persuasion often involves highly probable hypotheses and reasoning. She is book smart as well. Her skills vary due to the high demands of her mother.

    Perfection was the aim of her constant training but she thrives for simplicity and satisfaction in the norms of standards when it comes to the 'common folk' as referred to by many. She has a strong belief that everyone is equal. Her swordsmanship would be impeccable, but she prefers close-range combat. Alexander enjoys landing a hit on the opponents face and attempting to behead them with her own bare hands. She has often been restrained for the blood that would often stain the walls; her tolerance solely depends on her mood, branding her as unstable. She has also taken an interest with guns just recently.

    Weaknesses: She lacks the ability to express her emotions; her incapability to understand technology leads to old-fashioned methods that are not always useful during certain scenarios. She is harsher and much more blunt. She often uses her fists and glares to make someone cooperate. She has little to no tolerance to the ignorant and those who deny their unquenched greed, lust and whoring for publicity.

    She will make someone's business her business if she deems it fit. Her emotional attachment is not obvious but she gets deceived by easily feeling inclined to someone, leading to tight situations and lethal wounds that would make her question about her own conscience.

    Likes: Rice crackers (now a certain obsession), acts of kindness, darkness, tea anywhere; even in fights, murders, times of grieving, extracting her rage at worthless foes, battles, red balloons, colouring books, rock music, cleanliness and orderliness, silence, noise of fun and the screams of agony from her victims in rumbles, leisure time with friends (if she has any).

    Dislikes: Bullying (the 'fearsome' ones harming the weak in any method), hypocrisy, people who steal her food, almost everyone, the red light that appears after switching off the telly, the ringing sounds of phones, technology in general.

    Relationships: Alexander adores the both of them (mother and father) and the three share a bond of trust and love. They are similar, though not just in their appearances but they share the same beliefs and goals. Though the couple are more expressive when in terms of their feelings while Alexander still lacks this skill.

    Though it does not hinder them from knowing what she wants to say or what she intends to do. Unlike the usual cases of doubt and begrudging for the absence of parental figures, she only thanks them for their hard work and hopes to show most people her age would understand the situation in an "outsider's" point of view. The only one she trusts till right this moment ever since Antoinette and Jaune's new residency, would be the now grown-up canine Blitz.

    The cheerful dog brightens up her day instantly.


    Her parents are good people; always participating in charitable projects and offering jobs to and fro as if it they were mere flyers; she takes after their constant want for a better and happier world. Like Antoinette Caiser Mondeloune-Reiger and Jaune Lucius Reiger (her mother and father respectively).

    Known not only for their charisma in the world of business and banking, they were recognised as the "angels of Mercy". At the moment they reside in Rome, continuing their businesses and creating more life-changing activities for this world. In her absence, the couple had acquired a puppy that could keep them company and also bought one for their daughter, a sibling of their own pet since they believe that it showed how connected they were as a family. This of course only contributed to Alexander's emotional growth.

    Little is known about their family, even their origin. Though both the Mondeloune and Reiger clans have been recognised as hospitable aristocrats in the dark ages, it was said that they were even known further back in history as powerful successors to different kingdoms. They carry their names with grace, integrity and respect to all people, with no bias nor criticism whatsoever.

    This however, led to the demise of many members due to their excessive kindness. They were, quite ironically, a rare breed so to speak. It was also added that they were capable of certain 'supernatural' skills that threatened the higher-ups; they have high bounties on their heads so the change of identity is often necessary. Though now that that knowledge is barely known, having this surname isn't as troubling as before.
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