Suicide Song

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  1. Inspired by the song below:


    Story goes:

    There is this woman who is perhaps a NEET that's anti-social by nature. Without the support of any family members or friends, she tries to commit suicide using various methods but for various reasons she failed to do so.

    My twist of the story would be the existence of a second character, this is a man who had secretly fell in love with the woman. He's the next-door neighbor and works from home (perhaps a manga artist?). He is aware of the woman's suicidal thoughts and is always one step ahead in stopping her, even though she aren't aware of it herself.

    Then as time pass by, the two of them develop feelings for one another and love blooms for them. However the woman still thinks of suicide now and then and the man still stops her by outwitting her in her methods.

    The conclusion could be either the woman succeed in killing herself or the man convinces her to live on.

    My style in general adjusts to the player and my length of writing mirrors my partner.

    I would love to play the woman in this play, so anyone keen?
  2. I could be interested, yeah, definitely interested.