Suicide Bolts:Attack on Hydra HIVE

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  1. After Hydra, and HIVE academy became one, they formed the Hydra HIVE. Amanda Waller working with Nick Fury, sees they are planning attack and decided to send in Suicide Squad and Thunderbolts to take down the Hyda HIVE. They call this new team the Suicide Bolts. Afterword they decided to quit SHIELD, and CADMUS, and make thier own team to fight off evil, or doing what they want.
    DC, Marvl vilains, antivillains or anti heroes are open
    OCs are ok
    no killing each other but fighting each other is ok
    Ask to kill another character
    be creative
    have fun

    from(DC, Marvel, OC)
  2. I have an Old CS I can place here. Ill give it a shot.

    Full name: Aurelia Luthor

    Alias: MadCat
    Age: 17

    Brief Bio: Aurelia herself was born to the very wealthy and prominent businessman at the time Lex Luthor. Her father used many of his experiments on her growing up to expand her life and possibilities. She grew up watching her father rise and fall and go through many stages of what she later called his 'Massive Mid-Life Crisis'. Through it all the serums and Bio-Genetic alterations done on her as a child had left her with many things a normal human girl wouldn't have. Her mind itself is a super human machine. Luthor himself discovered this one day when she hacked her way into one of Lex Corps main research facilities and downloaded the schematics for one of the prototype suits that Luthor himself was never able to use.

    It was after this download that she began to create the suit using time she had within the Lex Corp research center itself. Her father personally let her in to help her with whatever she needed done. It is easy to say that although her father was an Anti-Villan she herself showed no signs of being evil in the slightest. It was actually quite the opposite although she shared her fathers ruthless attitude to climb to the top and succeed at anything she put her hands and minds to. It was around this time and the age of thirteen that she was placed under the direct Tutelage of her father. In her spare time she was taught how to survive and how to do things on her own while also sneaking out and learning things on the street that she knew that she couldn't learn alone.

    Her father taught her how to fight and specialized her training around technology in specifics. The suit that she began to creation of was finished as a fifteenth birthday present after many design modifications were made to fit her smaller frame. To say that her father was proud was beyond words. She even told him of what she wanted to do. She wanted to help those that couldn't help herself much like the fabled 'Batman'. Her father didn't say anything on the matter but didn't try to steer her away. Like her father she was stubborn and he knew that she wouldn't be easily turned away. With that in mind she was given full access to all of her fathers accounts and research teams to fund and research what she needed. The only condition was that she could never turn on her father. That one thing was something she never would do to begin with no matter what had happened.

    Genetically Altered (Super) Intelligence: Her mind has been broadened in all aspects. She can think and analyze situations faster than even the greatest Lex Corp Super Computer. She beat several computers designed specifically to beat her in chess. She can think up things to make and use her fathers wealth to go about doing it. She is able to analyze situations to figure out what may have occurred if there is enough information there and she has previous knowledge of it. If there is no previous knowledge she will memorize the scene and read up on the possible causes to find which matches.

    Exo-Training: Her fathers prowess in powered suits was passed onto her through rigorous training in specialized technology.

    Ballistic Training: Her father taught her to use all ranges of weapons. This ranging from Energy based to solid based projectiles.

    Survival Training: Her Father paid an individual to teach her advanced first aid and survival techniques.

    Close Quarters Combat Basics: Though she says she knows a lot she is still stupid when it comes to many things. She much rather would like to rely on her technology to do the job for her.

    Vast Resources: She can call upon the resources of her fathers empire to assist the group and specificly herself whenever she needs it. Mainly is used to advance her research in an area or to gather intelligence on an individual.

    Personality: Extremlly Analytic in nature and very curious about everything she encounters. She is always found either rambling on about somthing or fiddling with something else. She has to keep her mind on task or she normally gets a headache. Kind and caring to the core she believe that all people deserve to live no matter the crime. With this in mind she still has no hard feelings for doing what has to be done. She loves to move around and loves to keep active no matter what. Although she may not have a extreme super power like some, her mind is something to be worried about in any situation. She loves to observe and learn from every action someone displays.

    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Stands nearly 5'10" tall. She has rather long Auburn red hair that feels almost like silk. Sky blue colored eyes.

    Father: Lex Luthor

    DeadShot (Ballistics Training)
    Deathstroke (Melee Training/Survival Training)
    Various Individuals (Computer Training and Education.)
    Lex Luthor (Exo-Suit Training)

    She Pilots this:
  3. Name Manchester Black
    Alias None
    age early 20s
    from(DC, Marvel, OC) DC
    skills Manchester grew up on the streets. While he is a good street brawler he isnt as good as a good h2h fighter like Batman. He relies on his powers to do the job needed.
    weapons None
    • Telekinesis: Manchester Black was an incredibly gifted telekinetic, and was capable of amazingly precise use of his telekinesis. He was able to give Superman the equivalent of a stroke, for example, by pinching blood vessels in Superman's brain. He once said he could gravity slam a entire city. His force fields held back punches of Superman, and Atomic Skull
    • Telepathy: He can read and manipulate the minds of others and even higher order animals. He once controlled a large number of Superman Rogues, and gave Bizzaro and SIlver Banshee Temporary sanity. He also his Lex Luthor from Martian Manhunter.
    Bio As a child Manchester loved superheroes. He loved everything about them. But soon as he grew older he soon resented them. He hated how they allowed the criminal scum to live only to break out and commit more crime. Superman was the main one because he was the first, the best. But soon he saw how much Superman failed. How no matter what he did the rogues and bad guys would escape.
    On a fateful day with his sister, Black stopped a entire train saving his sister. The UNited Kingdom saw this and decided to mold Black into becoming their hero. He decided a better way of handling criminals. Killing them. He met a few other superpowered heroes. They saw a better way of handling criminals. Killing them.
    After a epic battle with Superman, which resulted in Black teporarily losing his powers, he vowed to prove to Superman, that his way is right. That you ahve to kill criminals to stop them for good.