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  1. So I'd like to get back into editing some music videos with things like anime, but I'm so out of the loop. I really haven't watched many lately, and am stuck for which ones might be worth my limited time to check out and use.

    Anyone have suggestions for an amv they'd like to see done? Maybe you just have a song/series you want to see used? As a side note, I'm really interested in the concept of doing a video where the general context of the series doesn't seem like it should match the music; for example a super girly series with flowers or bubbles, you know, cutesy kind, paired with a hard core rock song...or other such variations on that idea :)

    Hopefully this is the right place to look for this kind of thing... :lol:
  2. Don't limit yourself to anime is my suggestion. Use source material you know, because the end result will be more inspired.
  3. Ahh, true, good idea thanks