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I don't know if I'm the only one or if other people experience this confusion sometimes on mobile (or even on laptops) but I always slip up sometimes when I'm really into typing a post. My brain automatically assumes that the addition sign goes to the main thread area I'm currently on (in the case of this picture, it was the main redstar 1x1 forum) because the "thread title" doesn't pop out to me personally and is not visible enough for me to realize in that second "oh that's how I create a new thread on this particular thread". So, my thread, as you can see- ends up going to redstar extras instead of 1x1 area because of my confuzzled brain with the layout. Can we please go back to the "create a new thread" colored buttons where the visibility is better for the main forum or come up with a better alternative, maybe even deleting those "plus" signs? Some suggestions!