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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Mistake, Sep 3, 2015.

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  1. I Propose that whatever intro page we have for new members sports this image. :3

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  2. People will start to think this place is for crazies if you put that up.

    Oh wait.
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  3. For obvious reasons, NO!
    Go back to bed Gwazi! I won't babysit you if you're awake ]:<
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  4. GOOD! >:{
  5. What I mean is that I will lock you up in a cafe instead of babysitting you!
  6. You mean with all the food?
    Are you feeling ok? You're being nice...
  7. No. >:[
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  8. But it's so accurate of the site! ;A;

    And there's a Ferret Owl!
    Isn't it just magnificent?
  9. No food for you! I'll take all the food!
  10. How are you going to empty an entire cafe's worth of food? :P
  11. It's only accurate for the general chat, not for the site. Just cause you hang only in here all day doesn't mean everyone else does :9
  12. With the help of my unlimited God like power!
  13. But it's most collected community we got. :P
    If we had to focus it on the RP part we'd be mish-mashing a hundred different and isolated stories and environments.

    (Note: I'm not legitimately trying to push this... But I do find it funny legitimate answers are being given to such a meme. XD)

  14. Exactly, since we are a roleplaying site, roleplaying should be the focus on these kinds of things, but since we are a diverse roleplaying site and doesn't just do one genre, doing something like this would be really hard, and focusing on a section which has nothing to do with the site as a whole is weird. :p (And I know you weren't serious, I just like bitching against you cause I'm your babysitter :D. GO BACK TO BED!)

    IN SWEDEN! Duh!
  15. Plus, I dun want Gwazi's dumb avatar face on a meme to be the first thing poor members see. O______O
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  16. Not enough orks. 2/10
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  17. But what about Morale?
    What inspires morale/activity more than a Ferret Owl, A Bunny Stripper, Batman yelling "Racks!", Saber and a Holy Sun Bro General? :P

    ^You do know it's the Master I use as the base of my Avatar right? :P
  18. We don't need morale ]:


    I think everyone agrees with this :D
  19. That's what a Slave Owner would say... ;A;
    Tempting... Get me a plane ticket +lodging and it's a deal! :P
  20. Pff, you wanna see it? Get your own ticket and sleep on the ground!
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