Sugarless Gum with Moon and Owl

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  1. Marceline shoves the body aside after she has her fill of blood. She wipes the back of her arm over her red mouth and smiles sweetly.
    "I feel like playing on my guitar." She floats back to her home and goes inside. She reaches for her axe and slowly caresses the strings.
    "Purr for me baby," she starts to play her guitar and she just lets loose.
  2. (Oh, remember, Marceline drinks the colour red. So blood is only one possible food.) The ice-blue liquid hisses as a few drops fall, spitting, onto the table. Princess Bubblegum, young and lovely ruler of the Candy Kingdom, finally whirls around in frustration.
    "Marceline!" she snaps, "I'm trying to /concentrate/! I'm working with some VERY volatile gumball acid."
  3. (Gotcha)
    "Ohhh, killjoy!" She stops playing reluctantly. She respects Princess Bubblegum - too much, so, to defy her by playing on. Marceline licks her fangs with her pierced pink tongue ((I added that in.. I know, I know! But you know I like piercings D:)), and sighs. She doesn't know what to do with herself now. She could trick Peppermint butler... But that was no fun; he always ran away. She could find more food, but she was still full from her last meal. Oh! What about Jake, and Finn? But, sadly, no. They were on an adventure like always. So Marceline decided to go bug Princess Bubblegum in hope of a mean to relieve her boredom.
  4. "I'm not being a killjoy, I'm trying to focus." She returns her attention to the beaker, tubes and heater* This.... Is... Important D:"
  5. "Ohh Priiiincesssssssssssss." Marceline floats up behind Bubblegum and insistently pokes her shoulder with an unnecessary urgency. "I'm booooorredd."Marceline continues to whine
  6. Bubblegum's hair whips around, releasing a sweet aroma into the air. "Stop it! I... I need to get this done by... Just.. UGH!"
    She glares at Marceline, her face flushed angrily, and once again scoots her chair around and bends over her labwork. She picks up a small blowtorch and begins heating something, bend possessively over her work.
    After a minute, she halts. "Stop watching like that. I can't concentrate when you do that! This... This is private."
  7. ((THANK YOU BOT :DD)) Marceline narrows her red eyes to slits, and proceeds to grin big. "I'm distracting you say?" She decides to sneak over to Bubblegum and then leans over the princess' shoulder. Marceline gets real close, and then in a whisper barely audible, says: "How distracting?"
  8. "Woah-" Bubblegum drops the torch, and hastens to switch it off. Throwing a cloak over her work, she faces Marceline, her blush fading slowly "I- What are you doing?" She feels a headache coming on- she needs to get this done today, and she's so confused..
  9. "I messed it up! You made me drop it! NO ONE MAKES ME DROP MY TORCH." She stands, now looking very clearly stressed and upset. "I, I need to get this done, so... Just.. Just GO!"
  10. Marceline actually looks hurt from Princess Bubblegum's outburst. I mean, sure, Marceline probably could have not come so close to Bubblegum. But they are both girls, not like anything would have happened. "Tch," Marceline scoffs, then turns a floating foot in the air, and starts to exit the door. But before Marceline leaves, she goes over to where the torch fell. She bends down. picks it up, dusts it off, and then sets it back down on the princess' work bench. "Sorry," she says before actually leaving this time.
  11. Bubblegum's face falls. "Marceline..." She lifts a hand. "Wait. I didn't mean that. Don't..." When no response comes, Bubblegum glances back at her lab table, biting her lower lip, then, after a moment more of hesitation, exits the room as well. She comes into the broad hallway and looks around. "Marceline?"
    The 'clip's of her petite shoes echo in the corridor as she starts forward at a cautious pace, peering into open doorways as she passes them. She tries knocking on a locked door- Peppermint butler has the keys, so she knows there's no reason to check. But something like anxiety burns in her stomach, and, her hands furling into gentle little fists before relaxing, Bubblegum resolves to check everywhere if she can't find Marceline soon.
    Finally, she comes to a door slightly ajar. Her arms crossed protectively over her stomach, she walks in, silently- almost as quietly as a vampire, she'd say if you asked her, though Marceline would scoff at this. "Marceline... Are you... Marceline?" She pushes the door open with just her fingertips, and it swings lightly on oiled hinges.
  12. Marceline wanders the halls and if she was touching her feet to the ground, the halls would be echoing with loud, angry stomps. Marceline didn't even do anything that bad to make Bubblegum burst like that. Well, she did sorta-kinda cause the Princess to mess up. Maybe she should go apologise...
  13. Bubblegum enters the room, then sighs. She lowers herself onto one of the school-sized desks lined up in rows. In a very unladylike manner, she kicks at the desk beside hers bitterly, and is rewarded with an immediate pain in her toe.
    "ow.." She whimpers, lifting her leg to examine the damage. Her shoe slips off and falls onto the ground with a delicate noise. Her leg and foot are clean, smooth, and pale white-pink. She makes a face, but is more inclinced towards this distraction than what's really eating at her.
  14. Marceline flits from each door in the palace. She shoves them open -doesn't push, or knock- and ((Listening to Scar sing Be Prepared. Lion King <3)) she goes inside them all yelling for Princess Bubblegum.
  15. Bubblegum starts at the sound of her voice. Marceline will disturb the party preparations. Standing, she yells "Quit it!", and runs out, missing a shoe :D
    "Marceline?" she stops in front of the vampire, holding back nervously and maybe with some shame- certainly guilt. "Are you okay? Back there. I...."
  16. [/I]"Don't you dare! It was my fault, I shouldn't have disturbed you and your working. I have a knack for ignoring when I'm told to not do something. So.. I'm s-sor-" Marceline can't get it out. Marceiling hopes that Bubblegum will know how sorry she really is. I've never apologized before.
  17. "Oh, Marceline!" Bubblegum pulls the other girl into a hug, then looks sternly down at her and speaks in her 'Princess Voice." "I shouldn't have snapped at you. It isn't that I mind having you there. I don't mind... No" She shakes her head, letting go, then meets Marceline's gaze again. "I LIKE having you there. I just really want to get this project... It's important. I... I'm sorry." She stares back at the ground, SHAMEFACED.
  18. Marceline waves a noodle-like hand at the Princess and "psh" 's. ( <_<) "I will stay away when you are working, okay Princess? Just.. hang up a sign or something on your door that says 'Marceline, stay the eff out'. Or.. something to that effect. M-m 'kay?" Marceline then smiles, revealing one pearly white fang and her long black hair falls in her face a little and she tilts her head while smiling;
  19. (xD) "That would be pointless and rude." Bubblegum frowns again. "Marceline... I need to finish this... will you come help me? Having something to listen to might give me that extra... Inspiration I need to solidify the ergdrt78743candyacid43543gaseousstatefdbfghhomogeneousmixturergfrepachycephalosaurouswyomingenesis7765."
  20. "Listen to? You mean, like, me playing my axe?" Marceline gets a hopeful glint in her black eyes. She then proceeds to bounce up and down in the air. "I can do anything you want Princess, 'cause I'm Marceline! >:D"