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  1. I can be quite slow sometimes when it comes to art. Real life always takes priority and it's been hectic lately. If I haven't sent you a message or gotten the art trade done in a week, please message me.

    What I'm willing to draw

    + Humans
    + Kemonomimi
    + Any gender (However, I am much much better at females.)
    + Blood || wounds || gore
    + Waist up
    + Portraits
    + Fanart
    + Oc's
    + Couples
    + Drool
    + Suggestive content

    What I'm not willing to draw

    - Anthros or furries
    - Mecha
    - Armor || weapons
    - Full body
    - Overly complicated designs
    - Hats
    - Vomit or any other body fluids not listed in the + list
    - Full nudity || hentai

    Examples of my art


    What I'm looking for

    x Art of my oc's
    x Art of my oc's with canon characters
    x Art of my oc's paired with your oc's
    x Any skill level c:

    Please fill this out if you're interested

    Character name:
    Character gender:
    Link to references (or spoiler with references):
    Headshot or waist up:
    Who/what will you draw for me:
    Anything special I need to include in my drawing or should know for my drawing (such as breast size if it's waist up of a female):

    Where you can find my art and my oc's
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  2. Hi! Are you still open to art trades?