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  1. Greetings all. Sugar Sweet here.

    A Few Things to Know
    • I'm an adult with a full-time job, and I'm enrolled in a distance learning program. There will be times when I'll be unable to do replies. Mostly, I should be able to get on daily. Weekends are when I can be most active. Even on weekdays, I still should be pretty active on here normally. I'm a procrastinator regarding school and work stuff​
    • I try my best to match my partner's posts. I do get carried away sometimes and might write a lot more. I promise I'll try not to get carried away too often. You get what you give me. If you don't give me enough to work with, you won't get much back.​
    • My characters are of all genders. That includes non-binary and transgender as well. I enjoy playing each gender and have no preference. Though, I would like it if I'm not asked to play a male character all the time.​

    What I Roleplay
    Apocalyptic: Chances are I have some basic ideas for this particular genre in mind at all times. I've watched too many apocalyptic movies during my teenage years.
    Fandom: The main fandoms I roleplay are Harry Potter, Doctor Who, and Sherlock. Others are bound to pop up in my lists below often though.
    Fantasy: I'm picky when it comes to this. The plot has to be really good. If I have ideas or you do from the start, I'll be more likely to be up for it, but I'm not going to plan from scratch with this one.
    Modern: I love doing modern roleplays the most. I always at least have pairings and basic ideas on hand.
    Romance: I do all pairing types. Lesbian and gay romances are the most interesting to me only because I've had so many bad experiences with straight ones. I'm definitely up for straight romance though, I just may be a little more particular.
    Science Fiction: This is another one of my favorite genres. I rarely will turn ideas for this down. So, feel free to come to me with any plots you've been wanting to do.
    Modern Fantasy: I'm more likely to do modern fantasy than any other types of fantasy. I really enjoy roleplays involving vampires or super humans. Supernatural/magical boarding school is also pretty fun.
    Horror: I like writing about serial killers. I watch too many crime shows.
    Family: This includes a variety of things such as adoption, starting a family, step-family, single parent, family drama, etc. I prefer to keep my family roleplays modern.

    Celebrity x Fan
    Assassin x Target
    Mistress x Maid
    Professor x Student
    Openly gay x Closeted
    Vampire x Human
    Werewolf x Vampire
    Rich x Poor
    Tutor x Tutored
    Boss x Employee
    Single Parent x Babysitter
    Stalker x Stalked
    Criminal x Cop

    Orange Is the New Black-

    Alex x Piper
    Alex x OC
    Piper x OC

    Harry Potter-

    Harry x Ron
    Hermione x Ginny
    Luna x OC

    Doctor Who-

    Doctor x Rose
    Amy x Rory
    Vastra x Jenny
    Doctor x OC


    John x Sherlock
    Irene x Sherlock
    Sherlock x Molly
    Sherlock x OC
    Irene x Molly
    Irene x OC
    Molly x OC​
    Basic Ideas
    A couple who keeps breaking up and making up constantly, and their best friends are getting tired of seeing them go through this painful process, deciding to get involved.

    Something to do with clones.

    Doctor Who with me playing an OC Time Lord chosen by Missy as part of a sinister plot the Doctor's yet to discover.

    Orange is the New Black with me playing an OC inmate.

    Harry Potter with me playing an OC or Ron.

    Alien hunting group.

    Superheroes and villains.

    Based off of Bloomington.

    Divergent with me playing an OC opposite Jeanine Matthews or Eric.

    Based off of Elysium.

    Adoption by lesbian couple.

    Alien royalty.

    Group of LGBT friends.

    Serial killer spouses.

    Something modern involving me playing a gender fluid character.

    High school drama.

    Ex-spouses trying to rekindle their romance.

    LGBT runaways.


    Foster care.

    Best friends falling for each other.

    Serial killer siblings.

    Terminal illness.

    Something modern involving me playing a transgender character during transition.

    Broken family.

    Starting a family.

    Based off of White House Down.

    Summer romance.

    Futuristic with me playing an eccentric lesbian inventor.

    Plots will be put here when I have them.
  2. I'd love to roleplay with you! My mind is already swishing with ideas here and there. Would it be possible for you to have a writing sample beforehand?
  3. Great! I look forward to starting something up with you. I do not have access to anything I've written previously at the moment, but I'm happy to type up a sample for you.
  4. Great! You can check out my own roleplay resume for a writing sample, if you need one! :)
  5. Hey, are you still interested in rping?
  6. Okay. I'll type something up and send it to you tomorrow since it's getting late.

    Yes. Is there anything in particular you're wanting to do?
  7. What did you have in mind for the band rp?
  8. I'll send you a PM.
  9. Hi! Are you still looking for a partner by any chance? I love the idea of Alien Royalty. Did you have any specific plot in mind?
  10. If you're still looking, any ideas involving werewolves, super-heroes or human experiments interest me :B
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