Sugar, sugar! (dudududududu~)

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  1. Most of us have some sort of vice when it comes to sweets, treats, and snacks. Mine happens to be chocolate. More specifically, a well known brand of chocolate here in Sweden known as Marabou.


    It's just so rich and creamy...


    *wipes drool*

    So, what are you guys's favourite treats? Sweet, savory, sour, spicy, bitter, it's all valid, as long as it's something you know you shouldn't be eating all the time, but you wish you were.
  2. Salty liquorice, like a true Swede. Ain't nothing better.
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  3. I'm not a big sweet person, I have two and only two exceptions.

    Thin Mints and Peanut butter Pie.
  4. I love chocolate, but sadly I'm a diabetic so I can only have it on special occasions, and very small amounts of it.

    However, there's a bakery down by where I live that makes a sugar free chocolate pie that is like a little piece of heaven. It's really hard to find sugar free stuff that doesn't have a nasty after taste, or tastes like crap. X_x
  5. every time I have chocolate I'm all like

  6. Chocolate. ANYTHING WITH CHOCOLATE. Especially chocolate-chip banana muffins; those are the bes despite the fact that I don't like plain old bananas. The first time I made them, though, they turned out terrible. But then a very wonderful friend shared her recipe with me, and I've adored baking - and of course eating - them since.
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  7. Salmiakki! As a proud Finn, I refuse to call it salty liquorice! >:v

    Dark chocolate is awesome too.
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  8. ...oh honey honey

    You are my candy girl

    And you got me watching you
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  9. Technically, you DID just call it salty liquorice by saying you won't call it salty liquorice... :p
  10. .... <.< >.> anything sweet. Sweets are my Achilles heel. I take after my dad. Any kinda chocolate or candy just about makes me happy. Oh...and certain potato chips like the Spicy Nacho Doritos or Sour Cream and Cheddar chips.
  11. .....Damn.
  12. I come from a family who has a large love towards sweets and because of that bake a lot of the sweets we do have.

    I don't know if I have an absolute favorite. It's hard to choose D:
  13. Caramel is my favorite candy. So good. I usually eat as an apple dip rather than in chocolate or something, so I don't eat as much of it at once.
  14. [​IMG]

    We're in a love-hate relationship called "I know you're bad for me but GIVE ME YOUR CAFFEINATED SUGARY GOODNESS."
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  15. Salty caramels

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  16. [​IMG]
    I shouldn't have looked into this 5 minutes prior to shopping! I know what I am surely going to waste my money on now >:[

    Also asking my most trusted swe about Maborou, he disagreed!
    18:57 - Filthy Gaijin: How good is Marabou?
    18:58 - Xaltwind: By comparison to what other company?
    18:59 - Filthy Gaijin: Just in general, their chocolate
    18:59 - Xaltwind: It's alright
    19:00 - Filthy Gaijin: Not comparable to wet unicorn dreams?
    19:00 - Xaltwind: Not really
    19:00 - Xaltwind: It's a very generic chocolate brand
  17. I make sweets without sugar. And they're fucking awesome. Just today, I made delicious chocolate. With nuts. And honey. Hmmm.






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