Sugar and Spice and Kimu and Teehee... Sweets!

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  1. :poke: :catgirl: :poke: HI! I'M KIMU! I :love: love :love: you allll! :poke: :catgirl: :poke:

    :poke: :raven: :poke: I have a twin named Miku and she is the best big sister ever! :poke: :raven: :poke:

    :fire: :flamethrower::fire: When she is mad or when someone hurts me, I know she will protect me because she is Sissy Miku and Ain't no one messes with Sissy Miku. :fire: :sword::fire:

    :cow: :yeti: I love animals. I love LOTS of animals. My favourite is the cow and teddy. :cow: :yeti:

    :hyper: I LOVE to play and I have lots of friends, I think... Or is that Miku? :hyper:

    :ditzy: I get hurt a lot because I do a lot of random gravity checks and they come out with flying colours. I wish I were that good at taking tests. :ditzy:

    :hungry: Well, I will go for now. Miku is taking me out for sweets and chocolates! :hungry:
  2. Holy smiley faces... O_O

    Welcome to Iwaku, Kimu!
    From the way you describe Miku, you two are indeed close.

    But, if you need anything or have trouble finding something, Message me or one of the other staff members and we'll help out.

    See you soon.
  3. Indeed, sir Pirate man. ^_^

    And thank you for the lovely comment. :touched: