Sueing and bringing down major companies.

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  1. Someone gets a can of food with strange items in it like a band-aid or a piece of plastic. Or maybe your kid swallows a piece of broken glass because of that...
    It is a perfect chance to get a lawyer and sue. You can make millions. But is it right to do that?
    Would you do it to if you got a can with a random object in it? Even if it might put the company out of business and then thousands of lower and middle class people lose their jobs.. Then their families end up living in poverty and losing their homes? Is it worth it to you to get rich off something like that?

    Isabellas are too nice to do that...
  2. The only thing better than suing some company into oblivion and ruining all of the lives of the people that they employ is suing the government for a huge wad of cash and making life harder for everybody.
  3. Part of me says no. Just thinking of the poor people that would loose their jobs because of me and all the other repercussion and such


    Another part of me, the part that says 'fuck it', would totally sue and live like a rockstar for the rest of my days.
  4. I had NEVER thought about the workers and families the company supports until you brought that up last night. o___o It definitely stops and makes you think how worth it is to sue. Most things like that in factories are total accidents, so it sucks that someone might get like, a plastic bottle top in their can of green beans. But it's bound to happen with basic human error, and sure isn't going to kill you. So why sue over something like that?

    Things like glass and harmful chemicals... I can understand suing a little more. >> But is that really the companies fault, or is that the individual who made the error?
  5. The bigger they are, the more I find it unlikely for a 'small' mistake to bankrupt them even if you sue. When dozens of people end up in the hospital for something beyond a single human error, when it's a cultural problem with the company, they might not have the right to continue doing business. I do feel sorry for people that depend on such things as factories and stuff when the company only cares about the bottom dollar and cuts corners and thus endanger their customers and employees.
  6. You say it like it could happen.
  7. In Australia we arent as lawsuit happy. we also have a saying for when things are tough....... "have a cup of concrete and harden the fuck up"
  8. No, it's not a tradition here.
  9. You can't stop me from dreaming!
  10. We have a clause. Basically goes "What would a reasonable person do?".

    Example: A reasonable person would not take a gulp of boiling hot coffee.

    While it may make for a gray area it means the judges get leeway to make the call. It also means the corporate lawyers can force a stalemate and bog the plaintiff down in legal fees. So you need to have a strong case or a good lawyer.
  11. I won't lie, I don't think making cash necessarily compensates or truely makes up for someone else's mishaps. I'll be happy if they make sure the mistake doesn't happen again.