Suddenly Poems I've written?

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  1. This one is called I Wait, it's kind of depressing and I really have no idea what I was thinking about when I wrote it O.O But even so, I like it ^.^

    I Wait
    Morbid Fascination
    Wait For Hours Coming
    They Play
    Chilling To The Bone
    Play Their Sullen Music
    She Sits
    Eerily Still And Soundless
    Sits While Death Departs
    He Cries
    Silent Into Dark Halls
    Cries For Mother's Love
    I Wait
    Morbid Fascination
    Wait For Hours Coming



    Next one is called I'm Okay. It's kind of a downer too, but I find myself feeling this way sometimes, and decided one day to just get my thoughts out on paper.

    I say I’m okay,
    And I smile every day,
    Though inside I am not,
    For my heart has been shot,
    There is nowhere to turn,
    And these secrets they burn,
    Still, I hold them back,
    No one sees through my act,
    Though I shed not a tear,
    I just want you to hear,
    Everything that I hide,
    It has shattered my pride,
    Left on my soul an ache,
    Makes my heart, with pain, quake
    And I just want to cry,
    Can’t you see? It’s a lie!
    All these smiles,
    They’re so vile!
    Yes these words always stung,
    On the tip of my tongue,
    Begging outward to flee,
    Make the world finally see,
    And though I want to scream
    I won’t…silence it seems
    Is my only way
    So I say…I’m okay


    And Finally!

    My dad left us a long time ago, and right after he left, I was so angry and hurt, that this just came to me one evening. It was the first time I sat down and wrote an entire poem in one sitting. I've always been very proud of this peom, and I still am. It's called A Father's Job.

    He's Not Supposed To Leave
    It's Not A Father's Job
    He Is Supposed To Be There
    For His Children And Their Mom

    When His Daughter Scrapes Her Knee
    While Riding On Her Bike
    When His Baby Cries Out Due To
    Bad Dreams In The Night

    A Father's Job's To Be There
    From The First Day To The Last
    Because His Baby's Life Is Going To
    Go By Way To Fast

    He Blinks And It's Her First Date
    Again And It's Her Prom
    Too Soon He Realizes That
    His Baby Is Long Gone

    But If He Isn't There For It
    What Does It Really Mean?
    His Daughter's Life Is Changing
    But He's Nowhere To Be Seen

    He Blinks And His First Grandchild
    Is Staring Up At Him
    Her Innocent Eyes Reminding
    Of That First Day Again

    But If He Isn't There For It
    What Does It Really Mean?
    This Baby's Life Beginning
    Again He's Nowhere To Be Seen

    Now He's On His Final Bed
    Retracing Through His Life
    He Knows He Should Have Been There
    Through The Good Times And The Strife

    His Kids Grew Up Without Him
    He Left Them All Behind
    Now They're Nowhere To Be Seen
    Just Like Him In Their Lives

    As He Starts To Close His Eyes
    He Sees An Angel's Face
    She Smiles At Him And Tells Him
    "Daddy, It Will Be Ok"

    He Cries because he knows her,
    It is His Baby Girl
    Her Face will be The Last Thing
    He Will See Here In This World

    She Says He'll Go To Heaven
    Although He Wasn't There
    For Her God Is Wonderful
    And Also Good And Fair

    She Tells Him She Forgives Him
    For Not Being In Her Life
    For Homecoming And Prom Night
    Or When She Became A Wife

    For School And Graduation
    Or To Help Pick Out A Home
    Or Being There That Hard Night
    Her Baby Girl Was Born

    She Tells Him That She Loves Him
    But Now It's Time To Sleep
    His Heart Feels Like Its Breaking
    It's Ripping At The Seams

    But His Baby Girl Forgives Him
    His Life Is Now Complete
    He Finally Closes His Eyes
    And Forever Goes To Sleep

    His Little Girl Looks Down At Him
    Though He No Longer Sees
    She Kisses Him On The Forehead
    And Whispers "Goodnight Daddy"


    Hope you enjoyed at least one of these poems! Feel free to let me know what you think :)