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  1. RP inspired by this song: A Stray Child

    Skip to the orange Mechanics title to see the interesting idea I have in mind - please, even if you don't join, at least tell me what you think of the idea.

    The Setting:
    "An Awesome Story" - a novel with a mysterious air to it ever since its release in March. It had no other title, and credited no author; yet, it was a masterpiece of literacy that appealed to every audience - it had just enough plot twists for the story-lovers, just enough romance for the teens, just enough subtext and metaphors for the adults. It was the image of perfection to the point where even the lowest scum weren't willing to provide spoilers. It just so happens that on this day of the 2nd of April, a friend recommends the book to you, as you haven't read it yet. The words they use are something like this: "Hey, <your name>, you should check out this book! One of the characters is just like you!"

    And so you do. You buy a copy, or perhaps they lend you theirs, and you open it to page one. You begin to read, and before you know it an entire hour has passed. You put the book down briefly to stretch your arms when you turn the page and see the header; "Chapter One" (you have been reading the prologue until now). As you do so, you catch a glimpse of the scenery. Before you stretches a dense forest, grey leaves and occasional blood red flowers replace the soft cream of your living room wall, and the more distant trees are blurred by fog. You notice your body is encased in unfamiliar clothing. In one hand you hold the book, and you bring it up to your vision - but it is not the book. It is thinner, the cover is more plain and written on it is "An Awesome Story: Pages X - Y" (with X and Y being page numbers). Around you lies several other people, who you recognise as characters from the book, each perfectly fitting the oddly peculiar descriptions written in the text.

    TL;DR - You and several other people get sucked into a book and you have to overcome various obstacles to complete your objective, whatever that may be.


    Well, I say 'mechanics', but there's really only one. The characters possess fragments of the book they have been sucked into. At any time, you may have them read the book, essentially gaining knowledge of what challenges may befall them. In order to read ahead, a majority vote must be reached in the OOC. For example, if there are 7 players, at least 4 must agree to read the book. Be warned, however, for once an event has been read about, that event becomes absolute. Events that are unknown may change in outcome, but once you know what happens in an event, that outcome is doomed to occur, no matter how much you try to fight against it, so read at your own risk. All you can do as you read is hope that the page you decide to read (for only one page may be read at a time) contains no vital information. Yes, this does mean there is a chance for character death, but don't fret! In "An Awesome Story", death is not the end, but a beginning of something new.

    That's all, folks! Drop your interest or comments below! Of course, you could just leave and not say anything... but then I'd have to be hunting wabbits! Gettit? Cuz Iwaku's logo is a rabbit! I'm so funny and not narcissistic at all.
  2. Interesting!

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  3. No idea how this idea will play out, I'll be honest. Hopefully it'll work though! I haven't skipped out on the actual plot either - so many possible branches in mind already to allow player actions.
  4. One question though: When you say that the players will vote, do you mean the RPers, or the Characters?
  5. The RPers. Since each character possesses a few chapters of the book on their person, anyone could theoretically read their part, but as a matter of courtesy, RPers will hold an OOC vote before a character reads. Then, one person won't accidentally cause the death of another's character and get held solely responsible for it.
  6. I want to make three characters and have one die..... Idk why, it just sounds like fun.
  7. Three might be a bit much... This is still a world inside a book after all, and if everyone has 3 characters that's a very large party XD Maybe start with 2 and see how we go. If one dies, you can always bring in another later on. It's a book-world, after all, so a new main character could appear at any moment, that's the beauty of it :D The new character would read until their time to 'drop in' so to speak, so they'd know all that had already happened too!
  8. Oo! My third character that would drop in later, could have a blank book as well as a few pages. And the blank book would have writing appear in it as stuff happened.
  9. That seems a bit pointless... but it's a good solution to having to redistribute book fragments, so we can go with that.
  10. Me too. I always thought it was a Wallaby.
  11. Eh... how?
  12. [​IMG]

    The ears kinda look too... Wallaby. I just can't see ears of those proportion as rabbit-like.
  13. I always saw it as the letter R, so when I saw the ears the first word that popped into my head was "rabbit".
  14. I always thought it was Japanese or something. I never noticed it was an animal...
  15. I am a bit, interested. I will like to see how things go. Probably will only have one character though
  16. Consider me interested! Do you have limits about writing abilities?
  17. did this ever come to fruition?
  18. :( awww thats sucks. oh well
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