Such A Strange World...

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  1. I just needed to put this out there. A college staff member was offering condoms to college students. She told them that they (her and a group of people) were doing testing and that these were free condoms. Now, I'm not completely immersed into the college society itself, but I'm being educated at my college (within a collegiate program). I've never heard this topic being brought up, I have no idea how they would "test" college students with condoms, and I don't even know what the hell it is. I just thought it was funny and strange that something as strange as this in my environment would come up.
  2. I bet the study is simply how many people were willing to taker them and how many people would reject it. These types of studies are probably a psychological behavior when confronted with such an unusual situation.
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  3. It could be a survey of how many more college students, compared to current statistics, are willing to practice safer sex if the means to do so are more accessible. And how much more accessible can you get than free? Just counting how many students take the free condoms might be enough.
  4. Only two or three took them from my area, but she could be handing them out in other areas.
  5. So long as it's a "test" of whether or not the students would take a condom from a stranger, then that's fine.

    I do not like the idea that the condoms might be experimental...
  6. I have to fully agree with the above statement
  7. Seems like it's more advanced than my time lol even though I'm only 24 :P