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Hi everyone~
Whysoserious here also know as Clown Princess or any other nicknames you can think of for mwah (way I say me...don't judge)

Now I am here (like everyone else) to look for a roleplaying partner that would be interested in an idea I have.

Yes, this is a general request that I have for one idea but later on I might add more. (Or if you want to come to me with your own ideas please do! Just look at my resume first so that I'm not wasting your time if I'm not interested)

Now onto the boring part, my rules n' stuff

1. I only play female characters,
Just kidding...I play male roles but only in a homosexual pairing (I have been working on my heterosexual male but I don't like hetrosexual pairings as much they just have this sort of blah to me...but I will still do mxf if I want to change it up sometimes)

2.I DO NOT! And will NOT do the whole Dom/sub thing it's boring, gets old, and has that blah that hetrosexual pairings have. I do not want my partner to be overly submissive (cause boring) and I do not want my partner to be overly dominant (cause dammit I want control to!)

3. I am okay with every couple pairing. I love FxF (since I am lesbian myself hoho, bet you didn't see that coming) I also enjoy MxM (cause it's sweet and go LGBT) and I'm fine with MxF (I will do a MxF pairing don't get me wrong...but I just don't feel as comfortable with that as I would FxF)

4.Please do not harass me, if I don't respond in 3 days min. dont automatically go to the thought that I hate it, go to the thought that I'm busy...have writers block...or, forgetful (like I said...don't judge)

5. I'm a cool person and I love talking to people as humans and not just rp partners. Sometimes I do get bored if we don't try to build a connection (on a friendship level of course) and it will be harder for me to talk to you (since I'm a social weirdo already) just please try and speak to me.

6. There is no six...haha I got you, now let's get onto the fun part! My idea!!!!

*random people dancing and a kitten flying out of no where*

Tidbit: {People think I pretend with my personality cause there are a lot of fakers...but I don't cause I'm an amazingly weird sociopath.}

Now here's my idea (if you are still here woo-hoo to you, you deserve a cookie}

Cant think of a title cause I'm freaking tired plot (based off movie I,Origins):

They were in love, like normal couples were...everything happened at once and everything crashed at once. Muse A was an unemotional and uncaring person, well that was what people would describe her as but she saw herself as a person who didn't think with their heart but their mind instead. She was a molecular biologist who was studying the evolution of the human eye and found herself compelled to anything having to do with the human eye. Muse A was devoted to her job and one night her friend convinced her to get out and interact with the human race, so takes said friends advice and goes to a costume party where she meets Muse B. Muse B is a free spirit who believes and everything and nothing all at once. Muse A only even interacted with Muse B because of her eyes, to her they were beautiful and weird all at once.
(I'm not going to describe that cause I'm too lazy, basically they hit it off...complete sexual intercourse in a bathroom and then Muse B disappears leaving Muse A searching for her)

Then they did the simple human thing and fell in love, Muse B opened up emotions that Muse A thought she could never feel. Muse A wanted to spend the rest of her life with Muse B, then everything came tumbling down. Muse A and Muse B got into a horrible argument it hadn't lasted long but to Muse A it had. She couldn't even figure out if she wanted to be with this person who was so different than her...but she never got to figure out cause before she knew it, Muse B had lost her life...if the blink of an eye she was gone.

Three years passed after Muse B had passed and Muse A was still trying to pull through, she was in a relationship with a girl that she had been dating and was ready to propose and start a family with her. Once they finally got the chance they found a birth mother who had given birth to a baby boy and went through the process of getting his medical records through his Iris scan. But something weird had that medical scan another man's information had popped up leaving Muse A with questions. How could two people share the same mind and eyes with a different body? After months and months of research something had arisen. Muse B's records were shown in a different person with a different name, body, and face. Muse A needed to find this person to see if her first love had actually been reincarnated into this different person. Number one question though, how could that be true?

Will everything be the same again once she finds the person who holds the same information as Muse B with a different body, will she drop everything in her life to find that person? Or will she spend the rest of her life asking What If?

Okay yeah I know that was a crappy way of explaing it but I'm tired so at least give me credit for typing all of that. But basically what that plot line is following the life long question of 'is reincarnation a thing?' .Your character is studying the evolution of the human eye and comes across a situation where the human eye had evolved so much that one persons soul, mind, and body could be reincarnated through that simple organism (that isn't simple). And that's where the conflicted arises, could your character handle the emotional journey that this is going to send her through.
(I hope that explains it better, if it doesn't and your interested just pm me with a bunch of questions.)

•Now I really want this to be a FxF (if you haven't noticed that already) and I want your character to play Muse A.
•Ido want this to turn romantic but not right off the bat, I don't want them to magically fall in love again in two days...I want it to go slow.
•If you want to start before Muse B dies in okay with that, if you want to start it where Muse A finds the reincarnated person I'm also okay with that. You and I can decide over pm or down below.
•Please only join this if your interested in topics like reincarnation and love scientific topics.
•Do NOT join this if you're a religious freak and don't believe in that simple though of reincarnation cause your God can only send you to heaven or hell, end of life (I'm not bashing religion I'm just not a huge religious person).
•This will contain some graphic themes of you aren't okay with that turn away, like now cause this isn't for you.

I hope someone shows interests soon and don't turn the idea away if your interested but don't understand it. I WILL ANSWER QUESTIONS!!!
Bye everyone!
And if you read it and aren't interested have a good day, but if you read it and you feel interested by the idea pm me or reply below!

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