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  1. Hello everyone~
    (Sorry I lied there are no unicorns T^T)

    As you can tell, I'm in on a mission to find a partner to roleplay this idea I've had. Now yes, I know I may be new to this site...but I am not new to roleplaying.

    Now in to the boring part (ew...) My Rules and Expectations (boooo!!!)

    1) Please be able to write a minion of two paragraphs. I am an intermediate writer and can write anywhere from two to ten paragraphs. I would love if my partner could at least be able to write two.

    2) Quality over Quantity, yes I know I asked for a minimum of two paragraphs but I want them to be two really good paragraphs. I don't want five paragraphs just describing water.

    3) Please don't ditch me, I know RL gets in the way but if you have to be anywhere for an extended amount of time (or you've just become uninterested) please notify me, I hate thinking that I've done something wrong when you're just in a week long

    4) Do not pester me! I, like the rest of you guys, have a life and sometimes school, work, or life gets in the way. If I haven't replied in over a week then you can remind me or give me a little bump. I may have forgotten or life has just taken over.

    5) I can play male or female characters, but just know I don't do the whole dominant/submissive thing. Both of our characters will be the equal amount of dominant and submissive.

    6) Lastly! There really is nothing....I just Ike shit to be even, got a problem? (I'm kidding I'm kidding...I just can't think of anything XD)

    Now on to the good part!!! Plots n' Parings n' Stuff

    (I will update as soon as more ideas come to me)

    Pairings (anything bolded is the part I play)

    •Murder x Murder
    •Bad Cop x Good Cop
    •Rival Spy x Rival Spy
    •Photographer/Artist x Muse
    Hidden Agent x Significant Other


    Plot 1: The Affair
    • Muse A is a famous musician who made it big with a band she started with her brother. They were famous, a huge rock band with the name...Plush. As the years went on they got bigger and bigger with fans all over the world, and as years passed went on. Muse A got married and had twins with the man she loved and her brother, got worse into depression and drug usuage. And before she knew it...her brother was lying dead on a couch with a needle in his arm. Muse A had blamed everything on her, she started pulling away from her family and started focusing more on her band, her brothers legacy. A year had past and she had revived the band Plush completely, she found a new guitarist (Muse B) and made a new album, she even began touring again. But of course, there are critics everywhere and everyone hated how "safe" Plush had become.

    Muse B was there with her as she ranted and raved about the critics and Muse B was there for her to keep her calm and heavily medicated (if you know what I mean) one thing lead to another and before amuse A knew it, she was waking up naked with Muse B beside her. But it was different, she had felt free when she was beside Muse B and she felt like her old wild self when she was next to the wild guitarist Muse B. She had a family at home...but there was nothing like a wild affair in the road.

    What I'm Looking For
    •Someone to play Muse B
    •A FxF pairing
    •50% plot 50% smut
    •Someone who's okay with drug, sex, violence, and rock and roll!

    Plot 2: Me, You, And This Prison Cell

    Muse A knew with every bone in her that what she had done...was right, but what else was she supposed to do. Her husband had beaten her, raped her, ruined her. So what had she done to get back at him, she knocked him unconscious, dragged him out to the car, bound him to the wheel, and started the car leaving him in there. But her sister had stepped in and saw him in the car and called an ambulance but instead said that he was trying to commit suicide, not that Muse A had just attempted to kill her husband. Muse A had followed along with the story but was surprised to see police at her home and next thing she had known...she was being arrested and thrown into a Prison with a bunch of dangerous women, and one of those dangerous women is Muse B.

    Muse B is top dog of the block they're in. She's in for the things that no one knows, and that no one plans to find out. And on one hopeful day Muse A pisses her off by actually talking back to her, but instead of putting Muse A on her list she takes an interest in her instead. How will this mismatched duo handle each other when they suddenly find out they're roommates, and Muse B's rival finally steps foot back in the prison. How will anyone know how to handle anything.

    What I'm looking for
    •Someone to play Muse B (and don't worry your character won't be the "dominant" one, you're character will just be...the really bad girl)
    •Someone who's okay with the topics of domestic abuse, rape (we WONT be roleplaying this.It's just mentioned, or it can be mentioned), drug usage, violence, and gang related things.
    •A FxF pairing

    Plot 3: Childhood Sweethearts

    Muse A was the wild and forgetful painter and her girlfriend Muse B was the bad girl photographer. They were in love and Muse A honestly wanted to marry Muse B. But before she could even think twice, Muse B had disappeared without a word, a trace, and without her. They were sixteen at the time and now ten long years have passed and Muse B finally found herself settling down in a city loft. Muse B never changed though, she was still the wild child, the bad girl that every girl wanted, the flirt that everyone hated to love. And Muse A changed her wild ways and tried to clean herself up, she went to college and got a job as an art professor, and was now in a sweet relationship with a police officer she met a couple years after Muse B left. But the catch, Muse A and Muse B are in the same city and even better, Muse A lives in the loft right across from Muse B with her girlfriend. What happens when Muse A and her girlfriend go over to greet the new neighbor, and they run into each other once more.

    What I'm looking for
    •Someone to play Muse B
    •A FxF pairing
    •Plot>Smut (I want more of a build up for the smut so it might be a while for anything but to pop off in this one)
    •Something cutesy, maybe a bit of fluff, but also mixed with drama and some comedy.
    •Someone okay with NPC's (or multiple characters)

    *Im also okay with doing different variations of the same plot.
    (Example: If A has already expressed interest in a plot and B also is interested in that same plot, then I'll do the same plot with both A & B)

    If you're interested reply below or pm me.

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  2. I would be interested
  3. Still Looking!!!! ^_^

    (Updated Plots)

    (Craving Plot 2!)
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  4. Another Plot Added!
    (Still looking!)
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