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    Yamamoto Middle School. From the outside, it looked like a rather regular place where nothing could go wrong. However, on the inside... you don't want to know. You really don't. Rumours have been heard, but hey, what's the worst that could happen?

    A lot.

    Only one from this school would know the horror that lies here, daily fighting, high delinquency... where do I even begin?

    So, anyways, here we are. Before the bell signalling a Homeroom rang throughout the school, here we have what appears to be a... little boy? Little girl? He? She? Let's say he. He dons his tracksuit as he begins to wallop a few big guys in the middle of the corridors, without showing any sign of exhaustion. Maybe he just doesn't do that is is actually exhausted. But whatever the case, he was currently in a battle stance, ready to fight.

    "What is the meaning of this?" He speaks in an androgynous, disappointed voice, "I thought you all said you were ready."
  2. Yukio was wandering the corridors, wearing one of his many military styled uniforms. The small twelve year old happened to wander upon the sight of another small boy, he believed, and a group of big lugs. By the looks of it, they were fighting and said big lugs were easily loosing.

    Yukio watched quietly, debating whether he should help the other smaller person out if needed, or just continue watching.
  3. Makoto was on his way to school as he normally was, he was after all, a model student. He carried his brief case over one shoulder and a hand in one pocket, his stride was carried with nonchalance. His square rimmed glasses covered glacial blue eyes, eyes that were very observant. It's what made him a very skilled martial artist. Of course mind reading came in handy at times. He was about to walk across the street when his thoughts were invaded by the thoughts of another.

    It was Megumi, Megumi Fukui.

    "What have you gotten yourself into today I wonder." He sighed.

    It was common for the Miko in training to get in trouble.The last time he had to shoo away a herd of dogs that had her surrounded and hidden up in a tree. At first, he didn't know why they were congregated around that specific tree--that is until it yelled out to him. Strange a tree should do that, right? Then again, this town was...weird. This time, it seemed his younger childhood friend was arguably more in trouble than her simple fear of dogs. A group of older boys from another high school had surrounded her.

    He sighed again. "Guess I have no choice then." He muttered. "There you are! I've been looking for you all over the place!"

    He walked over to Megumi who seemed frightened, and grabbed her hand--ignoring the group that surrounded them. "We'll be late for our date if you don't hurry." He said casually.

    He began walking away, that was until a hand was placed on his shoulder. A bad mistake on their part. Makoto had a thing about being touched without permission. He was very guarded in that respect. His head slowly turned towards the shoulder which had the hand gripping it firmly. His eyes stared at it momentarily, before his hand came up, grabbed the boys arm by the wrist; he turned towards the boy behind him by pivoting right and as he did--produced the motion to cause the boy to flip as he buried his shoulder into the boy's groin.

    Makoto was now standing over the boy, still in control of his wrist. One simple motion and he could easily snap the bone and tear the ligaments.

    "I suggest you and your group get out of here--and leave my girlfriend alone." Makoto told them. He then added pressure to the wrist causing the boy to squirm frantically. "Understand?"

    "Okay, okay--we'll leave!" The boy said causing Makoto to throw his arm back at him.

    "Come Megumi-chan." He said simply, walking, having taken her hand again.
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  4. Megumi
    Megumi had been on her way to school, donning the standard uniform for the institution, when the older boys cornered her. Of course, at first she'd tried to just ignore them, but they had kept following her. After a couple blocks of this, she'd lost her temper and turned around and snapped at the much larger boys. Things had just gone south from there. The next thing she knew they were surrounding her and her back was up against the side of a building. They weren't being violent, but they were too close and the things they were saying made the 13 year old exceedingly uncomfortable.

    "There you are! I've been looking for you all over the place!"

    Almost instantly, much to her chagrin, Megumi's fear dissipated as the familiar voice rang out. Honey colored eyes sought him out over the shoulder of the taller boys but didn't catch sight of him until just before his hand had hers, pulling her to her freedom. The relief must have caused the girls brain processes to slow because it took a minute for all of his words to catch up. Wait, a date? what?

    "Date?" she asked quietly, a big blush streaming over her cheeks in less than five seconds. Girlfriend?! What?! The younger girl parted her lips, opening and closing her mouth as she tried to wrap her mind around the concept. The girl was more shocked by his words than him flipping the older boy over his shoulder like it was almost nothing, even through the breeze created by the action had her skirt and hair stirring. She didn't get knocked out of her bafflement until Mako-kun had grabbed her by the hand and instructed her to come. Even then, her mind as still reeling as she followed behind him dutifully. So preoccupied with this new conundrum, the girl almost forgot to ask if the older boy would help her with some of her English homework after he finished his practice.

    "oh! uh, Mako-ku---I mean, Yukimura-senpai? If you have time after your practice tonight, can you tutor me in English a little bit? I'm having a hard time with verbs again." She paused "I'll buy you a snack!" She offered.
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  5. [​IMG]

    xxxxKouta fidgets with the strings of his hoodie as he walks down the cracked sidewalk. He's studiously ignoring the gang that loiters around this area, where the chain link fences are tall and imposing but not tall and imposing enough to keep out high school students. The rocks in his pockets are heavy, but their weight is reassuring. He's a little surprised that none of them have tried to provoke him yet. As soon as he thinks this, a boy with badly dyed blonde hair spits on his shoes. The rest of them cackle, but Kouta keeps on walking without any hesitation in his steps. Once he's turned the corner, he wipes his shoes on the grass.

    xxxxMost of the gangs that cause problems for Yamamoto are gangs from the other schools. Kouta is pretty sure that the Yamamoto gangs and these gangs have some kind of war system, but he's not interested in it. He just wishes that particular gang would stop bothering him. There was another one before them that was problematic, but he took care of them near the end of his first year (they jumped him, he sang, they vomited all over the place, they left, this new gang replaced them). The rest of the journey to the gates and onto the lawn is uneventful. Maybe it's the unusual hair that grabs attention? Kouta thinks. He touches his reddish-gold bangs. Should he dye his hair black? Would that make him blend in more? As always, the bright yet cool morning is punctuated by birdsong, quiet chatter, and distant screaming.​


    xxxxYumi hums a song she had heard on the radio as she steps out of the station and onto the sidewalk leading to school. "I wonder if the world I see will change when I put my self-confidence on?" she sings under her breath, side stepping the unconscious kid by the water fountain. She hopes he's just asleep, but this is her third year at this school. She knows it's better to not interfere with anything the gangs may have done, unless one of those pigs tries anything concerning her skirt. In that case, she slams her bookbag over on the bastard's head until he's on the ground. However, Yumi hasn't had to do that in a few months. She is in a pleasant mood this morning.

    xxxxThe girl jumps to her left in alarm as a group of boys she doesn't recognize runs straight past her and around the corner. She looks ahead of her and sees Yukimura and that cute second year who's usually with him, Fukui. It's not rare to see boys running from Yukimura, so she doesn't do anything but smile at him and Fukui. "Good morning, Yukimura-san. Fukui-san." Yumi nods at both of them and continues walking towards the school building. She wants to get to first period before the fighting in the halls dampen her good humor. She sets her bag down as she slips her shoes off and opens her shoe locker. After putting her indoor shoes on, she gathers her thick black hair and twists it into a loose bun that should hold until her third class. A glance around the corridor reveals only some shady characters and none of her friends. She still has five minutes before the bell-- should she go look for them?​
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  6. Yukio turned and wandered the corridors once again once he realized the other was handling themself. He glared at any the tried to approach and look like they'd cause him trouble. Luckily, none got around to messing with him. Yet.

    The short boy noticed Yumi, and mainly in a small form of curiousity approached to try and starta conversation with the upperclassman.

    "Hi." He greeted. Short and simple so far.
  7. [​IMG]

    Yet again it was time for school and all Azrael wanted to do was go back to sleep,unfortunately he couldn't.If he was to keep up his act of being human then that meant that he had to sleep at night and stay awake during the day.As he walked to school he couldn't help but let out a tired yawn before looking both ways and crossing the street.Once he was on the other side he could see a group of guys that he recognized and he let out a faint sigh.As soon as they spotted him one of them gave a devious grin,"Hey're just the guy I wanted to see.So have you thought about Seiji's offer to join our gang?"The male asked.

    Azrael let out another tired yawn before responding,"Thanks for the offer,but I'm not joining.I already told you please step aside.I have to get to school or I'll be late."He says calmly hoping none of the guys cause him any trouble.The guy lightly chuckles,"You say you're join but we can tell that deep down you're just like us.You'd fit in we'll be waiting for you to come around."The guy says then then the group walks past Azrael.He stands there for a moment wonder what the guy meant,'He claims that I'm just like them.I'm not like what does he mean? time to try figure that out now.I've got to get to class."He says then begins to walk again.

    Upon finally arriving at school he changed his shoes and headed toward class.On the way to his class he noticed a young kid who clearly had some bigger guys outmatched to his surprise.He had looked around at other students in the hall seeing faces both new and old.He observed his surroundings for a bit before leaning against the wall to wait for the bell to ring.


    Rin who had once again woke up early had yet to show up at school because she had gotten completely distracted.The thing that she had gotten distracted by was rescuing a cat that had climbed a tree only to get stuck for an upset little boy.Sure she could have just brought her wings out of her jacket but she couldn't risk revealing that she was an angel.Not just an angel but a fallen angel,which was sure to scare the boy and make her even more insecure.So she simply climbed the tree being careful not the damage her clothes and retrieved the cat.Once she was on the ground again she handed the cat to the boy and he walked off happy after repeatedly thanking her.

    Now that Rin was no longer being distracted it dawned on her that school should be starting soon.Upon checking the time on her watch she say that she had only a few minutes so she started to quickly run to school.Flying would be way easier but it wasn't the best idea and it wasn't worth the risk of being seen by someone,"Please let me get there on time..."She said under her breath while running.Once she was able to see the school she switched from running to swiftly walking,"Thank goodness.I wasn't as far away as I thought.It looks like I might make it in time."She said feeling some tired from running yet relieved.
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  8. With one hand lent back, gripping the handle of his school back that was slung over the back of one shoulder--his other hand been gently yet firmly holding Megumi's who walked behind and slightly behind the stern, and intelligent Makoto. Most knew the two were very close, not romantically linked but the two had grown up together. Makoto had even gained a few scars from his valiant efforts to protect a younger Megumi.One such scar extended along his left side, just below his ribs. It wasn't that deep of a wound, and was considered superficial by most standards--but it was there and every time took his shirt of it was visible.

    The scar was from a time when they were little, and Megumi was cornered by stray, hungry dogs. In his attempt to save her one of the dogs lunged and knocked him back against some broken glass. He wound up throwing away his own lunch to steer the dogs clear of Megumi and while she offered hers as a thank you--he told her to eat it instead. They went onto school where he went to the nurses station and was tended to. Ever since, he'd always looked after Megumi. Even when she hurt herself when she attempted to practice with a shinken, or live bladed weapon instead of a bokken. He gave her blood when she was in the hospital.

    It had always been that way, so the two were practically inseparable.

    "Oh! uh, Mako-ku---I mean, Yukimura-senpai? If you have time after your practice tonight, can you tutor me in English a little bit? I'm having a hard time with verbs again." He had let go of Megumi's hand once they were in front of the High School.

    "Yes, I will help." He said simply, having taken off his glasses he began using a small cotton cloth to wipe the lenses.

    Even without his glasses on, Makoto was an attractive young man who had the eyes of many girls. But he was so oblivious to romantic feelings that he often failed to catch on. A strange thing for one of the top students...
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  9. Waked up on his room by his older brother that said "Get up Tainted, aren't you late for school?" he replied with a lazy face "Yeah, i will but whatever... Don't care..." seeing his response with an annoyed face his brother said "So be it, don't tell mom that i didn't told you to go to school..." going to the door, he got out saying "It's better you go to school now, it's a long way to go...", Hearing that, Hiroshi got up from his bed lazily and wearing his school uniform, grabbing his steel suitcase and a little backpack with his school materials in it, he gave goodbyes to his family and transformed to his demon form. Spreading his wings, he set off to the school, he was accustomed flying to school and it was soothing to pass above the ocean everyday, passing unnoticed above the city, he landed on the school's roof, the only place that was really important to him, not knowing what time it was he sat down in the ground and transforming back to normal, he waited for the school bell to ring.
  10. [​IMG]

    As Rin walked she came to a cross walk at a traffic light then stopped and looked both ways before quickly crossing.Once she was on the other side she started to run for bit then switched back to walking just as she reached the front of the school.She stopped and bent over to catch her breath and spotted Makoto and Megumi.She stood back up,'There goes Makoto.I must not be late since he's still outside because he's never late.'She thought observantly.Then she looked around and noticed another male sitting on the ground,'Why is he sitting on the ground?He'll get his clothes dirty doing that.Anyway...I'd better get inside and get ready for class.'She thinks then walks in the school.Once inside she changes her shoes and gets her books.It wasn't long before she was walking down the hall where she saw some other students gathered.There was a group of popular girls gossiping about which guys they thought were the hottest and who was single.

    Their gossiping was something that she didn't get the point of because in her mind it was strange behavior.As she walked past them she over heard them talking about Azrael and wondered why he was appealing to them.She viewed things differently from the girls who crushed on guys but it wasn't that she was into girls.She was just more intellectual than emotional so her heart didn't get the better of her at least not so far.As she was walking toward her class she spotted Azrael leaning against the wall seeming to watch other students.She stopped for a moment to observe him,'What do those girls find so appealing about him? Perhaps I should observe him more closely to find out.'She curiously thought.


    Azrael covered his mouth and let out a long yawn,'I have to find some kind of way to stay awake otherwise I'm going to fall asleep right here.'He thought trying to fight sleep.He knew that falling asleep at school wasn't an option because he wasn't looking to get in trouble.The way he saw it getting in trouble meant drawing attention to himself and he didn't want anyone getting suspicous.He was in thought in he over heard a group a gossiping girls mention him,"Yeah,I totally think that you and Azrael would make a perfect couple Yukiko."One of the girls said grinning from ear to ear.Upon hearing that he raised an eyebrow,'Those girls really don't get it.Yukiko isn't my type.In fact...none of those gossiping girls are.My type of girl is...'He paused when he caught the familiar scent of lilac.He looked around and spotted Rin who just happened to already be looking at him.He gently pushed off from the wall and slowly made his way toward her wondering what she would say or do.

    Once he reached her he stopped right in front of her,"Hello we've never actually spoken before but I'm Azrael.You're Rin right?"He said and smiled at her.He couldn't help but wonder what she thought of his two toned eyes but he would wait for a bit before asking her.For now he was interested in learning about her since she seemed to be such a loner and observing how she reacted to him.What he wanted to know the most was would she act like those gossiping girls if he flirted with her or act differently than them.
  11. [​IMG]

    ]xxxxAh, screw it, it's a Monday. Yumi pulls the strap of her bag back over her head and walks down the hallway. She passes many hostile-looking students on the way, but she's pretty familiar with which ones are actually dangerous and which ones probably won't mess with her. Despite her wide-eyed, absent-minded aura, Yumi has a reputation among the usual harassers for being (surprisingly) violent and thus not worth the trouble. She decides to go ahead and head for her homeroom, as her friends may be waiting for her there. As she rounds the corner, she nearly plows into some underclassmen. Yumi murmurs apologies, but a smaller boy on the other side of the corridor approaches her. She tries to appear intimidating by crossing her arms and glaring. Usually, underclassmen who try to cause trouble for her are jokes, and this one should be no exception. "Hi," the boy says.

    xxxxYumi waits for him to continue speaking, but that looks like all he has to say. She slowly uncrosses her arm and drops the glare, but she still frowns a little. "... Hello?" she responds somewhat bemusedly, "Can I help you?"
  12. Megumi
    Megumi followed the older boy, starting to calm down as she reasoned his words from earlier away. She'd be aware if they were actually going on a date? right? And who would want to date him? Sure, a lot of girls liked him. But he was Mako-kun. Megumi looked him over and tilted her head. No, no dating him would be weird. That's what she decided anyways, even as her hear beat a little faster at the thought of it. The second year spotted, and apparently heard the third year girl where her friend did not. With the hand holding her bag, she had offered a little wave and a sweet smile before the girl had passed by on the way to class. She was vice president after all, she couldn't be late.

    Makota didn't answer the younger girl until after they were in front of the gates and he dropped her hand.

    "Yes, I will help." Megumi gave him a bright smile. She kind of knew he would. He rarely turned her down if she needed help. A gust of wind kicked up, making the girls skirt flutter. She paid it no mind however, she'd learned in first year to ALWAYS wear leggings or tights. This highschool had a lot of jerks who liked to flip up the girls' skirts whenever they got the chance.

    "See you at lunch?" She asked him she started to walk towards the school doors, both hands clasping her bag behind her. She could feel the ends of her braid tickling at the skin of her fingers. Soon her hands released though and the hand holding her bag swung around until it rested at her side. She didn't wait for an answer; just turned gave him a wave and dashed off, stumbled, but didn't trip!, as she went to her locker. She wanted to get to class before everybody started acting up. After her locker she made her way towards the second year classrooms, dodging most of the crowds that set off warning bells inside of her head. Normally if she walked around with Mako-kun she didn't run into any problems. But alone there wasn't usually as much of a guarantee. Normally, she had a couple of Ofuda stashed on her in case something really bad happened, but she'd forgotten them at home today.

    "Good morning!" She chirped as she slid through the door, pausing, letting her eyes take in the room before she went to her seat.
  13. [​IMG]

    "No, just decided to say hello and talk to someone." Yukio responded as he looked at the older girl in amusement. He didn't know why, but he just found her rather interesting. As well as the fact that he was currently bored and actually felt like talking to someone for once.

    He had nothing better to do at the moment anyway.

    "Ah, how rude of me." He muttered to himself, "My names Yukio; Yukio Meran." He introduced himself with a small bow. The boy was never much of a people person, but he didn't Mindy trying to interact with others, even if it led to awkward conversation that no one really wanted.
  14. [​IMG]

    xxxxOh gods, this is going to lead to awkward conversation that neither of them would really want. Yumi couldn't just go around him and leave (could she?). No, no she couldn't. "Hello Yukio. I'm Nirakoya Yumi." She inclines her head instead of bowing as he did. I'll just talk to him until the bell rings, Yumi thinks. She crosses her arms again, but this time it's more conversational and less intimidating. "Are you a first year or a second year?"
  15. " First year. You?" He placed his hands in his pockets as he spoke. Yukio took a guess that she'd be either a second or third year if anything. He honestly expected her to call him weird and walk away. He wouldn't have minded, for he knew he was a little strange. He was a little glad that she was partaking in the awkward conversation at least. It was mainly a way to pass time until the bell rung.
  16. Jin The bike eased into a stop, right next to one of the bike racks, Jin pushing it up just a little bit to move into one of the slots, before he chained it to the rack with a bike lock. He shifted his shoulder to get his bag off of it right away after that, carrying it in his hand as he started walking to the shoe lockers, looking around. He still seemed to be making good time for now... Unless that was the homeroom bell he heard, and not just the school doors one. He'd ask someone, that'd work. The only real question was who. Not much of a question as he walked through the hallways, seeing one person he might be able to ask.

    He wasn't sure if it was a he... Or a she... Or... Whatever, they looked like a first year, so who knew, maybe they'd be happy to help out a senior. He stopped in front of Cambion, not really registering the battle stance or anything like that, looking over as he asked "Hey, Kouji, was that the class bell or the open bell that just went off?" It didn't really register to him it might not be best to call someone who looked ready to fight 'little one'. To him, it was just a quick nickname to use, after all, they looked smaller than him, it was probably fine.
  17. "Huh?"

    As Cambion turned back, a thug punched him, hurling him towards another individual. He then crashes into said individual, noting that it was another student as their faces faced each other. Cambion did not show any signs of breath.

    "I haven't heard any bells ringing today," Cambion speaks, "but I'll be sure to make them ring really hard." As Cambion gets up like nothing ever happened, he cracks his knuckles and smiles. "I do not require any help, but if your drive is akin to mine, I will not halt you."

    He rushes towards a gang of delinquents, all of them armed with crowbars, bats, brooms and other forms of improvised weapons. An unarmed individual against a few weapon-wielding warriors

    How unfair.
  18. [​IMG]

    While Rin was looking at Azrael she was completely caught off guard when their eyes met,'He's looking at me,but why is he looking at me?"She thought curiously.Any other girl would have blushed or smiled at him but she simply calmly gazed at him as he approached her.He stood at five foot six while she was five foot four so she had to look up a little to meet his gaze again,"Yes,my name is Rin Matsushita.Although we've never spoken before I know who you are.You're Azrael Lucarda."She says calmly.She glimpsed at the gossiping group of girls and saw that they were now giving her death glares.Regardless she could care less and returned her gaze to Azrael to see what he would say next.


    Azrael continues to smile at her,"That's correct,but you don't have to be so formal okay?Anyway...I've been watching you and I can tell that you're different from the other girls at this school."He says then pauses.He leans closer to her,"In fact...I think you're beautiful and you seem very interesting to me.I'd like to get to know you Rin."He says in a flirting tone of voice.He could hear all of the things the group of girls was saying now and he mentally laughed.He was sure that they would die if he were kiss Rin on the cheek but he didn't want to offend her...or did he?He had to admit that he had never seen her show anything other than a calm demeanor which made him curious.He had to see what kind of temperament did she have.Just then he heard the commotion from earlier seeming to escalate and looked down the hall.

    He sighed,"Please excuse me...I see a fight down the hall.I'll be right back."He says then winks at Rin.Then he begins to walk toward the group of delinquents and the two boys,"Excuse me...but you neanderthals are causing to much noise and on top of it you're picking a fight with an unarmed kid.So how about you get lost so I won't have to send all of you to the infirmary?"He calmly says and puts his hands in the pockets of the jacket to his school uniform.
  19. "What do you want with us? We don't want to have to cause more damage than this little kiddo over here," one of the ruffians spoke as they charged forward.

    "You," Cambion spoke to the newcomer. Said newcomer's notable trait was heterochromatic eyes. "I do not require assistance, but if you wish to fight for your own reasons, feel free to proceed..." Cambion then proceeds to get hit by a spiked bat on the head, not flinching in any way.

    "That actually hurt," Cambion speaks as he grabs two weapon-wielding hands, before altering their balance by kicking their stomachs with his two feet. The individuals who were damaged then flew backwards, crashing into another person...
  20. Jin Jin scratched the back of his head, not really too eager to just jump into a fight he didn't know anything about, no why or who for him. He set his bag on the ground, stepping forwards, trying to position himself between Azrael, Cambion, and the armed group. He almost didn't say anything for a moment, before saying "Hey..." He stood there another moment, not really having ever actually defused a situation like this before saying "Not really much of a reason for this, and I don't really see it going well either way anytime soon. No need to throw around threats and fists if you can avoid it." It wasn't really inspiring, but it might be better than just trying to scare them.

    Or not, he wasn't exactly sure who any of these people were, or if that'd really work. He was just hoping the hallway would clear up a little. At this rate he was going to be late again, and it'd be nice to avoid that. The school might actually force him to join a club or something then to keep him interested. He wasn't exactly looking particularly threatening or calming for the situation though, looking more like another half-delinquent, using words that probably weren't too effective unless everyone believed them.
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