succubus and demon slayers and probably sex [but dont count on it]

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Hows this Idea?

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  1. I was thinking about messing with a fairly common plot, preferably with a female. It involves what most people would call vampire hunters. But in this high world fantasy story they'd be an organization of Slayers because they do not simply aim for vampires, but lesser demons, werewolves, succubus/incubus, specters, and all things unholy, basically paladins of a kingdom. They're all equipped with their standard blessed light armor, an all-purpose short sword that is serrated near the hand guard made of a red tainted metal (also blessed and able to set a blaze all unholy entities), and a silver buckler type shield.

    So where does this begin?
    Well, It all began with a rookie slayer being shown the ropes during by a veteran slayer. As they approach the well renown Silvermoon Inn (a renown Inn by passing travelers) they encounter a gang of werewolves still in their human form surrounding a helpless girl whom seems younger than all of them, her brother torn apart not too long ago. The rookie and the veteran decide to intervene, but because of their numbers and ability to shift form at will, it was obvious they were too powerful for the two slayers to handle, but managed to scare them away with one lethal strike to the ring leader, half mutilating his arm at the shoulder, and setting him on fire, a fire quickly snuffed by the lackey werewolves.

    The rookie may have been content about their good deed for the day, but something wasn't right, the veteran still had his sword drawn, and at the victimized girl. Apparently he had known she was a succubus from the start.

    so yeah, that was my crudely drawn out plot, and I'm looking probably for a few partners to go along with. It could be a good ole 1x1 if there was someone wanting to play the 'helpless' succubus.

    Heres the fun part (open)
    Character sheet:
    name: list a nick name if your character has any

    age: people usually have fun with this one, just know, if youre over 100 and still kicking're one of them unholys
    personality: this does indeed include quirks and peeves

    history: gimme some backstory, sprinkle some spice
    appearance: you can list your character's features....or simply post a picture. you wont get penalized for both.

    side notes: whatever you want...within reason

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  2. i can be the succubus. I'm available to post during the evening time but other than that i can post often
  3. Cool, Guess I'll just give this another 24 hours and if no one else wants to join we can just make this a one on one. Meantime, I'll get the intro post and title ready.
  4. cool, do you want a character sheet?
  5. i honestly don't care for it since most of it is usually covered on the first post o.o... you know what... just very basic character sheet here

    such as

    Name, age , aaand notable abilities?
  6. name: aria
    age: 20
    abilities: She is a newly born succubus, but is skillful in; acrobat flying, close range fighting, shape shifting, and the use of powerful suggestion via telepathy. She can also dream walk to find her prey.
  7. no its awesome ill post in a couple of minutes
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