Suburban Commando

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  1. The town of Blooseville has a little game of territory control among its youngsters. They take up blunt melee weapons, and airsoft guns and get into little fights all over town for control. The cops have always considered it a game, having participated in it during their own youth and attesting that death and ultra-violence was frowned upon. The protests of angry parents come in fractional amounts… I mean seriously. No one's trying to get arrested. Thankfully kids these days can take all kinds of hits.

    Things have been pretty disorganized since about 2001. Before that, if you wanted to survive, you rolled with some form of what we call an 'association.'

    You've got your Firms, business people who see this as a means to keep up an image. Make themselves feel good by 'owning' something they feel is 'big.'

    The Gangs were the all-classic, all-american example of a bunch of thugs who wanted cash, street cred, and ladies/dudes/whatever they're into.

    Then you've got the severely separate folks, the solos' you know from the movies as the cowboys, samurai, and other folks. They've got twice the sense of honor any of the numerous firms do, but ten times the disorganization of the gangs. Wanderers and such, these folks.

    But then you've got the real nuts, the savages we call the 'tribals.' Mostly stick to makeshift weapons and paintball guns that nobody uses anymore. They are C-R-A-Z-Y!

    So take up some C02, and maybe a ping pong paddle. Show's gonna start anytime now.