Subteranian Slaughter

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  1. There will be some in depth violence and some swearing.

    You are all special in some way, some may read minds, others can walk through walls. They found this out and they took you... they will kill you for going against the template of God's ideal creation.

    You wake up in what appears to be a shower cubical with wires leading from all over your body. There is blood everywhere. It's bitterly cold and while this alone feels like hell, the things outside will make this seem like a haven.

    Outside are traps and monsters that will kill you in an instant, everything from pickaxes swinging down from the roof to zombies and worse. If it can,kill it will...

    Character sheet

    Power:(no more than 3)
    Reaction:(to make things interesting each power you have has some reaction depending on how well you can controle that power, an inexperienced user may collaps unconscious while a well trained user may just be out of breath)
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    Name: Riva
    Age: 24
    Gender: Female
    Atitude: Relatively extroverted and also aggressive. Not exactly refined, just damn persistent.
    Power: Power over earth and (limited) manipulation of fire. These assets can be combined.
    Reaction: Using earth powers causes migraines, and seizures if she really overdoes it. Fire causes burns, and combining the two causes bleeds. Hopefully that'll improve xD
    Backstory:Riva is a chimera. She was the twin that engulfed the other, and as both twins would have had these powers, she inherited them both but with significant flaws. Throughout her life Riva has sought to hide these traits, and so is inexperienced in using them. She came from a family of no particular merit, aside from the fact that they enjoyed duelling as a family past time. Useful, although of course they never actually used swords for real.
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    may as well post my first cs.

    Name: Ryu
    Age: 17
    Gender: male
    Appearance: Ryu is just above averave hight, slim but muscular. He has short black hair and crimson eyes. He wears a vest, trench coat and cargo trousers aswell as fingerless gloves.
    Atitude: Ryu is cool calm and collected for the most part, trusting only a few people who have gained it over time. The only person he truly cares for is his younger sister.
    Power: Ryu can manifest demonic energy and concentrat it/ he has been known t be able to transform his body though this is beond his controle.
    Reaction: For the most part using his power leaves him slightly out of breath but once the demon takes over he bleeds exessivly.
    Backstory: Ryu is for the most part your average teen, vocalist for a local deathcore band but then things change he's a half demon...
    For that reason his parents died. His mother in a car accident that scared his sister mentaly and physically. Then his father hung himself out of nowhere. Life was simple enough until now.
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