SUBSPACE - A Tale of Aimless Twenty-Something's and Ninja Powers

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    In short, watch this.


    And this.


    'Subspace' is an RP in a vein similar to Scott Pilgrim and No More Heroes, following a band of twenty-something slackers trying to make it big and defeat their former bandmate-turned-nemesis.

    The world of 'Subspace' also runs on video game rules, meaning everyone has insane powers for no explicable reason.

    The result? Expect differences to be resolved with kung-fu battles, dragons made of bass, giant robots and other such tom-foolery. Any takers?
  2. I'm so GAME for this! XD
  3. Yep, definitely up for this.
  4. Dude, I'm SO in this!
  5. I would love this. But I'm going on vacation the week after Christmas. So I might be a late addition.
  6. Grumpy, if you make this roleplay and it dies, I'll be upset with you. :3

    You can count on my participation!
  7. I count on my players to prevent me from being a lazy prick and keep me posting.


    But seriously, glad there's interest.
  8. ...this is so where I'm putting my Ramona-hammer-from-out-of-a-little-handbag character. >:3
  9. Alrighty then, I'll be throwing the OOC up soon.
  10. I wanted Ramona's hummer though.... Boo...
  11. You have no idea how long I have wanted something like this. I have at least one very disgusted witness who I shall not name.
  12. There you are. I was trying to be discrete, but oh, well.
  13. You could have asked.

    I'm not a mindreader, woman!