Subscribed Group Notifications + How to Fix "Stuck" Notification!

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  1. We are trying out the special "Social Group New Post Notifications!" again. Last time we had to turn it off because it was giving a lot of people phantom notifications even though it looked like they already have all their posts read, and we weren't sure how to fix that.

    We set it where it will not give you a notification for all groups you're a member of, only groups you are subscribed to! (For example, if you are a member of Girl's Club and -don't- subscribe to it, you will not get notifications. But if you subscribe to it, you will!)


    Go through EACH of your groups/subscribed groups and look for any threads that have the "new" picture by them.

    View EACH PAGE of that thread.

    This -should- make the "new" image go away.

    Do this in all groups you are subscribed to.

    And that shoooouuuld get rid of the phantom notification!
  2. Will this pop up when a new image is loaded in your subscibed group as well? If so I imagine people don't think to look at the new images.
  3. I'm not sure.. but you'll prolly want to try and view those if you've already done the threads and still getting a phantom notice. D:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.