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  1. How much time had passed since Dmitri had found a little Omega all on their own and this had started?

    How many times had he tried to take it the nice way and tried to entice the other one into agreeing to come with him?

    No, no- he wouldn't be made to regret his moves and decisions. This was for his own good- yes, this was what he needed and what Dmitri wanted. He would in time realize that this was what was supposed to happen. This was simple nature at it's finest- and who would dare go against the instincts buried into their very souls?

    Apparently this one.

    He had resisted every effort until Dmitri had relented against his better judgment and took him, fighting and struggling, back to his home- a rather large gothic style castle- and restrained him and locked him in a room. A well-fortified room, at that. He had offered him food, had offered him a way out of the restraints and locked room, a way to some amount of freedom- all he had to do... was submit. And yet the cagey little one was not having any of it.

    Perhaps starvation and isolation would serve as better tools of persuasion than anything else- but it wasn't too important at this point. Surely this was new and frightening- and perhaps it would serve better to show some measure of kindness and respect. Though... it seemed as though this would not work at all. The Omega probably wouldn't come to terms with the fact that this was simply what had to happen- this was life. But no, all he got were seething glares- well, he got more before that- before he had the little bugger gagged. But it had been hours, and surely the little one was tired from restraints. Surely he'd give in soon.

    Leaving everything else in place, but removing the gag, Dmitri asked one more time if the little demon had come to his senses. Asked if he had thought over his decisions. Offering him anything he wanted if he'd simply give in.

    "Well?" He asked at length, leveling a questioning glance at his restrained captive.
  2. Ephidel couldn't believe that this had happened to him. He'd been so careful to keep himself out of the way of the alphas and their possessive antics. Hell, he'd even put a great deal of effort to avoid betas, as well. Anyone who might betray him in exchange for having a favor to hang over the head of an alpha. Ephidel had been so careful, but it hadn't been enough. Sure he'd managed to keep himself untouched and safe for quite some time, but he'd been found. And the alpha that had found him was persistent.

    Most omegas would have shed their clothes and jumped into the bed of an alpha like Dmitri, but Ephidel was not like most omegas. He took after his mother, one of the exceedingly rare female alphas. It had apparently been quite the surprise to her when she'd gotten pregnant from a fellow alpha she'd taken as a mate, and the fact that she'd given birth to an omega had been an even bigger shock. Still, she'd raised him differently than one might raise any other omega. She didn't force his biological role down his throat. If anything, she'd encouraged him to be different, to be better than the rest. Ephidel had seen other omegas become the hormone-driven whores of the demon world. Rare, but the easiest lays one could possibly find. The stereotype made him feel ill.

    It was out of sheer hatred of his own kind--and no small amount of self-respect--that he avoided situations where he might become an alpha's toy or, devil forbid, broodmare. Male omegas could give birth, after all. He didn't quite understand how that worked--he'd never been educated about that stuff--but he knew it wasn't for him. He didn't want this. And he definitely didn't want Dmitri now.

    His struggles against the restraints holding him had been in vain. It didn't stop him from trying for hours on end, making his wrists bleed from all of the rubbing. The wounds healed rapidly, though, as expected. He was a demon, after all. Everyone here was. He could smell that he was the only omega in this place. The almost flowery scent that came from his kind was very distinctive, as was the musk of an alpha. If he had to take a guess, there were around five or so alphas living in this place, aside from Dmitri. Just wonderful. He had even more brutes to worry about. Ones that probably wanted to prove themselves, too. That put Ephidel at increased risk, and he hoped those other alphas were too wimpy to actually try anything. He hoped they feared the repercussions enough to leave. Ephidel. Alone. He didn't worry so much about the betas around the place, at least.

    Dmitri's return made Ephidel cringe. Why couldn't the demon just stay away? Why did he need Ephidel? Surely he had enough betas here to give him little demonic offspring. Was Dmitri just after the status boost that came from owning an omega?

    "Well?" Ephidel echoed, glaring at Dmitri with his amber eyes. His long black hair was getting all over the place, hanging down in his face and making his glare seem more pathetic than anything else. Damn his hair. Why did male omegas have to look so feminine? Even if he cut his hair, it would grow back very quickly. "Ready to let me go?"

  3. Dmitri paused and licked his lips- no doubt this was aggravating him to some extent. But at the same time, he was enjoying the little back and forth. Still, he was going to persist.

    "No. I'm waiting for you to give in." He murmured, reaching out and taking hold of the Omega by his hair, roughly pulling it to make him look up. "Look me in the eyes. I despise social conduct faus-pas.... Now... Please, call me Dmitri... and what shall I call you? You haven't said anything other than simple cries for freedom. Sorry, but those words are going to fall on deaf ears. I could... persuade you to do as I wish, but I'd rather you do this of your own volition- though, if you try my patience for much longer, I can't promise that I won't try to... force you." He spoke quietly, leaning in towards the restrained demon and inhaled his scent.

    "I'm not cruel though- why, the fact that you're resisting would be enough to cause for cruelty- but... no, I wouldn't want any bruises on that pretty body of yours. Also the fact that you're not seeing the other Alphas here, is due to that lack of cruelty- be thankful." He taunted sweetly, his hand releasing the Omega's hair, only to move to brush over his cheek. "I could have overpowered you from the start, but you intrigue me... trying to break your will would only ruin that quality you have about you. I like your attitude." He spoke with the smile still featured on his lips.

    "Please... tell me what I can do to make you at home here... Is it the other Alphas? Shall I send them away?" He questioned, starting to pace around his captive, an expression of concentration on his features as he tried to figure out how he could sweeten the pot in his favor. "I am at a loss of what to do here, I... have never seen one of your kind before. I... couldn't help myself. Still can't help myself, really." He continued to talk. "Are you hungry? Tired? Thirsty? Is there anything I can do to please you?"
  4. Ephidel didn't believe a word that Dmitri said. Not. One. Word. He didn't believe that the alpha would truly send some of his servants away if an omega requested it of him. That wasn't how things worked. He'd seen how alphas acted. From a safe distance. They never gave up what was theirs, especially if they had worked hard to get it. Unless it was considered "used goods" and therefore worthless. He'd heard of alphas in the past who would find an omega, force it to bear their children, then toss it out after it had served its breeding purposes. And no one wanted to keep an omega like that afterward. They just used such omegas for their own pleasure.

    "Yes," Ephidel purred, leaning toward Dmitri. "There is something you can do to please me..." He growled before spitting at the alpha's face. "Don't touch me, and let me go!" He wasn't going to tell the alpha his name. Why should he? Giving the alpha even that would give him a teensy bit of power over him. He wanted to keep whatever advantage he could hold, and right now he knew the alpha's name. The alpha couldn't say the same, which was a win in Ephidel's book. Though he probably just succeeded in royally pissing the demon off.

  5. Dmitri wiped the spit from his face with one hand and a dead-pan expression before narrowing his eyes at the Omega.

    For a moment, he considered just taking what he wanted from the punk... just use him, break him... but the second the thoughts came, he waved them away, disgusted. No... no, He wouldn't take advantage of this situation. He only had the little one restrained and locked up so he wouldn't run away, not so he could have his fun with him against his will.

    "I'm going... to give you one hour. After that, I'll come down here with something nice for you to eat, and we'll talk again, ok?" He asked before replacing the gag on the little Omega before he could spit or bite or hurl any more words out of that sweet little mouth of his. "Try not to struggle too much, I don't like the thought of you hurting yourself." Dmitri spoke quietly before he left the room, locking it behind himself. Then promptly hit a wall. This little demon was making him take a leave of his senses, every second he spent in that room, nothing but crazy thoughts resulted- but dammit if he didn't enjoy it.

    He walked away for a bit, clearing out the house for a few hours- he wanted them to be alone... the other Alphas didn't question him too much- it wasn't hard to smell his captive.

    Wouldn't be hard to guess that the second they were out of hearing range, they'd be talking about how Dmitri couldn't even lay a simple Omega.


    Ok, that's done. A few hours, no one to bother him or his prisoner. No one to witness or hear the little one's rebuttals to his advances.

    He spent a good chunk of time trying to make something for the Omega to eat- but wasn't sure what to make. After a moment, he went with what he knew- something simple. Something he was practically raised on. Practically comfort food- surely he'd like this. Maybe some of that seething fire would go out of him.

    He finished the meal and brought it down to the room, unlocking it and stepping inside. He slipped the key back onto the thong of leather around his neck. He set the plate down for a moment to take off the gag and some of the restraints. Some remained, like the shackles at his ankles.

    "I brought you some food, the other Alphas are gone, and if you so wish, I'll bring you down a case of any drink you desire. Now, I'll leave you be before I get spat on again. I'll be back in a bit to take the plate away and to see if there's anything else you want. Don't try to escape, please." He spoke quietly before leaving the room again, locking it behind himself with an almost inaudible sigh. He stayed nearby, just in case the little one tried any funny business.
  6. Ephidel was honestly a bit surprised when the alpha didn't strike him, at the very least. The demon was really holding back. That was interesting. Dmitri didn't wish to mar his lovely skin after all. How nice of him.

    Even in his head, the sarcasm was practically dripping. He wasn't going to submit to this alpha. Ever. No matter what he did, Ephidel would remain defiant. He was determined to be free again. Free and unspoiled. He didn't want his pride to be ruined. He didn't want to end up like those other omegas...

    He kept trying to escape from his restraints while the alpha was gone, resulting in more bleeding. The pain was starting to get to Ephidel, so he decided he'd give his wrists a break. Let them heal. Dmitri didn't seem to notice the rubbings when he returned with the plate of food, which Ephidel didn't trust at all. Though it confused him that the demon left him alone to eat. And Ephidel was famished.

    Hesitantly at first, Ephidel started to eat the food. It tasted excellent, and his hunger forced him to eat the rest more quickly. Soon the plate had been entirely cleared, and Epidel's stomach was still eager for more. There was nothing more to be had, though, and Ephidel certainly wasn't going to ask for it. It was bad enough that Dmitri would be able to clearly see just how hungry his captive was.

  7. Dmitri returned shortly, a small bottle of uncorked wine with him as well as another plate of food.

    It wasn't hard to miss the obvious sounds of hunger- the hurried fashion the Omega had eaten in. He really should have fed him sooner, but he had been... hard pressed to try a few more times to see if the demon would give in.

    He set the plate and wine down before taking the other one away, locking the door behind him again- perhaps there had been too much talking before- maybe that was the problem. Was he insulting the little demon in some way?... besides restraining him and keeping him cooped up in some room? Maybe also having most of the restraints off would help his mood...

    He knew this wasn't how the other Alphas would have handled this- but... it felt wrong to just take someone by force- especially such a rare creature... and all it would cause for is submission out of fear... no... he wanted something more... he wanted the little demon to give in. He didn't want to hurt him- and honestly, he was fascinated by him. But of course, that would probably be laughed at by other Alphas.

    He wasn't going to lie, though, he had put a little something in the wine. He was unsure it would work, but... maybe it would help? If it didn't, no one would know but them, and it would be just one more failed course of action. Plenty more where that came from.

    Hell, he wasn't even sure why he was trying so hard...
  8. Ephidel eyed Dmitri with a mix of wariness and hatred as the demon dropped off more food and a wine bottle. Once again the alpha left, though, and Ephidel frowned before eating the second plate of food. That hit the spot more so than the first one had. Ephidel almost felt full, and he found himself reaching for the bottle of wine just to wash the food down. He liked wine. It had a pleasant aroma and the flavor was good. He noticed nothing amiss as he drank the red liquid straight from the bottle, downing the whole thing in short order.

    He placed the empty bottle aside with the plate before wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. After eating so much, even demon wine shouldn't have too much of an effect on his clarity of thinking. It shouldn't, but it was. He felt a little strange already, but perhaps that was just because he'd downed it so quickly. He tried not to think too much about it. He didn't even suspect foul play. But he did feel a little warmer than usual. Not a bad thing, really. It was a little chilly in the room, and his clothing was on the thin side. That bit of warmth was actually welcome, and a soft purr escaped him as he relaxed on the bed.

  9. Dmitri returned after a good while- hoping the wine might have made the little demon more pliable.

    "I hope the food was good? I made it myself." He started, unsure of how to go about this- was he giving it away? Did the Omega know about the wine? Had the food helped at all?

    "Look. This might be a bit much to throw on you right now- but... I'm infertile... and as of right now, there's still known way to fix it. You don't have to worry about that at the very least." He muttered. "It's a well known fact around here- so believe me, I wasn't too unhappy to send the other Alphas away for a bit. Let them talk. I don't mind their words behind my back." He continued softly.

    How did this even work? What was he supposed to do? How could he tell if the wine was working or not?

    "Was the... wine ok?" He managed to ask, then felt a pang of regret. This wasn't really right, was it? This was no different than taking him by force. Even if this worked, eventually it would wear off- and what then?

    "Do you need anything else?" He asked, already bracing himself against getting spat on again.
  10. Ephidel could feel that warmth spreading as time passed, moving through his body before settling in his groin. That was a warning sign that took the omega too much time to pick up on. When Dmitri returned, Ephidel finally realized that something was amiss. He was more aware of the alpha's scent, which was not a good sign at all. What was going on here?

    One possible explanation came to mind, and Ephidel hoped that he was mistaken. He'd been taking herbs out in the wilderness for years to repress his body's natural heat cycle. He hadn't been quite as regular with taking those herbs even in the few weeks before his capture. As such, the possibility that Dmitri had drugged the wine didn't even occur to him. If he was starting to go into heat, the close proximity of alphas and his own carelessness over the herbs lately came to mind as culprits.

    He tensed as Dmitri spoke of infertility, not believing that it was actually true. He'd never heard of an infertile male alpha. That was ridiculous. If it was true, though, then Ephidel could scratch one fear off his list. So many others remained, though. He wasn't about to just give himself to this alpha. Even if his hormones were beginning to tell him otherwise.

    "I need you to leave me alone," he hissed, getting defensive out of fear. He'd only been in heat a few times before he started using those herbs, and he was terrified of what he might do with a very good-smelling alpha around. An alpha that wanted him, no less. Oh hell... He hoped his scent hadn't changed. If he started giving off that heat-caused attracting scent...

  11. Dmitri could pick up on it.

    But the Omega was still trying to push him away- he didn't know what else he could do other than to nod his head slightly and bolt out the door. In his haste, he forgot to lock it.

    Ok, so the drugged wine worked, but had he figured it out? Or was he just mad at what he was feeling? Or was it him....


    If he stayed close enough, that scent would make the Omega irresistible... Be it as it was, he was quick to seclude himself in a room a bit of a ways down from the other trying to ignore what he had smelled, what it was doing to him. He tried to ignore it at first... and then it became obvious ignoring wasn't going to help the problem. He wanted to go back in that room... he wanted that little demon.

    But he didn't want to only enjoy one night of the Omega... risking that for just one night seemed horridly wrong...

    Why had he even tried drugging the wine? Was he so deluded in thinking that would really help?

    Still that scent had a definite effect on him, and he wasn't slow in removing his clothes and trying to work out some way to relieve some tension.

    It wasn't really working though...

    That's when he remembered that he hadn't locked the door. Now he was torn between staying where he was and hoping the Omega didn't notice and stayed in that room... and going to lock the door and risk doing something he knew would only deepen the rift.

    He finally got back up, without dressing again, and headed down to lock the door, hoping that an escape hadn't already occurred.
  12. Ephidel hadn't noticed that Dmitri had forgotten to lock the door. He had other things on his mind, like his heightened awareness of the alpha's scent. Even after the alpha had left the room, that scent was serving to drive the poor omega up a wall. He curled up on the bed as much as he could manage with his still-restrained ankles, his body feeling uncomfortably warm by this point. Especially down below. There was an ache building within him that he couldn't stand, a desperate need that made him whimper pathetically and clutch at the pillow on the bed. He was definitely in heat, and it was a bad one. Not that they were ever pleasant, but having suppressed this part of his biology so long had taken its toll. Add in the drugs, and the omega was in bad shape.

    He wasn't even aware of his arm moving downward, touching himself in a futile attempt at taking the edge off this heat. The touches drew a moan from him, and he whimpered again as his hand did a bit of further exploring. If Dmitri did open that door, he'd be treated to the lovely sight of Ephidel with a hand down his pants, squirming and moaning at what his fingers were doing down there. And Ephidel still didn't realize what his own hand was doing.

  13. Dmitri could hear it... he could smell it... It was driving him mad- his hand was paused on the door, part of him was screaming at him to open the door and just get inside... and the other part was telling him to lock it and run.

    Finally he managed to lock the door and lead his head against it.

    It ached inside of him... so badly it hurt.

    "I'm sorry... I did this to you. I'm so sorry.... I shouldn't have..." He muttered hoarsely, unsure if the other demon could even hear him right now. "Just bear through it, I promise, I won't do anything to you." He added, panting. He needed something, anything... but he was afraid that if he teased himself any further, he'd unlock that door and go in, against better judgement. And yet, why was he still standing there, smelling that scent and driving himself mad?

    Eventually something inside him snapped, his hand reached for the key, and without any real recognition of what he was doing, he unlocked the door and opened it. Just the sight of the other demon squirming on that bed was enough to set him on edge all over again, and yet, he couldn't move. Dammit, he needed release... but... He smelled other approaching scents- the other alphas were coming back... great. Perfect.

    He quickly shut the door and locked it again and took off to greet the others- and hopefully keep them as far away from that room as possible... It was hard enough keeping himself under control right now, and he did not want to go through great lengths to keep anyone else from taking advantage of the situation he created.

    He quickly tried to shoo the group away again after dashing off to get dressed in some manner, but this time they weren't leaving so quickly... and he didn't know what to do...

    Soon enough they were all asking questions- none of them had seen the little Omega, but it was obvious he had one stashed away somewhere.

    And to make matters worse, the scent was starting to waft into the area.
  14. Even as the scent of the omega in heat was starting to permeate the building, the scent of the returned alphas was getting to Ephidel's room. That in conjunction with the brief dose of concentrated alpha scent that came from Dmitri opening that door had made matters all the worse for the poor omega. Any touch that he could give himself just wasn't enough. He needed more than that. He felt like he would burn away into nothing if he didn't get more.

    He crawled to the door and tried to open it, getting increasingly frustrated when he found it was locked. That didn't deter him, though. He just clawed at the door, not caring that it was hurting his fingers to do so. That pain hardly even registered. What did register was the obvious scent of the alphas, and Ephidel started keening loudly with his need. No doubt they'd be able to hear him.

  15. Dmitri finally gave in, going back when he heard the other demon, No doubt the others smelled and heard him, too- but... he had a feeling they were waiting for him to fuck this up somehow.

    He stood there at that door, moments away from unlocking the door.

    This still wasn't right.

    He couldn't take advantage of this... And yet, he unlocked the door and opened it, quickly pushing the Omega back slightly to close the door again.

    How was this going to go down? What was he supposed to do- besides the obvious choice. "Quiet down- it's enough that the others can smell you, don't be so loud..." He spoke. "I don't want you to regret this... I can't help you.." Dmitri spoke, unsure of what else to do, he took the Omega into his arms, holding him slightly. "It'll pass, it'll pass soon, I hope..." He added, unsure of how strongly the herbs may have affected the little demon.

    "I don't know what I can do for you..." He muttered.
  16. Ephidel was pushed back from the door, very much aware that Dmitri was on the other side of it. The alpha's scent was intoxicating. It made Ephidel's body feel even more desperate for the attention it had never received before. He could barely understand what the demon even said. The sound of his own heartbeat was too loud.

    Being held in the alpha's arms was only serving to make Ephidel more keyed-up than he already was. He tried to straddle Dmitri's waist, but it was very hard to manage considering that his ankles were still restrained. Instead he opted for attempting to pull Dmitri on top of him, his body acting entirely on its own as it sought out the one thing that would bring him relief from this heat. Well, besides time. But Ephidel's body didn't really like the time option all that much.

    Ephidel was still making that keening sound, but it was quieter now. An alpha was right here with him, so why would he need to keep trying to attract one? Now his body was just trying to get that alpha to get on with things.

    All actions aside, though, Ephidel was nothing short of horrified at what was happening.

  17. Dmitri was more than a little overwhelmed with the scent and actions of the Omega, thought it only took one look to see that this wasn't what he wanted...

    "Stop that... You already hate me to some extent, I do not want you like this." He spoke sternly, though, it was easy to see that he was fighting of arousal as well. What could he do..... what could he do to fix this?... The little Omega writhing around on him wasn't helping at all. That left him with very few options on how to go about fixing this. He scooped up the little demon into his arms and took him to the bed, and unlocked one of his ankles, only to lock it to one corner of the bed.

    "I'll get some ice to cool you down and some water for you to drink... I'm not sure what else I can do..." He murmured softly, leaving the room quickly, locking the door behind him before rushing to the kitchen to get what he had spoken of before he stopped and searched through the shelves- surely there was something in here to fix this... Anything...

    That's when he noticed a small bottle filled with milky liquid.

    That would work. He poured a small amount into the glass of water and brought the ice and water back, unlocking the door and getting inside again quickly. He went to work as best he could, trying to get the little demon to drink the water, and then tried to cool him down with the ice, running it over his body, unsure of how else to do this.

    "Just calm down... hopefully the medicine I gave you will help you go to sleep and... just sleep through this..." He murmured, running his hand over the Omega's cheek.
  18. Ephidel went back to making that loud keening sound as soon as the alpha had left the room. It disgusted him that he was behaving in such a hormone-driven and downright slutty way, but he couldn't stop himself. He physically could not. It was impossible. This heat was stronger than any other he'd experienced. At least when he'd gone into heat before, he'd kept control of himself. He'd been miserable and needy, yes, but he'd had control. He had no control now. Anyone could come in here and he'd give himself up to them willingly. No, not just willingly. Eagerly. Desperately.

    Having ice trailed over his over-heated skin was a fresh source of torment for the omega. It was winding him up even more, making him moan and whimper with need. His scent had to be nearly irresistible by this point. How any alpha in the building was managing not to come to--and in--him was a mystery. How was Dmitri staying so strong?

    The medicine in the water was making Ephidel feel drowsy, but it wasn't strong enough to make an omega in this bad of a heat sleep. Ephidel wouldn't be able to sleep until something was done to make the heat die down a bit. If anything, the drugs had just put him more out of his head than he'd been before. That was quite a feat. Though it did somehow convince Ephidel that it was a good idea to send his hand down again to resume what it had been doing in the beginning of his heat. With Dmitri right there.

  19. Dmitri frowned a bit at the Omega's actions.

    "You're severely lucky that I'm not lying abut my infertility, otherwise I would have done something wrong already." He murmured softly and sighed a bit before setting his jaw at an angle. "It's not going to go away easily, is it?...." He said after a moment, running a hand over the little demon's cheek, feeling the heat coming off of him in waves. Honestly, he was unsure of how the other alphas were still around without being bothered. Perhaps they had left a bit before when realizing the situation- or perhaps they were trying to get into this room, but he couldn't hear them right now...

    He wouldn't be surprised if that was the case.

    "I'm sorry... I might have to help you with this... and I'm pretty sure you're not going to be happy about it later." He continued before running his hand down the Omega's body, surprised at just how hot his skin seemed to be- burning up like he had a fever. Dmitri felt an overwhelming sense of guilt overtake him as he realized just how much trouble he had put this little demon through, just to try and encourage him to do what he thought they'd both want.

    "I promise, I won't do this again unless you ask for it." He explained, moving the demon's hand out of his pants, only to slowly remove the Omega's clothing. He knew he shouldn't be enjoying this, given the situation- but he couldn't help being aroused by what he saw.

    "I'm going to touch you... Ok?" He spoke softly- his hand moving down the demon's body.
  20. Ephidel wasn't lucid enough to give the demon any verbal response. It didn't even seem like he'd understood him. What he did understand was the fact that he was being undressed, and he squirmed out of his clothes to help that process along. Even being touched by the alpha was making him groan and whine for more. Being touched elsewhere was definitely fine with his heat-striken omega. Anything was fine. Encouraged, even.

    The omega's hips lifted in an obvious plea for a certain kind of attention even as Dmitri's hand ran down his body. He needed this. He needed this so badly, and he wouldn't be feeling any better tonight unless Dmitri gave him what he so badly needed.